Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 NAAFA Convention

...And what do we see?

Here we see 9 gorgeous girl gluttons, 3 skinny guys and one BHM!

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Three meaty mamas and no fat men.

Here we see two horny hippos and NO fat men!

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Here we have 3 mega mamas mugging for the camera

Here we see 9 pugnacious porkers, 2 skinny brothas and 1 BHM who probably didn't get laid!
Here we see two big butted bimbos and NO fat men!

Here we see 5 meat faced mamas and NO fat men.
Here we see three scooter nymphs and NO fat men.

Here we have four floating floosies flaunting flab and NO fat man.

Here we have 5 hungry hoggers and NO fat men.

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 Here we have four feisty landwhales and NO fat men!

I think you get the point. NAAFA has no use for us fat guys. You can do an image search for every Convention and you will find herd of fat girls. A fair number of fat admirers who came to pork some fat girls and nest to no fat men.  SHAME ON YOU NAAFA!

Some men develop wretchaphobia when they see a lot of fat girls. As an antidote here I will present some pictures of hot skinny chicks.

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