Saturday, April 12, 2014

Phil Robertson's Gay Lover

War on Christmas
Phil Robertson Practicing His Blowing Skills

exclusively for 12 years now. You would think that’s enough time, but not for Phil I guess.” - 

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Like so many Republicans Phil Robertson hates gays but he is gays himself. Duck calls are not the only thing Phil blows. According to Out Magazine Phil has had a gay lover for 12 years.
OUT, a popular gay and lesbian magazine, announced it will be publishing an exclusive interview with Phil Robertson‘s alleged gay lover of 12-years.

The magazine released a preview of the upcoming article to various media sources today.

 “Phil’s always trying to hide me from the media. I like to blow on Duck whistles too,” 35-year-old Paul Horner told OUT. “He’s just so ashamed of me. Jeez, we’ve been together 

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Phil Robertson's hatred for gays is really self hatred. 

I have one question for Phil "fellatio" Robertson. When you and your gay lover are ass fucking do your assholes make quacking sounds?

I have one more question for you Phil. Did you get into the duck call business because you have been fucked in the ass so much that your ass doesn't make any noise when you fart?


  1. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

    Yeah! I have no respect for homophobic fuck-tards who are still in the closet!

    I have friends who are gay, and I respect them because they have come out of the closet, and openly admit to being gay.

    Most Republicans hate homosexuals, and yet, many of them are closet gays. It's awfully hypocritical of them to hate gays, when they are actually closet gays themselves.

    Also, many of them are pedophiles.

    The majority of people who are openly gay are not pedophiles.

    Also, many straights are pedophiles. There are actually far more straights who are pedophiles than there are homosexual pedophiles.

    And, I have to wonder how many Republican rednecks there are who even have sex with barnyard animals!

    Fucking retards!

    Big Fat Heretic - AKA Teddy Bear

  2. Most pedophiles are Republicans and most closet gays are Republicans.

  3. Phil Robertson is a flaming asshole but his fans are worse!

    1. It's the same with all these right wing Christian icons. Their admirers are worse than they are.


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