Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sequential Moon Rise and Eclipse

Cartoon Caricature of Dr Bear
It was too cloudy to see the eclipse so like many Americans I, Fat Bastardo had to see it online after the fact. Our science consultant Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear may have time to comment on the lunar event. Hopefully he will be reporting on it on his YouTube channel and blogs.

Last night and early this morning Dr Bear was studying the total lunar eclipse and he was up very late doing his observation and calculations and at this point he is busy compiling data and preparing his report. Dr Bear is working tirelessly so that he can bring his important work to his readers.

Click here to see a lunar eclipse slide show.

Venice, CA


  1. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

    Well, I'm still working on my second article titled . . .

    "My Observations of The Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15,2014 from 12:00 AM Midnight to 3:35 AM Here in El Paso, Texas"

    It's taking longer than I thought it would, because I have some debunking to do, concerning some stupid doomsday prophecies by right-wing Christard Funny-mentalists!

    And I'm also digging up some dirt on John Hagee who's been making some moronic doomsday prophecies about the lunar eclipse.

    I'll be posting my latest article sometime tomorrow afternoon.

    Catch ya later, Gator!

    Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    1. Hey Teddy,

      Hagee is a nut but their are guys worse than him. I think he believes his own BS. I hate Benny Hinn and Peter Poppoff more.

      There are a whole lot of crazy fundies on You Tube

      I'm looking forward to your eclipse report. You make science understandable and clear without talking down to people. That's a great skill. Maybe even some fundies will get it!

    2. Good afternoon Fat Bastardo:

      Well, I'll be finishing up my article late this evening.

      It's after 12:00 PM noon as I'm typing this.

      I need to do some grocery shopping. Food City has a special sale on ham, only $0.99 per pound.

      I'm going to cook some up this evening, and pretend that I'm eating Ken Ham after his bitch-ass had been served up to him on a silver platter by Bill Nye, the science guy.

      I only wish Bill Nye could join me for supper as I cook up Ken Ham's bitch-ass this evening!

      Anyway . . . . .

      I'll be seeing ya on the flip-flop!

      10 - 4 over and out!

      (That's trucker CB lingo for, see you later when I get back!)

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Big Fat Teddy Bear

    3. I love seeing that charlatan Ken Hambone turned into pea soup. Another guy I like to see fucked over is that other Christard Kent Hovind. He makes Ken Hambone look intelligent.

      Click Here For Kent Hovind and A Creationist Asshole That Even Creationist Hate

      I would love to see two opposing creationist debate. I would provide them both will meat axes and a locked steel cage. The only reason Ken Hambone didn't lose his cool is that Bill Nye the Science Guy babied him. You put two Christers who disagree in the same room and they will kill each other.

      Ham is cheap this time of year... OINK!

    4. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

      WOW! All I can say . . . is just . . . WOW!

      I have just finished reading the Wikipedia article in it's entirety.

      WOW! And again . . . . . WOW!

      It took me about 90 minutes to read the article.

      I had to take a couple of cigar breaks, and I could feel my blood sugars dropping, so I had to make a couple of Ken Ham sandwiches from Ken Ham's bitch-ass served up on a silver platter by Bill Nye, The Science Guy. Yeah! Ken Ham's bitch ass is actually quite tasty! Yum yum!

      OK, this Kent Hovind fuck-tard is a real piece of dog shit!

      His entire family is corrupt. I read about his Dinosaur Adventure Land park, and seen the photos of it. That park looks like a real shit-dump!

      The buildings were not up to the standards of the local building codes. So, it was probably unsafe. The museum displays were described as looking rather shoddy. I forget how many times the word "shoddy" appeared in the article.

      Shitty would be a better, and a more accurate description!

      Kent Hovind is a real shitty Christurd!!!

      All this right-wing Christian Funny-mentalist Republican retards are a perfect justification to legalize cannibalism!

      I think all of their bitch-asses served up on silver platters would be quite tasty! Yum yum!

      Just thinking about it, make me hungry!

      Fuck! I'm gonna have another Ken Ham sandwich!

      And, another cigar afterwards.

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    5. When I read about Hovind I thought is was a joke or I was watching Stephen Colbert. Hovind makes Ham sound like Einstein.

      I will be having some Ken Ham sandwiches as I devour the Easter ham and other delights and I will shit out a great big steaming stinky Hovind. From now on when I drop a big nasty fat man double flusher I will call it a Hovind. If the are a lot of smaller turds with it I will call it the Hovind family.

      If you mix a Hovind turd with pig vomit your get Pat Robertson.

      Hovind like so many Christians is probably a pedophile.

