Wednesday, April 2, 2014

For Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear. The Higgs Boson Blues

My favorite science commentator is Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear and not just he's fat. Dr Bear is a master of the "fat' sciences and the fattest science is astronomy/astro physics. Along with other greats like Carl Sagan and Bill Nye the Science Guy, Dr Bear is not only an ambassador for science,  logic and reason he is also a great educator.

I, Fat Bastardo, dedicate The Higgs Boson Blues by Nick Cave to the Big Fat Heretic on YouTube, Dr "Gerald" Teddy Bear. 

This is Fat Bastardo reminding you that if life sucks and then you die just make sure life is sucking your dick.

Visit and follow Dr Bear's blog the BIG FAT Heretic and watch as he kicks the shit out of the fundagelical right wing punks and bullies and various other Rethuglican child molesters and thieves.


  1. Good morning Fat Bastardo!!!

    Well, I am almost done working on my first article titled . . .


    Yeah! I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to get a YouTube video to play on my new blog at:

    My new blog works a little bit differently.

    I can't test play a video on my blogger page. I now have to test my videos on my Preview page.

    Well, I'm almost done editing my first article.

    It's much longer than the original Big Fat Astronomy article that I had originally posted on my other blog, The Biggest Fattest Blog.

    Also, I've added a few political rants and raves against right-wing Christian Fundamentalist Republicans.

    Yeah! It's very hard for me to talk about Astronomy, or science in general, without getting political. I guess I'm just a political animal.

    This article starts with a Prologue, then Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and the Epilogue. And then, the Addendum.

    Well, it's almost 5:00 AM here as I'm typing this comment, and when I get up, I'll have to go out to do some more shopping, then in the afternoon, I'll be finishing up my first blogger article.

    Oh! By the way . . . Here's a YouTube link to a song about Galileo.

    Galileo Galilei (Lyrics by Jugnutgut aka Rob)

    And the lyrics . . .

    Galileo Galilei

    He was a man of science
    A giant of his day
    He unraveled mysteries
    Galileo, Galileo, Galilei

    He looked thru the looking glass
    And saw a new display
    He saw the moons of Jupiter
    Galileo, Galileo, Galilei

    Oh Oh Galileo
    Oh Oh Galilei
    Oh Oh Galileo
    Galileo, Galileo, Galilei

    He studied spots on the Sun
    His knowledge, he'd convey
    He told us how and why things moved
    Galileo, Galileo, Galilei

    He said the Earth was not the center
    That was not the way
    It was the Sun and not the Earth
    Galileo, Galileo, Galilei

    Oh Oh Galileo
    Oh Oh Galilei
    Oh Oh Galileo
    Galileo, Galileo, Galilei

    Some did not approve
    Of all he had to say
    They said he must be silent
    Galileo, Galileo, Galilei

    He was a man of science
    A giant of his day
    He unraveled mysteries
    Galileo, Galileo, Galilei

    It's a really nice guitar song.

    Please do check it out!

    Anyway . . . . .

    It's now after 5:00 AM here in El Paso as I'm typing this.

    So, I need to log some sack time.

    Get back to you later.

    Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    1. Looking forward to reading your posts Dr Bear.

      Teddy's web blog is dedicated to intellectual and academic freedom, and the separation of church and state, in support of science education in our public schools, and opposed to any and all attempts by right-wing Republican morons to insert Creationism into public school science classes. America was intended by our founding fathers to be a secular nation, and not some damn theocracy! This is his domain, and he is large and in charge!

  2. It seem that different blogger templates behave differently. When I post a video I merely type in the description or paste it in after I click the movie icon and then I can preview them.

    Sometime youtube is fucked up. I don't use the embed feature.

    I will definitely check out you new blog and I will leave a link to it. In this article.

  3. Anything that spreads truth and logic is a good thing. Dr Bear, on behalf of all good people everywhere THANK YOU!

  4. Good afternoon Fat Bastardo!

    Well, I should be finished typing up my first article sometime late today.

    It's taking me longer than I thought it would, because, I do like to do some political ranting and raving, even when it comes to science articles.

    Anyway . . . . .

    I'm working on the Addendum right now, and I will add a couple more videos.

    My article also has a little bit of comedy relief in it as well.

    In the meantime . . . . .

    Catch ya later, Gator!

    Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    1. Keep on keeping on my blubbery brother in logic and factcs.

