Friday, February 14, 2014

Republican Liars and Hypocrites

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  1. Good evening Fat Bastardo!!!

    Looks like I'm the first to post a comment here.

    Yeah! During this 2014 upcoming midterm election year, we seriously need to vote all of these Republican Tea Tards out of office.

    Republican Representative, Paul Broun, of Georgia, in a leaked video of a speech given at Liberty Baptist Church Sportsman's Banquet on September 27,2012 shows Broun telling supporters that, “All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang Theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell.” In addition, Broun also believes that the world is less than 9000 years old and was created in six literal days.

    From a Wikipedia article at:

    I just have to wonder . . . how in the flying fucking Hootenanny in Hell did he manage to get himself appointed as head of the House Science Committee? And he's a doctor?

    He's a quack among witch doctors!

    He should have been appointed the ass-end of the single-axle trailer-house pseudoscience committee!

    Yeah! So, all of the books I have ever read on astronomy, geology, paleontology, dinosaurs, and evolution, from grade school, through high school, and in college, etc. etc . . . . . were all lies from the pit of Hell???

    Back in 2012, from mid February up to the re-election of President Obama, I has been donating on average about $36 dollars each month. When I checked back through my online bank account, I had donated a total of over $360 dollars toward the Obama campaign.

    I'm still making monthly donations, and I have renewed my membership at PFAW, People For the American way, AU, Americans United For The Separation of Church and State, TFI, Texas Freedom Network, and next month I'll need to renew my supporting membership at Union of Concerned Scientists. I really can't afford it, because during the last week of each month, I'm broke as a joke, and can't afford to even pay attention! But, it's worth it!

    But, I always make sure my kitchen is well stocked. I really can't afford to eat out. I find it much cheaper to cook at home, throwing some meat and a bunch of vegetable into a big pot. I love to cook! Ever know a fat man who couldn't cook?

    Yeah! CG Brady! When I say I get my vegetables, it's not French fries and ketchup at McDolands! So, stop stereotyping me, you quack!

    Yes! I'm obese because I like taking in more calories than I burn up. I admit that. OK?

    But, I'm not fat from eating nothing but junk food!

    Actually, I don't eat as much as I did when I was in my 20s and my 30s. I'm 62 years old and my appetite is not as big as it was in my much younger years. Yes, even though I do eat less now, it still exceeds the number of calories I burn up. So, that's why I'm still fat.

    Anyway . . . . . getting back to politics.

    I want to see more and better teachers hired, and fire those who are doing a piss-poor job of teaching. I don't want to see Creationism taught in high school science class.

    Here in Texas where I live (I'm ashamed to admit) our Republicans are against teaching Critical Thinking, or Higher Order Thinking Skills, what they call HOTS, because it "undermines parental authority".

    Well . . . maybe is some cases, parental authority ought to be undermined!
    Especially if the parents are redneck religious inbred or down-bred retards who can only be referred to as, Uncle/Daddy and Aunt/Mommy!

    Seriously, this shit has to end!

    Teddy Bear

  2. The depth of stupidity of Republicans is astounding. Thanks to informing our readers about this inbred Christian baby raper Paul Braun.

    I really don't care if they teach creationism because with folks like you out there spreading the truth most of these kids will wise up and never trust a Christian or a Republican again.

    As to vegetables and CG, Potatoes are a vegetable of sorts and my favorite vegetable. I consider Ketchup a vegetable because tomato plants are vegetation. Most fruit grows on trees.

    You still seem pissed at CG, but remember he's helping us hone out debating skills. I invite the point counter point.

    Republicans hate thinking period. That's why they watch Fox News. They hate thinking because it may lead to truth. Republicans hate truth. That's why they are Republicans.

    1. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

      Yes, I'm always trying to inform people at every opportunity as to why we need to vote all off these Tea Tardy Republicans in CONgress out of office.

      I've always said that CONgress is the opposite of progress.

      OK, people are free to have any religious belief they choose, as long as they don't force their religious beliefs on other people.

      But, here in Texas, Governor Good Hair Rick Perry believes that religious freedom means . . . the right to impose one's religion on other people!

      Rick The Prick Perry also believes that freedom OF religion, does NOT mean, freedom FROM religion.

      when I was only in the third grade, I knew far more about American history than any of these Republican Retards.

