Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Truth About Gun and Doctors

There are 32K gun deaths in the US and 16K of them are suicides The rest are accidental shootings justifiable homicide and illegal killings so the fact is there really is not an epidemic of gun violence.

There are more guns but less gun owners than anytime in our history. There are 80 million gun owners currently.

In every mass shooting the common thread was prescription drugs. Mass shootings are a recent thing and so is the proliferation of psych meds. 

Suicides are 12 in 100,000 among the population. Most suicides are in the 45+ population. Military suicides are 34 per 100,000 which is nearly 3 times the national average. The common thread is psych meds and in the case of soldiers and vets that drug is Seroquel.

Let's look at some real carnage: 

440.000 deaths are from medical errors alone. Link

Medical errors net the medical industry an extra 1 TRILLION dollars per year. LINK

At least 200,000 people die from hospital acquired infections and 2 million get infected and that is based on the 26 states that report. There are no federal laws in AmeriKKKa requiring the reporting of nosocomial infections.

Both of Proud FA's parents were killed by medical errors as was a dear friend of ours.

There are 80 million gun owners in the US and 700,000 MDs. Draw your own conclusions.

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