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Obesity and Self Esteem

Fat People Have High Self Esteem No Thanks to Fat Acceptance

Sista doin it for hersef!

A picture speaks a thousand words. Fat acceptance would like you to believe that fat people suffer from low self esteem. Nothing could be further from the truth. A study of 100 pre and post weight loss surgery patients found that the only improvement psychologically for WLS patients was less worry about health issues. In reality that is false hope because statistically WLS actually decreases lifespan and it kills one in 100 patients/victims. I have always known that fat is not a psychological disease whereas anorexia and bulimia are most certainly a brain based psychological disorders. No evidence exists that fat people's emotional and psychological states are any different than the general population. The crazies in the fat acceptance crowd like Kelley Bliss with their "We're all victims of fat hatred" and fat haters like MeMe Roth have confused body image with self image. If fat bodied people really suffer low self esteem, they would not accept being fat and they would maintain a healthy weight. We are not a bunch of weak-willed gluttons. We choose and embrace our size as well as our gormandizing ways.

The following article by Psychologist Roberta Themes PhD further amplifies the position of Bigger Fatter Blog, Bigger Fatter Politics and the New Fat Acceptance.

Pride and Gluttony at Work!

The Myth Of Low Self Esteem In Overweight People
By Roberta Temes, PhD 

Did you know that the idea of a fat person having low self esteem is a myth? Humans come in various shapes and sizes. Every psychological test given to overweight people indicates that if you are fat you are as mentally healthy, or unhealthy, as anyone in the general population. There is nothing about overeating that is associated with poor emotional health. In fact, it is possible that obese people are emotionally stronger than slim people because many slim folks who were interviewed said they'd stay at home if they were obese.. they would not have the psychological fortitude to be seen in public if they were heavy.

There was a time, right here in the USA, when only the most successful folks were heavy and everyone else tried to emulate them. Large bodies were proof of robust health and substantial wealth. But, in America in the 21st century fat is out, thin is in.

Obesity is
 not a psychological disorder. Obesity is not an eating disorder. Fat people have a genetic predisposition to gain weight called gluttony and if they wish to conform to today's ideal of slimness and if they want to maintain good health, they must counteract their inborn biological impulses. This is possible. Difficult, but possible. Particularly possible if you have a diet buddy or buddies.

Fat Bastardo's comment: It's not hard to lose weight and keep it off but why bother? Food is SOOOOO good. I have a lot of diet buddies. They are greedy gluttons just like me Fat Bastardo.

Our genes may give us the capacity and tendency to eat much and gain much, but it is our environment, our habits, that permit the tendency to flourish. Thankfully, we can change our environment and thus fool Mother Nature. You can be a slim person, after all. You can counteract your inborn biologic capacity.

Fat Bastardo's Comment: Actually we don't have a genetic predisposition to be gluttonous. The old NAAFA saying "fat by nature proud by choice" is gluttony denial with is the epitome of fat hatred. The saying should be "Proud By Nature Fat By Choice." Gluttony is GOOD! 

Dr. Jules Hirsch, the famous obesity researcher at Rockefeller University, says that obesity should be treated as a chronic disease for which there is no cure but for which there are management techniques. And those techniques do work. But, it's up to you to apply them every day.

Fat Bastardo comments: Obesity is not a disease because if it were a disease the obesity rate would be the same as 40 years ago as it is now. This is more fat hatred. We fatlings are not sick. We are fat and happy but this calling our chosen lifestyle a disease is pissing me off!

You override your genetic destiny when you eat when you are not hungry or when you eat only low-calorie foods when you are hungry. It's the gene that opens your mouth that is responsible for overeating.

Fat Bastardo comments: I only wish that there was a fat gene but unfortunately that fat gene is quite rare and only the super super morbidly obese have it. Giving a gene credit is an insult to out gluttony.

How do you want to manage your weight? You can do it, you know. You can go for surgery and staple your stomach. You can go to a diet doctor and get lots of pills. You can stop eating solids and go on a liquid diet. You can get group support via the Internet. You can lessen urges by acupressure, acupuncture, or aversion therapy. You can count calories or fat grams. You can use hypnosis. And the list goes on and on. There is no shortage of diet programs.

Fat Bastardo Comments: Here is how I manage my weight. I eat whatever the fuck I want. Like our freind the Chef I too am a big man with a big appetite and I "ain't makin no apologies for it" and that is what separates me from the many run of the mill gluttons who are shameful gluttony deniers!
In my practice everyone who wants to lose weight does lose because we add hypnosis to the mix. Hypnotic suggestions make it easier to stick to whatever program you decide to follow. And it is crucial to follow a program. Talk to others and find out about a program that may be new to you. Remember, any diet program will work if you follow it.  

