Monday, April 14, 2014

The Belly God vs Bible God
Benevolent Belly God vs Brutal Bible God 

Compared to every other god, the god of Abraham is the most evil. Even many thinlings hate Jehovah/Allah aka Allahovah. The following video shows in his own words what a vile and evil god Allahovah is.

Eve who was framed and Adam got kicked out of heaven simply for eating a measly apple but Belly God would have served all the apple pie ala mode you could eat and gourmet coffee. That wasn't the worst of it. That Bastardly Bible God kicked Adam and Eve out of paradise and he has made us suffer disease and starvation ever since for the "sin" of two mind slaves getting enlightened by a talking snake. The apple came from the tree of knowledge. Science means knowledge. Conscience means with knowledge. God so hated the world that he brought death and misery to every animal simply because two people decided not to be ignorant. What are you afraid of Bible God?

God's ass kissers prefer ignorance to knowledge. That is why they hate truth and discovery.
Thanks God! 

Denying everyone paradise because somebody ate one apple was nothing Belly God would do. Bible God tosses Adam and Eve out and then when the population increased somebody rubbed Bible God the wrong way and he killed nearly every living thing on Earth with a flood. What a fucking dickhead!

BUT he didn't stop there! Because Noah's son Ham saw Noah drunk and naked he curses Ham's kids for 20 generations and that is what Bible God's sicko followers used to justify slavery and the subsequent brutalization and continued genocide against those people. What a bunch of evil bastards! Here are 1198 examples of Bible God's cruelty!

Fatlings and thinlings unite! Allahovah wants us divided. Fat Bastardo, the Belly God and NAFAM have no problem with people wanting to moderate their food lust. Fatlings need thinlings just like soup needs a sandwich but what we don't need is an evil and cruel god who hurts everyone.

Unlike Allahovah, the Belly God smiles down upon us from the most gluttonous to the most abstemious. Belly God is does not judge.

Eat a lot if you are a fatling like Fat Bastardo and if you are a leanling like Proud FA or a thinling like Thinnette fuck a lot or do a lot of both. Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck! Eat! Fuck!

Professor Bear Showing Students Venus
Crossing the Face  of  the Sun 
ATT: FELLOW FATLINGS AND GLUTTONS!Professor Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear has a YouTube channel challenging crazy Christian fundagelicals and other Bible thumping inbred cousin humping Republican morons. Here is a link to his outstanding channel. The BIG FAT Heretic Click the link and subscribe and share!


The Belly God will provide! 


  1. Good morning Fat Bastardo!

    You need to make a correction!

    I'm not using that YouTube channel anymore.

    The YouTube channel I'm using now is . . .

    My Yahoo E-mail is associated with my BigFatHeretic channel, whereas my old channel is associated with my old Net Zero E-mail, which I'm not using anymore.

    Please re-edit that link!

    Thank you.

    Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    1. I corrected it and did some other edits on the article. Glad to do it Doc. Whatever I can do to promote science, reason and logic I'll do!

    2. Good afternoon Fat Bastardo!

      Thank you very much for posting the correct link.

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

  2. Hey everybody!

    There is going to be a lunar eclipse tonight at 2:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, which will be 12:00 AM Midnight Mountain Daylight Time here in El Paso, Texas, where I live.

    The full moon will pass through the earth's shadow and turn a dark red.

    Lunar eclipses usually last about a couple of hours.

    Hope you'll all be watching tonight.

    Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

  3. FUCK FUCK FUCK Cloudy here! FUCK!

    Maybe I should drive around in the van and shine a read light on my ass.

    1. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

      I'm sorry that it's cloudy where you live.

      Maybe, instead of shining a red light on your ass, try driving to somewhere to some place where it's not cloudy.

      A lunar eclipse last more the 2 hours. That should give you enough time to get somewhere.

      Fig Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    2. The entire east coast is getting rain and heavy cloud cover.

      I would like to see some shots of it from space. You probably know that there are sprites/gysers on the moon. The can be seen when the moon is darken in an eclipse. Can't find much on the net about earth's moon and geysers.

      I do like mooning. Proud would drive me around and I would do a pressed ham. I hope that they bring back streaking. Fat guys would make great streaker or maybe strollers.

      I would like to moon some church going Christards and then light a fart like a flame thrower.

    3. Good morning Fat Bastardo:

      Well, it's almost 4:30 AM as I'm typing this.

      Sorry you had shitty weather on the east coast. There will be other lunar eclipses. I've missed a few myself because of bad weather.

      Anyway . . .

      The lunar eclipse was over at approximately 3:35 AM and I'm getting ready to go to bed. I need to log some sack time.

      The temperature got down to 44 degrees tonight. Of course, my fat body can take the cold, by my hands got cold, so when I came in I had to warm my hands under running hot water. And I had a nice hot chocolate.

      In the meantime . . . . .

      In the morning, I'm going to start posting a brief article in my blog when I get up.

      So, catch ya later, Gator!

      Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

    4. I saw a time lapse of the eclipse on the news. I would like to see a more detailed look at it.

      I don't mind the cold either. A lot of us fatlings get cold in the extremities in spite of our high metabolisms. My circulation is compromised a bit due to my diabetes.

      I just had a dozen Cadbury Easter Cream Eggs. OINK!


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