      Of course, I didn't always remember the exact dates of events. Most of what is taught in school is mostly based on rote memorization. But that's not enough. Schools also need to teach critical thinking skills as well, which the Republicans hate.

      But, I learned about the Constitution, and that America was NOT founded as a Christian nation, that it was meant to be a secular nation, recognizing religious freedom, and also, being free from religion. So, I remembered mostly the important issues in history.

      Check out my YouTube channel, Big Fat Heretic.

      My Playlist page at:

      I now have 317 Playlists on my channel.

      As you scroll down my Playlist page, click on [Load More] to see more playlists.

      I've been working on my channel for the past 2 years, staying up late many nights to favor videos to my Playlists, watching each and every video in it's entirety before I favor them.

      It's a labor of love.

      Yeah! Instead of doing YouTube searches, you just need to come to my channel Playlist page. It has helped to increase the number of subscribers to many other channels.

      Also, check out my latest Playlist.

      Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll Lectures.

      There are 33 videos that have been uploaded by AtheistClone.

      Also, check out my Playlist titled . . .

      The Preaching Atheist - Sunday Sermons

      His real name is Bobby Allison.

      Oh! He's fat!

      Also, Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll was kind of chubby, and bald.

      He lost his left hand during the civil war. He was a Colonel who fought for the north.

      CG Brady, in one of his comments in another article mentioned General Patton.

      I despise Patton! He was a psychotic sociopath. Had he not been a military officer, he probably would have been another serial killer like Ted Bundey was decades later.

      But, I admire Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll.

      He was agnostic, and an advanced thinker far ahead of his times! And if he were alive today, he would be shocked and appalled by what has become of the once noble Republican party.

      Anyway . . . do check out my YouTube channel.

      Teddy Bear

  3. Every time a Rethuglican gets bashed the world smiles.

    1. Hello again Fat Bastardo:

      Yeah! I would like to meet Rick Perry in person so I can serve his bitch-ass up to him on a platter!

      As for Paul Broun . . . I wish somebody would tie his hands behind his back, shove a great big cow-flop into his mouth, sew his lips shut, and kick him in the balls!

      Teddy Bear

    2. Teddy, do you think assholes like Paul Broun really believe the absurd shit they say? I think they are appealing to the brain dead Christers, It is my belief that the people who vote for trash like Broun and Perry are bigger trash that Broun and Perry. They are appealing to hate, fear and ignorance and if you want hate,fear and ignorance go to a red state.

      Republican voters IMO are worse than the candidates they support. What are your thoughts on that?

    3. Good afternoon Fat Bastardo:

      Yes, I think Paul Broun actually believes this absurd shit!

      The reason why Republicans are against science education, and against teaching critical thinking, or Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) is because they want young people to be kept ignorant and uneducated, so that all the ministers, pastors, and preachers will have more flocks of sheep to fleece.

      People who are ignorant and uneducated are more likely to give 10% percent (a tithe) of their incomes to the churches, and are more likely to vote Republican, unwittingly against their own best interests.

      That's why Republicans need more stupid people. It's the party of stupid! That's how Republicans and the churches grow rich!

      Also, Republican Christians believe that they can speed up the second coming of Jesus Christ. They would like nothing more than to provoke Armageddon, to make Apocalypse, so that Jesus would come much sooner, and to rapture all the good little Christians in his magic carpet ride up to their golden mansions, way up yonder in La La Land, where they'll have apple pie in the sky in the sweet by and by!

      Yeah! While the rest of infidels and heathens lay dying in piles of radioactive rubble. But, these Christard Funny-mentalist will also share the same fate with the rest of us rotten sinners. And I shall die, laughing my fat ass off at them!

      Sorry Republican Christards! But, Jesus ain't coming again, unless he's jacking off!

      Well . . . at any rate, that fucker better not come again, because if he dose, I'll do an even better job on him than the Romans did. I'll split his penis length-ways with a barbers razor, apply battery acid, crush his testicles with a hand vice, bust his kneecaps with a hammer, break his legs with a lead pipe, and then, nail his sorry ass up-side-down on a shit-house door, and set the shit-house on fire!

      Millions of innocent people have been tortured and murdered in the name of Jesus!

      Teddy Bear

    4. I think you are right. The Republicans want easily led drones.

      Republican voters elect the very people who are fucking them over.

