Saturday, April 19, 2014

This is Thin Privilege This is Fat Privilege

Thin privilege means having thighs that don't chafe 

Thin privilege is being able to fit in a restaurant booth
Thin privilege is less trips to the doctor
Not having to use a butt wand...

This is Fat Privilege

Fat privilege means you get your money's worth at an all you can eat buffet!
Fat privilege means free diabetes supplies! OINK!

Fat privilege means a free fatty scooter

Fat privilege means free CPAP supplies

A lot of silly fat girls are whining about something they call "thin privilege".  If anyone has a weight privilege it is us fatties. We fatties are smart and we know what side of out bread is buttered. We have it better than the thinlings and that is why 75% of Americans are fat!

Yes, we obese, overweight and fat people are privileged in that we made a series of choices that made us the way we are. Rotund, large, flabby and carrying abundant adipose energy on one frame. Now, this isn’t to create a false dichotomy and that skinny is any better… how about simply being a healthy weight and body composition for a change? No way! Gluttony is good!
We have fat privilege: the privilege of being overweight on your diet of tasty foods and candy cane Oreos thanks to charitiable farm subsidies and shrewd corporate business deals. You think we are fat because we decided to? It’s more like we are just celebrating the fact that these companies took advantage of your untamed base impulses. Obesity and gluttony are choices.. GOOD choices! Gluttony is good!
This is just one more example of angry fat girls making fat people look stupid. The fatosphere is about 20,000 angry fat girls. We real fatties are 300 MILLION! 


  1. Fat girls are whiney and jealous. Fat guys are friendly, flabby, fluffy cool calm and collected. Ya gotta take the good with the bad.

  2. Thanks for this! Awesome and realistic entru!


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