Thursday, February 6, 2014

Obesity Increases Perils of Childbearing but Increases Medical Profits

Obese Mothers are Good for the Economy. 

Porking sows and and knocking them up helps the struggling medical industry. Starving American doctors put clothes pins on their noses and deliver birth defective babies from the toxic wombs of fat girls.

Big buxom Bible Belt bimbos boosting birth defect rate while increasing profits for starving doctors.

 Gallery of big and blubbery Southern belle baby factories.

                                                                            ObesityIncreases Perils of Childbearing

With doctors and hospitals starving to make ends meet in this tough economy the more challenging pregnancies faced by fat women is a ray of sunshine to the starving, underpaid and humanitarian medical industry. It's simple economics. When medical care is more complicated and more specialists need to be brought in on a case costs go up... WAY up and so do profits!

Here is an excerpt from an article that appeared  the NY Times  that explains the good news for our struggling health care industry and our abjectly impoverished doctors. Click here to read the entire article.

As Americans have grown fatter over the last generation, inviting more heart disease, diabetes and premature deaths, all that extra weight has also become a burden boon in the maternity ward, where babies take their first breath of life.  

About one in five women are obese when they become pregnant, meaning they have an impressive body mass index of at least 30, as would a 5-foot-5 woman weighing 180 pounds, according to researchers with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And medical evidence suggests that obesity might be contributing to record-high rates of Caesarean sections and leading to more birth defects and deaths for mothers and babies. 

Hospitals, especially in poor neighborhoods, have been forced to adjust. They are buying longer surgical instruments, (CHA CHING!) more sophisticated fetal testing machines (CHA CHING) and bigger beds. They are holding sensitivity training for staff members and counseling women about losing weight, or even having bariatric surgery, before they become pregnant.

At Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, where a whopping 38 percent of women giving birth are obese, Patricia Garcia had to be admitted after she had a stroke, part of a constellation of revenue increasing illnesses related to her weight, including diabetes and weak kidneys.

 Is it possible to be too fat?

If you are an OBGYN the answer is a resounding NO! High risk pregnancies mean higher profits for doctors! (CHA CHING) Here are the impressive numbers on C-sections alone that clearly show that the fatter a pregnant woman is the more revenue the health care industry can make.

Body Mass Index   vs   Percentage of Caesarian Births    

       20 - 25                    11%        

       25 - 30                    18%                

       30 - 35                    25%             

     35 - 40                    33%                  

     Over 40           43%                     

Very obese women, or those with a B.M.I. of 35 or higher, are three to four times as likely to deliver their first baby by Caesarean section as first-time mothers of normal weight, according to a study by the Consortium on Safe Labor of the National Institutes of Health

There you have it fellow fatlings; another example of how obesity is good for the economy. I, Fat Bastardo only wish that fat haters Mrs Obama and Ms Me Me Roth would see that. AND once again, GLUTTONY IS GOOD! 

The Red states which are the fattest states are truly doing their part in increasing the number of fat girl pregnancies and birth defective babies. Southern sows are squirting out babies at younger and younger ages. There is a saying in the South,  "If them girls is old enough to bleed they're old enough to breed" This goes along with the long time Republican philosophy, "If they're old enough to pee they're old enough for the the men of the GOP."



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