Thursday, April 3, 2014

Corporate Gangster UPS Fires 250 Workers

UPS fires 250 employees for staging a 90-minute protest to defend co-worker

UPS is firing 250 Queens, N.Y., drivers for walking off the job during a 90-minute protest in February. 
The company dismissed 20 of the workers after their shifts Monday and issued notices of termination to another 230 employees, notifying them that they will be fired once the company has trained their replacements, UPS spokesman Steve Gaut told Business Insider.
The workers were protesting the dismissal of longtime employee and union activist Jairo Reyes, who was fired over an hours dispute, according to Gaut. The New York Daily News first reported on the firings.
Local politicians are threatening to cancel city contracts that give UPS millions of dollars in breaks on parking fines.
"They took a grievance with one employee and turned it into notices of termination with 250 workers," New York City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer told The Queens Courier. "That’s outrageous. These are good, hardworking employees who have a contract for UPS. To try and break this contract, break this union, is something that is unacceptable and we can’t tolerate."
Who is UPS?
It's not populated by guys like the happy go lucky Doug Heffernan who get to go go home to his home in Queen and bang is hot wife portrayed by Lee Reminy? If Doug actually worked to UPS he would not be able to own a house in Queen and rub elbows with Lou Ferrigno. Doug would be one of the many working poor.
The average UPS  package handler at UPS makes 10.87 per hour.
A UPS loader makes 10.13 per hour or about 20,260 per year and that is before taxes, FICA and other deductions. D. (for dip shit) Scott Davis whores in 582 times more than the guys who loads the trucks!
Here are the high paid corporate whores who manage UPS
Management Committee
Select a photo or name to access a complete biography for any member of UPS's top management team.
Alan GershenhornAlan Gershenhorn
Chief Sales, Marketing and Strategy Officer
D. Scott DavisD. Scott Davis
UPS Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
David AbneyDavid Abney
Chief Operating Officer
David BarnesDavid Barnes
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Jim BarberJim Barber
President, UPS International
John McDevittJohn McDevitt
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Labor Relations
Kurt KuehnKurt Kuehn
Chief Financial Officer
Myron GrayMyron Gray
President, U.S. Operations
Teri Plummer McClureTeri Plummer McClure
Chief Legal, Communications and Compliance Officer

UPS is a shitty fucking place to work. The only UPS workers who get paid a living wage are the drivers. The rest get paid far below the poverty level. Workers at UPS rate their work experience a 3.1 out of 5. 
UPS Board of Directors
Select a photo or name to access a complete biography for any member of UPS's top management team.
Ann M. LivermoreAnn M. Livermore
Director and Former Executive Vice President, Hewlett-Packard Company
Carol B. TomeCarol B. Tome
Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President, The Home Depot, Inc.
Clark T. Clark T. "Sandy" Randt, Jr
Former U.S. Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, President of Randt & Co. LLC
D. Scott DavisD. Scott Davis
UPS Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Candace KendleDr. Candace Kendle
Co-founder and Former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Kendle International, Inc.
F. Duane AckermanF. Duane Ackerman
Former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, BellSouth Corporation
Kevin M. WarshKevin M. Warsh
Former Member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution Stanford University
Michael J. BurnsMichael J. Burns
Former Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President, Dana Corporation
Michael L. EskewMichael L. Eskew
Former UPS Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Rodney C. AdkinsRodney C. Adkins
Senior Vice-President, IBM
Rudy H.P. MarkhamRudy H.P. Markham
Former Financial Director, Unilever PLC and Unilever NV
Stuart E. EizenstatStuart E. Eizenstat
Partner, Covington & Burling LLP
William R. JohnsonWilliam R. Johnson
Former Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, H.J. Heinz Company

Fed-Ex is treats its employee better but not much better. So if you are thinking of switching to them don't. The US Postal Service offers better rates and they pay ALL their employees a living wage.
For overnight shipping, the post office was up to 50% cheaper. And you can save even more if you use the post office website and have the package picked up, instead of taking it to the post office yourself. You'll also save by shipping to a business, instead of residential, address.
The US Postal Service Beats UPS and Fed X Every Time!
From Cheapism:"We found that the Postal Service offers the lowest shipping rates overall, whether you need next-day delivery, two-to-three-day service, or a cheaper option that can take a week or more. In most cases FedEx beat UPS's prices, but the Postal Service undercut both by as much as $75 or more in our sample scenarios."
Read more:

The bottom line is this; the good old US Postal Service will cost you far far less than Fed Ex or UPS. When it comes to price and quality the US Postal Service is the clear winner!

When you ship something use the US postal service and when given a choice when ordering something online and need it shipped opt for the US postal service.

Don't do business with any company who pays its employees any amount below the poverty level.

There is another reason for not using UPS. UPS hires thieves and junkies who steal. Postal service employees are drug tested and if they do steal it is a federal offense and they GO TO JAIL!

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