    6. Good evening Fat Bastardo!!!

      Well, I have finally finished working on my latest topic titled . . .

      My Observations of The Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15,2014 from 12:00 AM Midnight to 3:35 AM Here in El Paso, Texas


      It's a long article, because it does go into a lot of technical details. But it's not as my first article. But, it's long.

      And I have included more YouTube music videos.

      I also had to do some debunking, concerning all the retarded moronic talk that all the religious doomsayers have said about the eclipse and the tetrad of four blood moon.

      Yes, there is going to be a tetrad of four total lunar eclipses over the next two years, and this one was the first of the tetrad.

      When you get around to reading my article, you'll know what is meant by a tetrad.

      Anyway . . .

      I'm hungry now. So, I'm going to have three Ken Ham sandwiches on whole wheat bread with hot horseradish mustard and Miracle Whip.

      And then, I'm going to kick back and relax with a nice big handmade cigar imported from the Dominican Republic.

      In the meantime . . .

      Catch ya later, Gator!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    7. Leave the addy to the article and I will turn it into a link. I'll put is on El's blog comment section. I don't think he will mind.

      I too ate some Ken Ham sandwiches and when I was done I filled the brownie bowl full of Kent Hovinds. I love giving birth to a Kent Hovind because I get to flush him down the shitter and into the sewer where he belongs.

    8. Good morning Fat Bastardo:

      OK, here's the direct link to the article.


      Of course, since it's my latest article, it will appear at the top anyway on my home page.

      Please leave a comment when you have the time.

      Thank you.

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    9. Here's a link to Dr Bear's scientific observations of the total lunar eclipse.

      Click Here For Dr Bear's Lunar Eclipse Thoughts and Observations

    10. I left a link on El's God is Hate blog. I also left a comment on your wonderfully done article.

    11. Good evening Fat Bastardo!!!

      WOW! Thank you very much!

      I have also posted a link to my blog on my YouTube channel.


      And then, when my viewers see the link, they can go to my blog where they'll see the links I have posted to other blogs, websites, and other YouTube members.

      Once again . . . . .

      Thank you very much!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    12. Teddy,

      It's my pleasure to spread the word in this small way. You must learn the code that allows you to insert links into comment sections. It's really easy to do. Here are the instructions: How To Post A Link in Google Comment Sections

      Imagine putting links to your blogs and You Tube channel into the comment sections of Christard blogs?????!!! You can piss them off directly and indirectly. If it is an abandoned blog you spam the shit out of it and the blog owner won't even know it. It's like cyber judo in that you can use their work against them.

    13. One more thing. The more inbound links you have going to your site the more readers you will get. I would suggest that you also post some short posts called "Bear Bites" or something like that. The more post the more the search engines crawl your site.

    14. Good evening again, Fat Bastardo!

      OK, I'm going to try a little experiment.


      Hope this works!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    15. Hello again Fat Bastard0:

      No, it didn't work!

      All I get is . . .

      Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

      Let me try again!


      This time I added the http

      Maybe it will work now. I hope!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    16. Hello again and again Fat Bastarto!!!

      This time IT WORKED!!!

      Thank you!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    17. This comment has been removed by the author.

    18. Whoops!

      I had to delete a comment, because I accidentally posted it twice.

      I don't want to SPAM a forum.

    19. Teddy, I am so glad you got it working! Now you can force the Christers to take a truth and logic enema on their own sites and blogs.

      Also get a Disqus account and you can comment on all their shit and leave links with the code I showed you.

      It looks like I have created a dangerous fat bear monster who will chew up and shit out the fundagelicals. Fundies hate truth.

  2. Here's the instructions. How to put a link in a comment section

    If one character is missing it won't work.

    Don't worry about spamming especially if you are spamming Christards. It's perfectly legal otherwise Blogger would not allow it.

    Send me an email I can give you a better explanation on how to do it. Test is out on Biggest Fattest Blog.

    Since I've been doing it my page views have more than doubled. This will help you to become a BIG FAT blogging juggernaut. With your superb content you will CRUSH the Christards!

    1. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

      I got it to work!!!

      The reason why it didn't work the first time is because I forgot to add the http:// before the www.

      Anyway . . . . .

      Here's something that will really piss you off.

      You probably heard of Bryan Fischer. Right?

      Check out this YouTube video at Secular Talk.

      Fischer: Poor Should 'Kiss The Ground' Rich Walk On

      Yeah! Bryan Fischer says that the poor, and the middle class, we all should be throwing parades out in the streets for the rich, and kiss the ground that the rich walk on!

      OH REALLY???

