Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fat Feminism and it's Agenda of Hate

Fat feminism is what killed fat acceptance. Fat feminists are jealous and angry gluttony deniers who simply cannot handle the fat.

Let's be honest here, fat people have a "musk" and that fat girl musk can really put a hurt on your nose. That alone puts men off.  Stink is NOT sexy. Fat girls almost always have yeast infections and that is a major turn off. Not only do they have yeast in the crotch but they have it in their fat folds.

When the angry jealous man hating rug munching fat girls hijacked the size acceptance movement it became open season on men, especially fat men and slender women. The size acceptance movement is now 100% the fat acceptance. This once noble movement has become a lot of things. It is a hate driven farce that is trying to redefine beauty and the health. Sorry fat girls, you are neither beautiful nor healthy. While some don't see you ugly on the outside you are most certainly ugly on the inside and unhealthy in both mind, body and spirit.

Your fear of debate, your agenda of hate and you incessant preaching the the choir has effectively excluded ALL fat men and most fat women from them movement. Instead of being happy and jolly like us fat men you are vindictive, miserable, perpetually angry and hateful. Even top lesbian feminist Susan Powter thinks you are full of shit and she thinks you are full of shit because you are full of shit. The truth is, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE FAT!

Fat Feminism: A Pictorial Essay

And since 75% of society is fat and obese you are society and it is YOUR fault!

You don't need another sandwich LARDASS  - R. Lee Ermey -

Actually, fat girls are for guys who have settled and will not make the effort to find a slender woman. Truth hurts huh?

Thanks for telling me that men with slender wives and girlfriends are punks!
Now slender women are something for cleaning teeth?
Would a fat girl render aid to a fat man? Would she even care enough to do so? Would she even make the effort? Would most fat women be physically fit enough to do what these fit girls did for me here?

We fat men have been rejected by the fat girls and the fat acceptance movement simply because we are fat and we are men but we really don't care because we are in better company. Fat men like fat men. Slender women like fat men, Lean men like fat men. Children like fat men. Fat men like everybody and maybe that is why everybody besides fat women like us.  Fat women hate everyone except themselves.

The one on the right is Photoshopped and the only thing terrifying would be the giant ass, poorly wiped asshole and the yeasty crotch sitting on a man's face along with the thought of a fat girl becoming a mother with her toxic womb and her poor parenting skills. Yes, that is terrifying!
No fat girl, your yeast infection is nasty as fuck!

Slender ladies are sticks? I'd rather snuggle a stick than get crushed by a sweaty pork beast.

Well Monique, because of your chronic health problems you lost weight. You too must be evil.
Imagine if one of those redneck comics like Larry the Cable Guy said, Niggers are evil? 
They can't get over the fact that even if you were a butter face 99% of men would prefer you if not for your good looks but for your pleasant disposition and honesty.
Accept for the fact that skinny women are less promiscuous and less likely to have an STD than a fat girl. They are also far less likely to get knocked up as a teen. I suppose their self control when it comes to food also goes to their sexual responsibility. Not only that but when a slender woman gives birth the baby is less likely to have birth defects and is less like to be delivered by C-section. In fact it is you fat girls who have the most high risk pregnancies and the most birth defective babies. When you do have the kid you are often too fat and too lazy to properly care for them. Since you can't handle your fat maybe you should should spend a few months in a fat camp where you are forced to eat responsibly and actually move. I bet that WOULD feel worse than death to you! Since you can't handle the fat, maybe you should cease your GLUTTONY because you give us gluttons a bad name. 
Fat girl privilege means that you fat girls can make fun of a woman with a true mental and genetic disorder. Admit  it fat girl the women in this picture is hot and you are not and in spite of her disorder that she got through no fault on her own, she is still better than you in every way.  And BTW fat girl, the woman in this photo is not underweight. Her BMI is probably 19 or 20 and in spite of her disorder she will outlive you by 20 years or more. I can see why you would be jealous of her but I don't see why you hate her. It is not her fault that she is better than you. 
I've always suspected that guys with fat fetish guys were really gay pedophiles. It's good to know that your perversion is limited to fat girls. This is one more example of fat girl privilege. It is now OK to compare slender women to 10 year old boys and then by proxy compare men who like slender women to pedophiles. I takes true hate to bash two groups in one sentence.  I'm sorry if you fat girls can't accept the the undeniable fact that slender women really are a lot better than you. 
Now we have a PhD implying that slender women are female dogs while telling fat girls how to stuff their pie holes. Ah um... they are already really good at feeding their pie holes.

BTW a size zero in slacks is a 24 -25 inch waist and while you'd rather eat pasta and guzzle wine your husband would rather be eating the pussy of a clean smelling slender woman while she's sitting on his face! And no, your dripping yeast infection does not remind him of alfredo sauce.

Keep Dreaming! Good thing that model is gay because a real woman would freak him out! I bet he can barely breathe with all that weigh on his chest!

Slender women do eat doughnuts, they just don't eat the entire dozen all at once.