      May I suggest that you post the article in parts if it is long. This way you can have more than one post and a greater variety of tags. That will increase the search engine crawl!


      I am proud of you for this.

    2. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

      I'm almost done. I took Sunday off, because I like to nap on Sundays. Yeah! Sometime this fat bear needs to hibernate.

      I'll be finishing up on the Addendum. I'm including something about the new COSMOS II with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

      I didn't want to break my article up into smaller articles because the later parts would appear at the top.

      I like to keep my stuff in chronological order.

      But, I should be finished late this evening.

      I don't like the auto-save feature on these blogger pages. I would rather click on [Save] after I have typed a few paragraphs.

      But, NO! The auto-save goes off as I'm typing, and the God-damn thing slows me down!

      I don't have much left to type now, and I'm going to proof-read it all first before I publish.

      Anyway . . . . .

      Catch ya later, Gator!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    3. Sunday is a good day to eat and rest and eat some more.

      There are a shit load of Christomaniacs whining about COSMOS. The Christards rarely when wild of the old show and Sagan. This crop of Christers are very energized and virulent. They need to be crushed with truth and logic.

    4. Good evening Fat Bastardo!!!

      IT'S FINISHED!!!

      I have finally published my very first article on my new blog!

      Yes, it's a very long article, bout you're really gonna love it!

      Please check it out!

      Catch ya later, Gator!!!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    5. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

      Thank you for posting a comment on my blog.

      So, what do you think of my black background and bright colored text?

      I chose it because it has that midnight sort of feel about it.

      Of course, it makes editing on my blogger more difficult having bright colored text in a white text window.

      And my eyes get tired from the strain, but, it's worth it.

      But, I think science articles with a dark background is more appropriate, especially astronomy articles.

      Anyway . . . . .

      Thank you very much!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    6. I like the contrast green and dark grey, Space is dark and most matter is dark matter. Speaking of which,,, Google Dark Matter 2525 and check out the videos.

    7. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

      I'm already subscribed to Dark Matter 2525.

      If you check out one of the YouTube videos that I have posted on my blog "Tea Party, The Next Generation" a parody of Star Trek The Next Generation, it is one of the videos by Dark Matter 2525.

      I'm gong to start a series of articles called Debunction Junction, where I will debunk all of the Biblical fairy tales of Creation, Noah's ark, the Genesis flood, etc. etc. and so on.

      The top of each article will feature a passenger railroad yard at night with a sign saying WELCOME TO DEBUNCTION JUNCTION! ALL ABOARD THE MIDNIGHT SCIENCE EXPRESS!

      Yeah! My future articles on my "Debunction Junction" series are going to have a railroad motif.

      I live in a neighborhood next to a railroad yard, and from my living room window I can watch the trains going by at the end of my block.

      My neighborhood is a little bit ghetto-like, but Public Housing has some nice cottages in the area, and I'm going to decorate my cottage to look like a coffee house. Also, the people here are nice, mostly Hispanic and black, and a few whites like myself. But we all get alone here just fine.

      It's actually a cute little neighborhood. We have a nice little park with a playground. But, the streets and the sidewalks are in need of repairs, and some of the older houses could use a little fixing up.

      Ghetto-like or not, it's a nice peaceful and quite little neighborhood. Sometimes in the evenings we have a Mariachi Band performing in the little park, and I can hear the music from my cottage. I'm also a member of the South-side Neighborhood Association, and I'm trying to see if we can get the bookmobile to come in here at least every other week.

      So, I've been much happier here since I had moved out of that nine-story high-rise back in February 2013.

      Yeah! I can watch YouTube videos late at night, and listen to music, and I don't have to worry about retards banging on my door anymore as the did when I was living in the high-rise.

      Anyway . . . . .

      I have some more work to do on my future articles.

      Catch ya later Gator!

      Big Fat heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    8. Debunction Junction! I love it. There is a lot of good debunking on

      Evil Bible is a good resource as is the Skeptics Annotated Bible.

      Mine eye have seen the glory of the coming of the Bear
      As he whipped around the corner in his Jazzy power chair
      Into lying Christards his logic put a scare

      The truth is rolling on.

      Glory glory hallelujah
      Hit those Christers with ruler
      He bopped them in the bean
      With a rotten tangerine and their teeth came marching out.