      I'm telling you . . . these right-wing retards are getting more and more delusional. They all (think?) or rather, believe, that this is still the year 1414 instead of the year 2014, and that the super rich are all Royalty, and that we must bow down to them.

      Another words, a middle income person, like, a professional scientist, an astrophysicist, or a physics professor in college having only a middle income, and all of us poor people, that we should kiss the ground that millionaires and billionaires walk on!

      Yeah! Like, for example: some professional football or basketball player who makes millions of dollars just for chasing a ball around, but who can't even read or write beyond the 2ed or 3rd grade level. And the rest of us should be kissing the ground that he walks on???

      As I had mentioned so many times before . . . my mother taught me how to read and write before I even started going to school. So, by the time I was only in the 3rd grade, I could already read at high school and adult level.

      We were a poor family, but our house was a virtual treasure trove of books, books, books and more books scattered about.

      But, I'm being told that I must kiss the ground of an illiterate, or semi-literate moron who makes millions chasing a ball!!!

      Oh! And what's this the Republicans say about "creative" people? Ya know! The rich people who create jobs overseas while closing down factories in America and selling them off to foreign investors as scrap! Yeah! That's being creative?

      NO! I always though that the creative people were the professional scientists, the science professors in college, the inventors, the artists, the song writers, and even a really good auto mechanic, and the plumber, and the electrician who comes to fix stuff in our homes. The ones who keep the water flowing, the lights on and the wheels turning. Those are the creative people!

      People who actually make stuff!

      Not the greedy super-rich corporate executives who are selling everything in the USA off to foreign investors as scrap!

      Anyway . . . . .

      Please do click on the link to the video and check it out.

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear.

    2. The Rethuglicans will tell the people that the the rich knows what's best for them.

      While I am a left of center I also am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I am far less worried about rednecks with guns than I am the filthy rich criminal elite. Hopefully the white trash righties will wake up and see the the filthy rich Republicans are the ones who are fucking them.

      Let's spam that fucker!!!

    3. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

      Well, I went to Bryan Fischer's AFA American Family Association website, but there is no E-mail address, and no contact information.

      I closed my Face Book account, because a couple of years ago, I was being harassed, and to protect my friends who were also members on my account, I had to close my Face Book so that they would not get harassed.

      Yeah! This really sucks.

      So, I'm not able to post any comments in order to SPAM that son of a bitch!

      He will probably never be called out, face to face on his bullshit!

      These right-wing creepazoids have far too much protection around them.

      If a multi-millionaire says the earth is flat and the moon is made of cheese, then I guess, the earth is flat, and the moon is cheese, because a million dollars says it is!

      Most professional scientists only make about $250,000 dollars per year.

      I wish I had that much. I'd even settle for a half or a third or even just a fourth as much.

      But, fucking right-wing Republican anti-science Christian retards make millions and billions of dollars every year.

      And these fuck-tards want the middle class and the poor to kiss the ground they walk on!

      I'm getting really sick of this bullshit. I'm too old for this crap! I'm getting very tired, and really depressed just thinking about it.

      But, I will continue posting my rants and raves on the Internet because I'm a fucking crazy-ass masochist and a glutton for punishment!

      Maybe I ought to just flog myself bloody with an extension cord!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    4. Start another Facebook simply for spamming purposes. Maybe call it Big Fat Truth, The Bulbous Truth Bear, Dr Bear (even though it's a honorary title) Don't give out any personal info. When ever we tangle with nut on the right it's best to be stealthy.

      Also, get a Disqus account. That also allows more commentary. Rotunda has one and she posts as Bigger Fatter Politics. Once you get the account and you are signed in, when you do a Google search you put in your search term followed by the word disqus and 90% of the articles have a disqus comment section.... AND HERE's THE BEAUTY!!!!! You can use that code I showed you to leave links!!!!!!

      Teddy, you can go FUCKING WILD! PASTE PASTE PASTE your links all over!! Your numbers will grow faster than one of Proud FA's feeders.

      When all they have is fat insults it means they have nothing else and as you know a true fat acceptor takes insults as a compliment. Every knock is a boost! OINK!

      A lot of the people spewing the right wing vitriol don't actually believe it. They know that there are a lot of dimwitted hateful suckers out there and they are exploiting them. John Hagee actually believes the shit he says but Ken Hambone and Kent Hovind and simply CON artists like Fischer. They are payed mouth pieces for the corporate gangsters. Religion is just a way to keep the massed dumbed down. Keep in mind what the first letters in CONservative are.

      Anyway Teddy, you now have some more tools and with your talent you are becoming a force to reckoned with. I have one strategy ATTACK! ATTACK!! ATTACK!!!

      Flog those fuckers with truth and logic! Enlighten their followers as best you can.