He was drunk and he lied. AND he was buttering you up for a blowjob because he knows fat girls give the best head cause they are always hungry and he likes a woman who can get on top without injuring him!

Fat girls who continue to live in denial of their own personal responsibility for their misery typically possess similar traits We see it all the time.  They are unstable and irrational women. The ARE defective.
Every man or woman,  has complete control of their appearance and the resulting good health and other benefits that come when that appearance is improved.  Hence, it defies good sound logic and healthy emotional/personal norms to continue to live with a slovenly, overweight, undesirable body unless it is your choice and being fat is a choice. For a lot of us it is a good choice but for most women it seems to be a bad choice.
Let them seek out the beta men who are willing to give in to their overwhelming flaws, and let them live happily in denial forever.  As for the Return of Kings man… fat feminist fat acceptance?  As Danny McBride said in Eastbound & Down:  “Fuck that noise.”

The following if from the Sun Shine Mary Blog
Why are the fat acceptance movement and feminism so entwined?  As I noted in the  post On the uglification of modern women., it seems like one of the major aims of feminism is to make women as ugly as possible in both looks and behavior, and nothing ruins a woman’s looks so fast as gaining a ton of weight.  Why would feminism seek to make women ugly to men?  It is because feminism is not about equality but rather about punishing men.  It is an ideology founded on hatred and rebellion, so it is no surprise that feminism uses the sin of gluttony as a source of pride.
Why does it matter if obesity stops being a source of shame and instead becomes a source of pride and even – heaven help us – vanity?  It is because struggling to lose weight is worthwhile even if a woman doesn’t actually lose weight because at least it keeps her from gaining weight.  I’m not a super skinny chick, but because I am properly ashamed of myself when I gain weight and immediately take action to try to correct the situation, this keeps me from expanding with each passing year.  However, because the fat acceptance movement is continuing to gain steam, I predict that women have not yet hit critical mass, and we will see a marked increase in the size of the average woman.

A proud feminist quote: “Yes, I’m fat. Yes, this is a bikini. Never thought I’d ever get the confidence that I have today to wear this. I’m really proud of the beautiful woman I’ve grown into. “
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  1. Pretty much everything you said here is wrong. Good luck with that though.

  2. Sorry but I think the point you are trying to make got lost somewhere in there. I am all for curvy women but I am not sure what you are trying to say here. Are you for fat, against it, or you are for it based on some conditions.

    1. Fat men are well liked because fat men are jolly. Fat women are mega bitches.

    2. Actually I don't agree with you on your argument..
      I believe that all women of all sizes are beautiful...
      Are all beautiful in their own way..
      Maybe you don't think that because you have a preference for skinny girls only..
      But many guys love women from all walks of life with awesome personalities...
      Not only that but I'm a so called"thick girl" by many guys from all walks of life...
      And I really don't care about what other people think of me..I'm not going to judge skinny women unless they are bitchy towards me then shit will hit the fan..
      Other than that I don't care..
      The whole "Real men loves curves/Real women have curves" movement is pretty much a bore to me ...if a girl is naturally skinny why should I judge her..that's just being rude and mean..
      But if she was acting like a bitch to me for no reason..then I'll have to be the same back to her..
      I've dealt with a lot of skinny women being rude to me for no reason I don't know maybe its their creepy boyfriends checking me out even though I think he should keep his eyes on his girlfriend not me,or the fact that I'm not a rude person in general....not only that but I think I'm fat and I'm always told by guys and girls that I'm"hot,sexy,curvy,and beautiful" but you know I'm very insecure about my size..I wear a 9-11 depending on the fabric but I tend to carry my weight well since I have a flat tummy,big breast and a big butt ,and wide hips with a small waist...I'm not really big on showing my body because I'm pretty conservative on my clothing but when my mom and sister force me to wear more revealing clothing,most of my guy friends became very nervous,and shy around me (and they tend to stare up and down my body blushing hard too)..
      I don't really question it

    3. I'd bang a woman with a 24 BMI and a 24 BMI is chubby but slender woman are better physically and morally.

      Fat girl are more likely to be sluts, have an STD or get knocked up. Fat girls are depraved.

    4. Fat women are gross and real men would agree.

    5. Curvy women= anytime cause they are hot. Obese women? Gross af! No thanks

  3. Anonymous is bragging about herself haha! Still fat from her size lol!!! Its so hilarious the meaning behind her own story, ending with the Lol! (Which made me LOL!) There are hot women who works out, lean and not skinny fat, with huge tits and huge ass (not made out of cellulite fat like miss anonymous who only attracts old men and fat uncles. Yeah they blush alright HAHA.

    1. She's dreaming. Slender women are smokin hot to any real man. Voluptuous is nice and I can appreciate but voluptuous stops and a 23 BMI and anything after that is fat and obese.

      I like a big ass and tits as long as the waist is narrow and there are no thunder thighs. Fat women are simply DISGUSTING!

  4. I bet it must feel bad if someone who is overweight doesn't find you attractive but it's no reason to become a racist.

    1. I think this person was talking about the Larry the Cable guy part under Mo'nique.

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