Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Boost Your Metabolism Myth

Like so many things in the weight loss industry this too is bullshit.

1. There is not pill that will safely or significantly increase your basal metabolic rate and frankly why increase your BMR. If you are hell bent on losing weight because you are a jealous fat girl, simply eat less. Boosting your metabolism make about as much sense as putting fuel in your car and then letting the care idle so that you can burn it.

Fact: The most a Basal Metabolic Rate can vary in individuals of the same age, weight and gender is 35 calories per day.

2. Increasing muscle mass increases metabolism. The claim in that a muscular 200 pounder burns more calories than a fat out of shape couch potato. This is more weight loss industry hocus pocus. I fit person has more efficient cardio than an out of shape fatling. At rest the fitling has a much slower resting heart rate that the fatling. 2 of the biggest users of calories are the heart and lungs.  A fitling may have a resting heart rate of around 60  beats per minute or less where all the fatling's typical heart rate is at least 80 beats per minute. A fatling is burning more calories 24/7 than the fitling.

Let's take an every day task like climbing a flight of stairs. The fitling will ascend those stairs and his heart rate will barely go up but the fatling's heart will go into the 140 beats per minute range and stay high for quite a while. That burn a fuck load of calories!

Let the fitlings take the stairs. We fatlings have elevators and escalators and for flat surfaces we have moving floors and power chairs.

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