  3. Good afternoon Fat Bastardo:

    I do have a Disqus account, but Bryan Fischer's website only takes Face Book or Twidder, and not Disqus.

    OK, I once tried to open up a new Face Book account, but it kept reverting back to my old account user name. I would have to use a different E-mail address to create a new account.

    But then, that would mean every time I logged in, I would be logged out of several of my other favorite websites. Then I would have to log out of the new Face Book account, and log back in to all of my favorite websites in this account. That would be a real pain in the ass!

    That's why I'm not using my old YouTube channel anymore, because it was tied to my old Net Zero E-mail account. I don't use Net Zero anymore.

    Also, last year, several times, just when I was about to post a comment under a YouTube video, a panel would pop up, asking me if I wanted to change my user name over from BigFatHeretic to my real name.


    I don't mind if people know that my first name is Gerald, but I don't want my real last name to be displayed. I want to protect my privacy.

    So, every time that panel popped up, I had to keep selecting to stay with my original BigFatHeretic user name.

    Eventually, after YouTube changed its format, and hooked up with Google+ I didn't have that problem anymore.

    While there is some problems with the new format, I sort of like the new comment posting, because we can now post longer comments instead of the old 500 character limit, which is kind of nice.

    And I like when the little red square appears over the bell icon in the upper right-hand corner with a number indicating how many new messages I have. So, that's cool.

    Yeah! I would love to SPAM the shit out of that fucker.

    Maybe someday I'll have to get a second computer so that I can go from on to the other, having two computers logged into two different accounts.

    That would work, if I could afford to get a second computer.

    It's just too bad that on Bryan Fischer's website I can't use Disqus.

    Otherwise I would SPAM the shit outta him!

    Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

  4. I don't have a facebook account because of the NSA spying. Even Jimmy Carter no longer uses email or social media do to government spying on its citizens.

    In the big picture I think that left vs right is a false paradigm and it i being used to keep the left and the right from agreeing on anything. As you know the far right hates the government but beyond that they hate the idea of government and laws. I hate the fact that our government is owned by the corporate gangsters and criminal elite. Sure it is fun to lambaste the funnygelicals and the teabaggers but they don't bother me as much as the criminal corporations. This is not to say that all corporations are bad. I understand why the righties say some of the shit they say and I would like to convince them that the enemy is not the government or Obama but rather the people who own the government but they just seem to stupid to make the leap.

    1. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

      You now what?

      I would actually invite the NSA to "spy" on my Internet activities!

      I want the NSA to see my newest web blog, THE BIG FAT HERETIC!

      Yes . . . I would resent having the NSA spying on my personnel E-mails.

      But . . . I want the NSA to see my web blog.


      They will notice that I love President Obama, and they will also know (in future articles that I well eventually be working on) that I don't always agree with everything he says or does. But then, I have never fully agreed with any politician, not even the ones I have voted for.

      And they will also notice how much I support science education in our public schools, and how much I deeply resent any and all attempts by right-wing Republican Christian Fundamentalist to undermine public school education, trying to insert Creationism into science textbooks.

      In future articles I will talk about my own experiences in our educational system, about the bullying, and the head injuries I had inflicted on me, and I will even openly talk about my three week stay in a state mental hospital where I was sexually molested by an older man back in April of 1969 when I was 17 years old. That was the only such occurrence, but even one occurrence of the sort can mess a person up for life.

      Yes, more and more people have come out on this on the Internet about this sort of thing, and of course, we get harassed by some Internet trolls.

      Maybe, if the NSA sees what I'm talking about on my blog, it might elicit some sympathy from them.

      It might even get Obama's attention, I hope.

      Of course, I don't want any pity!

      I only want some acknowledgement and at least some understanding as to where I'm coming from, and why I have a lot of anger issues.

      I've been to other forums where people have talked about their school experiences of bullying and of sexual harassment, and there is always some right-wing troll who tells them to GET OVER IT!!!

      This sort of thing, one can expect to come from ignorant uneducated buffoons!

      Anyway . . . . .

      I want the NSA to keep coming back to my blog, and spy away all they want. With my blessings!

      Well . . . it's public anyway, so I guess it would not actually be spying.

      I will be posting a new article about every other week.

      Tonight, I'm going to start working on a new article debunking Ken Ham, his Creation Science Museum, and Noah's Ark, the FAIL BOAT.

      It will be the first of my Debunction Junction articles.

      Catch ya later, Gator!

      I'll be seeing ya on the flip flop!

      10:4 good buddy!