Fat Bastardo comments: The good doctor is right and I am living proof I follow something similar to Linda Bacon's HAES Health At Every Size only my plan is called EATT Eat All The Time developed by Dr Otto Grazenheimer  and let me tell you... It fucking works great! I also use Dr Varken Oinkin's FATT or Food All The Time. 

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Mark011-1.jpg Mark in his element! picture by mzichlin
These people are really fucking happy and we don't need them portrayed as tragic victims by the fat haters and the fat acceptance loony birds.

Fat chicks know how to party and they are not afraid to flaunt it!!

More fat and happy BBWs flaunting their flab!


  1. Good evening Fat Bastardo!!!

    WOW! What have you done to your blog? It looks really cool now!

    I see you're using the same basic format as my own blog, only I have the side-panels.

    Also, you have a different background whereas I have a plane black background so I can use more brightly colored text. Otherwise we're still using the same new basic format.

    Anyway . . . . .

    I have never had any self-esteem issues when it came to my weight. During my teenage years when I was becoming fat, I actually liked it!!!

    For the past year, I had been under some emotional stress until I move out of that high-rise apartment building into my nice ground-level cottage. During that stressful time back in 2012, my weight was fluctuating up and down, and when my weight was down, I felt depressed. But my weight has been coming back up again, and I'm happier now.

    I guess one's weight has an effect on certain hormones or perhaps the natural endorphin or serotonin levels in the brain which can cause mood swings.

    So, right now, I'm all fat and happy, just sitting here on my fat ass in front of my computer, smoking a nice big fat cigar.

    Yes, sometime I do have some psychological issues, and I do go through mood swings. But, it has never had anything to do with my . . . I'm gonna say it . . . . . OBESITY!!! Yeah! I actually love the word, OBESE, because it sounds kind of sassy in defiance of the societal norms.

    No, the psychological problems I have had in the past had to do with being harassed in school because I didn't like sports, and being put down because of my being a science nerd. But that didn't effect my self esteem. The harassment only pissed me off!

    And I get really angry about all these right-wing Christard Funny-mentalists in our Republican party who want to fuck with science education in our public schools.

    Also, because I'm 62 years old, I'm probably going through male menopause, and I'm becoming more bitchy!

    Yeah! I'm a fat bitch now!

    Also, my male equipment has shrunken some more, and my butt is becoming more like a back shelf, and it's getting a little bit harder for me to move about. But, I actually like it! I sort of like the way it feels, becoming more soft and flabby, and more bitchy! I might even get some ruffled under-panties to wear under my pants to make my ass look a little fatter. I like shocking pink.

    SHSHSHSHSHSHSH!!! Don't tell anybody! OK?

    Oh HELL!!! I just did! It's all out now!

    Yeah! I'm just being silly! It's my male menopause, I guess.

    Oh! By the way. I have just subscribed to another web blog.

    Freedom From Religion Foundation

    Anyway . . . . .

    I'm still working on my second Debunction Junction article.

    The first one in the series, as of course, you know, I had debunked Noah's Ark.

    In my second installment, I am debunking the Genesis flood.

    Last time, I had served up Ken Ham's bitch-ass on a silver platter.

    Now, I'm serving up three bitch-asses on a silver platter! They are Walt Brown, Kent Hovind, and his son, Eric Hovind.

    The article is taking longer than I though it would.

    First I had to debunk Walt Brown's "hydro-plate theory" and then Kent Hovind's "vapor canopy" or "ice canopy" theories.

    Now, I'm going to start debunking the so-called "Polystrate" fossils, and I'll be going on to discuss igneous and metamorphic rock layers and sedimentary deposits.

    In some way, geology is more complicated then astronomy. Well, astrophysics is more complicated than basic astronomy, but geology gets really involved.

    So, it will probable be a couple more days before I'm finished.

    Catch ya later Gator!

    Big Fat Heretic - AKA - Teddy Bear

  2. BFP needed a face lift and I went for it.

    I got so sick of fat people being told that we are mental cases. The truth is, we have our fucking shit together.

    As you know I am a bit of a fat acceptance heretic because I an not anti diet and I am pro gluttony. I think that most fatlings accept their fat and I think they believe giving up some mobility is worth it but too many women simply CAN'T HANDLE THE FAT. They want to enjoy the gluttony but they won't accept the downside. To my way of thinking accepting the downside is the very essence of fat acceptance. Gluttony denial is the epitome of fat hatred.

    Fat men are calm and wise but fat girls are always pissed about something. When the fat girls kicked out feederism the movement was splintered yet feederism is the only part of the movement that is stable and growing.


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