      Dr Bear his intellect to them is far superior
      The arguments of Christers become drearier and drearier
      Teddy shows those fuckers that they really are inferior

      The truth is rolling on

    9. Good evening Fat Bastardo!!!

      Hey! I like the song you made up about me!

      Anyway . . . . .

      I've made some more improvements on my blog.

      You know, the big picture at the top, with me and my telescope.

      Well, under that, I have added another really cool picture, a night scene of a railroad yard with a couple of BNSF locomotives. The sky above is black, and in the sky I put a big quarter moon large enough to see the craters, five different galaxies, and The Ring Nebula up in the sky.

      Then below the picture is blue text is reads . . .

      My web blog is dedicated to science education, human rights, democratic principles, and taking a stand against right-wing Christard Funny-mentalism. Who am I? Well, I'm nothing, I'm nobody, I'm just some poor schmuck who supports science education in our public schools, and I like to read a lot of books and keep up with the latest developments. Yeah! Unlike all those religious fraudsters who are all out to make millions of dollars while fleecing their flocks of moronic sheep! Hey! You religious pricks! Come on over to my side of the railroad tracks where I live! And get schooled!

      I also added more links to other web sites.

      Other websites:
      My YouTube channel - Bigger Fatter Blog - Bigger Fatter Politics - The Biggest Fattest Blog - The Fat Atheist - God Is Hate! - Evil Bible - The Skeptics Annotated Bible - Richard Dawkins Foundation - Secular Coalition For America - National Center for Science Education - Center for Inquiry - Americans United for Separation of Church and State - Texas Freedom Network

      I make monthly donations to many of these. I can only afford about $5 dollars per month to each.

      Which reminds me . . . why I'm so pissed of at CG Brady.

      He advocated a 25% percent sales tax on food, and also taxing people for being overweight.

      That would hurt poor families. Because, if they have kids going to school, they'll have less money to spend on education, and their children will suffer. It will only serve to keep them in poverty.

      Also, if I had to pay a 25% percent sales tax on my food, and have my body taxed for being overweight, I would have less money to donate to my favorite causes, and my AT&T U-VERSE telephone and broadband Internet.

      I live in a poor neighborhood, but I have NEVER seen any dirty kids, fat, thin, or otherwise!

      I see kid on bicycles, I see kids on skateboards, and kids playing in the park. Yeah, we have a lot of fat people in my neighborhood, and we have a lot of cute fat kids, but none of them are dirty.

      The one thing that the Hispanic and black parents are kind of strict about, is that they don't allow their kids to go around dirty. They're always dressed in nice clean clothes.

      So, I wish CG Brady would stop stereotyping us fat people!

      We may be poor, but we try to have some pride in ourselves and in our neighborhood, ghetto that it is, it is crime free, peaceful and quiet, with occasional Mariachi music in our little park, which sometimes get a little loud. But I don't mind.

      El Paso is kind of weird. I'm not afraid to go around in the downtown area at night, and my neighborhood is not far from the downtown area.

      The highest crime area is NOT in the downtown urban district, but out in the suburbs, the middle-class neighborhoods.

      Yeah! El Paso is kind of an in-side-out sort of town.

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

  5. Glad you liked the song!

    I actually agree with CG on the 25% sales tax. If there is no income tax other taxes the cost of doing business. The price of food will actually come down by 25% or more so it will be a wash.

    If there is a 25% sales tax the corporate gangsters will have to pay taxes. Right now they don't pay taxes.

    CG got you fired up. You have bared your claws and teeth and I think that is a good thing.

    CG and I disagree on 1 main thing. I think gluttony is good and he doesn't. I have to be honest. Gluttony has not always been good to me. I would probably not be here had it not been for CG.

    In a way he coached you up. Look how you are kicking ass and taking names now!

  6. Good morning Fat Bastardo.

    Well, I don't know about where you live, but in some states, if you're on food stamps or EBT, you don't pay a sales tax on food items, and I think it should stay that way.

    When I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, back in the 1990s I paid an 8% percent sales tax on all non-food items and if I bought food with cash, there was a 5% percent sales tax, but if I used an EBT card, there was no sales tax on food.

    OK, I understand that everyone, including the corporate gangsters would also pay the tax as proposed by CG Brady. But, I think the poor should be exempt from the tax.

    I also think that kids from poor families should get their school supplies and textbooks for FREE! Education is the best way to lift children out of poverty. And those anti-science Republicans should stop trying to have Creationism inserted in high school science classes. They should butt out!

