Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Strategy for Dealing with ISIL

Let's start with one basic premise and that is, Islam is no damn good and dead Muslims cannot terrorize nor can they support terror. ISIL is killing mostly Muslims currently and how can that be a bad thing? Basically a more virulent strain of Islam is attacking a less virulent strain. Less Muslims are less Muslims. Instead of killing off ISIL at this point we should let them go for a while and we should go further. We should be bombing mosques and blaming it on ISIL. By stirring the pot we can put our enemies at each other's throats.

After a year or two Muslim countries will be war torn and will have done it to themselves like they have been doing for centuries. We should simply accelerate the process. When the situation gets totally desperate in the Middle East the US should swoop in and save the day.

When you have them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow. When they beg us to police them and they will, we will then need to ramp up the propaganda and that doesn't mean patronizing them. It means we should talk down to them and let them realize that Islam, its clerics and their demon god Allah has failed them. Then tell them that they can go back to their gutter religion and their pedophile prophet and fail and have misery or they can reject Islam and pick any other religion they want or choose no religion. They can join civilized humanity or they can continue to fuck goats.

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