      Damn, I love that CB trucker lingo!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Big Fat Teddy Bear

    2. I would protect the privacy of the righties even though I disagree strongly with them but then again they are the ones who get violent and go on killing sprees. The NSA spies on everyone friend and foe. They even spy on my hero Jimmy Carter.

      I have mixed feelings about Obama. The Banksters should be in jail and Bush/Cheney should be in jail for war crimes. Then again, if Obama went after the corporate trash he's probably get the Kennedy treatment.

      I know that you and CG tangled but privately he told me that he wish you could heal from what you had suffered and the hand of those bullies. It was different for me. Very few people fucked with me. Proud FA had my back. There were some school officials who were prick but we kept them in check.

      CG, actually think yo have a lot to offer. He believes that Big Fat Heretic will prove to help you heal from all the abuse and allow you to become at peace with some things and more effective in your pursuits.

      In the Declaration of Independence Jefferson said, "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

      CG want's this for everyone as do you and I and Proud FA and any other decent human being. I have noticed a happier tone in your writing like the happy warrior Hubert Horatio Humphrey. His initials were HHH as in Ha Ha Ha. He would have made a great president!

      As you know, I think the funnymentalist are being used as pawns. You may want to think about pointing that out to them. Maybe the ones with enough brain power will get demoralized or switch sides. Mainly they need to know that the real enemy is the criminal elite filthy rich scum like Romney and his gang of liars and thieves.

    3. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

      I would have replied sooner, but it was Sunday, and I like to nap through out most of the day on Sundays. This fat little bear likes to hibernate once in a while.

      I have begun working on my first installment of Debunction Junction, and on my train, the Midnight Science Express, I'm the engineer, also acting as conductor and tour guide.

      Anyway . . . . .

      About the Tea Party . . .

      OK, as we all know, TEA means Taxed Enough Already. Yeah, clever acronym.

      It may surprise you . . . but, I do agree with their assertion, that the middle class and lower income people have been Taxed Enough Already, and that their taxes should even be lowered.

      But . . . . . and it's a big but . . . . . the super rich have been getting their taxes cut when they need to pay more taxes.

      Also . . . the Tea Part is really NOT a grass roots movement.

      NO! It was actually started by the big corporations back in the 1980s only it wasn't called the Tea Party yet.

      So, the rank and file members of the Tea Party have been duped! I almost feel sorry for all those poor moronic sheep.

      Yes . . . I remember Hubert Horatio Humphrey, HHH, or triple H. I liked "The Hump" as we affectionately call him back in the day. He was cool.

      He was once Senator of Minnesota. When I was a kid, I lived in Cloquet (pronounced Klo Kay) Minnesota. It was during a parade, and I saw Hubert Humphrey in person, and even got to shake his hand. I was in the 2ed grade at the time.

      Now . . . as for CG Brady . . . please tell him to take a little gander at my new blog, THE BIG FAT HERETIC.

      I might even welcome a comment post over there.

      That is, as long as he doesn't get started about my being too fat. Because, over there, I'm large and in charge. I don't want to have to put him off the train.

      Anyway . . . . .

      It's getting kind of late, and I got to log some sack time.

      Catch ya later, Gator!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

  5. The original Tea Party was the Ron Paul Patriots in 2007 and then the corporate Rethuglicans hijacked it. That filthy slime Dick Armey and that pther fucker Karl Rove and the FAUX News propagandists were behind it. Today's baggers hate the very idea of law and governance. They are a bunch of clueless anarchists. It's like they hate the very idea of civilization. It's like de-evolution.

    The idea of protecting the constitution from government is good thing. Now the people fear the government and with good reason but like the tea bagger's movement the US government has been taken over by the Mitt Romneys of the world. And yes, the tea party is Astro turf.

    The poor and the middle class pay a higher % of their income in taxes. What the filth on the right won't admit is that there are more taxes than just income tax. Another thing those dick licking liars won't admit is that a person's value is not measured by the size of their bank account.

    I am working to boost your numbers. SPAM AND PROMOTE! Don't let the idiots breath. Keep sticking it to them!

    1. Good morning Fat Bastardo!!!

      Well, it's finished.

      Tonight, I have finished working on my third article titled . . .

      Debunction Junction - Article #1 - Debunking Ken Ham, the Creation Museum in Kentucky, and Noah's Ark, the FAIL BOAT!


      I hope that you will climb aboard the Midnight Science Express and join me in our journey through the treacherous Land of the Tards!

      Debunction Junction - Article #1

      Please do check it out.

      Catch ya later, Gator!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    2. It looks like Bill Nye has cooked and fried Ham, ground him up, ate him up and shit him out. 91% of Christians think Nye won the debate. Ken Ham is the biggest loser ever.


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