Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stop Picking On Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
 Clearly he is a victim of fat shaming. This is why he's smoking crack. He foolishly wants to be skinny and as we all know crack heads are skinny. With Chris Christie losing weight via Lapband surgery Mayor Ford is taking a pharmaceutical approach to weight loss.

Complete with food stain on shirt and a hot skinny chick on his arm a defiant Mayor Ford fiercely flaunts his fat.

The obesity rate in Canada is less than 1/2 the US rate so obviously all the skinny bean poles in Toronto Canada prefer a drunken obese crack smoking mayor to some goody two shoes skinny runt. Since more more videos of his crack and booze fueled antics come out his approval ratings continue to soar.

Bigger Fatter Politics has pointed out time and time again that America's best leaders have been fat e.g. Chris Christie, Bill Clinton, Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft so it would follow that a fat Canadian would also make a great leader.

Mayor Ford with another hot skinny squeeze!

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