    Also, instead of athletes in our high schools getting extra privileges, the good students who are on the A or B honor roll should get a few extra privileges.

    But, guess what . . . those A and B honor roll students, the science nerds and techno-geeks, they have not been asking for any extra privileges. They just want to see all students being held equally accountable for their behaviors.

    Back in the 1920s when my mother was in high school, she said that a guy could not get on the football or basketball team unless he was making at least a C average, which is still passing. Of course, back then, kids got punished for being left-handed.

    When I want to school back in the 1960s, kids with physical handicaps were discriminated against, while some idiot who could not read and write beyond the 2ed grade level got extra privileges if he was on the football team. I'm also left-handed, but when I was in school, we didn't get punished for being left-handed. No, we got discriminated against if we were handicapped, and weren't good at sports.

    So, our schools are always looking for an excuse to discriminate against someone.

    And so, after thee Columbine incident in the 1990s, the athletes got even more extra privileges, while the rest of the students, in some schools were not even allowed to carry their textbooks in book-bags. And I once heard about a student who went to jail just for drawing a picture of a gun.

    OK, you know the classic illustration in physics books, in the part about Newton's Laws of Motion, the illustration of a cannon on top of a mountain, firing projectiles at higher and higher velocities until one achieves orbital velocity, and one achieves escape velocity . . . . .

    Yeah, a kid had drawn something like that in one of his science notebooks and he had also drawn a diagram of how a color TV picture tube works, with the three, red, blue, and green "color guns" and described how an electron "gun" works in a cathode-ray tube. Well, the kid got sent to jail because he drew a picture of a gun (a cannon) and electron "guns" in cathode ray tubes.

    So, because he had drawn a "gun" (cannon on a mountain top) and wrote the word "gun" in a science notebook, he got arrested, and went to jail for about a day.

    No wonder America has become the laughing stock of the world!

    Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    1. I think that everyone should pay a sale tax but not sales tax on food. I think that ALL clergy should pay tax and taxed double for all the years they evaded taxes and were otherwise flaming assholes.

      The poor by less stuff so they will pay a small amount of taxes. If Romney had to pay a 25% sales tax on all the shit he buys he's end up paying his fair share. He should be taxed at 50% for the next 20 years.

      I think that kids should get ALL education for free especially medical school. This way we can keep the rich riff raff out of the medical industry.

      Republicans are anti culture and anti science. Science means knowledge and Republicans thrive on ignorance.

      I like sports but when it comes to education I say SAT scores before football scores. Unfortunately schools stress the glory of sports over academics and the arts. America's educational system is seriously FUCKED UP!

    2. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

      Well, it will probably be another week before I start my series of Debunction Junction articles, debunking Creationism, Noah's ark and the Genesis flood, and other biblical stuff, etc. etc.

      I want it to have a late night railroad motif. I had to search for many long hours to fine a good photo of a passenger railroad depot with some passenger cars, smooth-side cars, and not the kind with corrugated sides, like Amtrak has.

      After many hours of searching I found a beautiful photo an old Union Station passenger depot at night.

      Here is a link to the original photo I had found . . .

      So, I save that photo to my computer, and did some editing.

      At the top of the old building, it says in bright neon letters UNION STATION curved in an arc above a clock, and under the clock it says, TRAVEL by TRAIN.

      The clock said 10 O'clock, so I zoomed in close and changed the minute hand into an hour hand, and I changed the hour hand into a minute hand, so now, the clock says 10 minutes til Midnight.

      There are two yellow UNION PACIFIC passenger cars with smooth sides.

      I added to one of the cars, on the right, in blue text . . .

      Midnight Science Express.

      And to the other car on the left . . .nce Espres so that part of the word Science is cut off at the left edge of the photo, and the first "s" is partially hidden by a vertical post, and the second "s" is completely hidden by the post.

      And up in the sky in bright green text it says . . .
      Welcome to Debunction Junction
      All aboard the Midnight Science Express!

      That image, which I had created tonight, will appear at the top of each one of my Debunction Junction articles.

      I'm also going to see if I can find another cool image to edit.

      Catch ya later, Gator!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    3. Hello again Fat Bastardo!!!


      I have just now added my new image at the bottom of my blog page.

      To see it, go to my web blog and scroll all the way down.

      Or, you can just go to this link . . .

      Let me know what you think of it.

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear


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