Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 NAAFA Convention

...And what do we see?

Here we see 9 gorgeous girl gluttons, 3 skinny guys and one BHM!

Here we see 8 horny heffers and NO fat men

Here we see two horny hippos and NO fat men!

Here we see four fat floosies and NO fat men!

Here we see 9 pugnacious porkers, 2 skinny brothers and 1 BHM who probably didn't get laid!
Here we see two big butted bimbos and NO fat men!

Here we see 5 meat faced mamas and NO fat men.
Here we see three scooter nymphs and NO fat men.

Here we see a fat floosie flirting with a skinny fat admirer.

Here we have four floating floosies flaunting flab and NO fat man.

Here we have 5 hungry hoggers and NO fat men.

 Here we have four feisty landwhales and NO fat men!

I think you get the point. NAAFA has no use for us fat guys. You can do an image search for every Conventions and you will find herd of fat girls. A fair number of fat admirers who came to pork some fat girls and nest to no fat men.  SHAME ON YOU NAAFA!

Some men develop wretchaphobia when they see a lot of fat girls. As an antidote here are some pictures of hot skinny chicks.

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