      The GOP would be nothing without ignorance and they know it so they create ignorant people. It's part of their play book.

      These rapture Republican are true force for evil!

      The future of our children depends on us shining the light of truth on the GOP and the Tea Tards.

      I don't think violence is the answer because it can turn these pricks into martyrs. Even wanting to draw and quarter Braun and actually do it it will not solve the problem of ignorance. Birth control will! LOL. Stupid people should be sterilized. This is not to say that if there comes a time when all law breaks down and we have anarchy that we should not exterminate this sort of trash and purge the gene pool of their tainted DNA but this will not happen in our lifetimes.

      Maybe you should concentrate on this scumbag Paul Braun and do what you can to expose him for what he is. Maybe something you do will go viral.

      If he got a deadly disease that would be another story. He's probably a latent homosexual so maybe some AIDS infected hooker will accidentally give him some Anally Injected Death Serum aka AIDS!

      Use your tremendous brain and wit to crucify them with the facts. It would be fun to go medieval on people like Braun but destroying them politically will force them to live a horrible existence. I to would like to give this sort of slime the Joe Pesci experience but in the long run it would fail.

    5. Yeah! Killing them off would only make them martyrs, in which case, they would only be more dangerous dead than alive.

      If there was a way to make their deaths look like is was due to natural causes, or an accident, due to their own stupidity.

      I like the accident idea better. Make it look as though they died from their own stupidity.

      Remember Spike TV when it had 1000 Ways To Die?

      I don't have cable TV anymore because the cost kept going up every month. I think it's because of the upcoming Time Warner merger with Comcast. In a few months I might consider going with having TV through my AT&T U-VERSE, which I use now for telephone and Internet.

      Also, I don't know (since I quite Cable TV) if Spike TV still has 1000 Way To Die. But, it would be a real hoot if all these Republican retards were depicted on 1000 Ways To Die!

      Well . . . . . there is still the Darwin Awards, which is usually awarded posthumously, or while still living, if they do something stupid that causes them to be unable to reproduce, like, getting one's balls blown off in a hunting accident, or something.

      I personally like, having a car stalled on a railroad crossing, and the doors jammed while a freight train approaches.

      Yeah! Trains are an awesome way to see some idiot die!

      There's just something about trains!

      Teddy Bear

    6. We know that a lot of Republicans are big time coke heads. Coke causes heart problems.

      I think the best thing to do is set them up with under age hookers and male hookers and then post it on you tube. Get them is a sting operation.

      I would find it more satisfying to wreck their careers and watch them twist in the wind.

      Either way Teddy, keep sticking it to those punks and don't let them have a moments peace.

      Look at Zimmerman. Even though he got away with murder his life is now hell.

      What I hate about Zimmerman is that he got really fat to garner sympathy form the jury. That is a slap in the face to fat people on many levels.

      We need a two pronged approach, educate voters and trash the trash.

    7. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

      Have you ever heard of Penn & Teller BULLSHIT?

      Well, right now, I'm in the process of adding more videos to my latest Playlist on my YouTube Channel.

      Many of the Penn & Teller BULLSHIT videos expose the stupidity of rich people who have more money than brains.

      You really ought to check out my YouTube channel
      Big Fat Heretic

      Please check it out and let me know what you think.

      Anyway . . . . .

      A lot of rich people are moronic sheep to be fleeced!

      Instead of having them killed, to make it look like death from natural causes, or their own stupidity, I say, humiliate them instead, and drive them to suicide!

      Teddy Bear

    8. This is what I am talking about Teddy. I visited your channel and I am very impressed. I give it 2 thumbs up! Keep up the good work!

  4. I like Penn and Teller and I have seen Bullshit. They debunk the shit out of religion. Thanks for the link.

    1. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

      Well, I'm going to be up most of the night favoring more videos to my newest Playlist.

      So, please do keep coming back to it as more videos appear.

      Teddy Bear

    2. El at will probably promote your channel on his blog.

    3. Good afternoon Fat Bastardo!

      Excellent! Because it not only helps me, but it would also help many other YouTube channels get more subscribers, since I now had over 318 Playlists on my channel.

      Thank you!

      Teddy Bear

  5. Visit El's blog at and leave a link you your channel. I think El will appreciate it.


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