Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bigger Fatter Politics Is Endorsing Claire McCaskill and Elizabeth Warren for President and VP

By Editor:

This may come as a shock to to my readers. As you know I Fat Bastardo am a proud male chauvinist and antagonist to fat feminists. I also like treating women as sex objects and if I were rich and physically fit I'd be a womanizer. As you know every rule has an exception.

There is no man in congress as smart or as principled as senators Elizabeth Warren and Claire McCaskill. I know what you are thinking. D.C. is full of scumbags so anyone with an ounce of integrity would look good. Claire and Liz have a whole lot of integrity. We all know that Senator Warren is becoming a hero to the middle class and a thorn in the side of the criminal corporations. Claire McCaskill is not chopped liver either. Claire is the US senator who outed Dr Oz for the filthy liar that he is. That took a lot of courage. Fat girls swoon over Dr Oz and that fat pig hypocrite Oprah has a lot of clout. Dr Oz is Oprah's flunky.

The biggest problem in America is not the police state or our war mongering. The biggest problem is the plutocracy and the plutocracy is the banks and medical corporations. Claire will kick the shit out of the medical industry and Liz will kick the shit out of the financial industry. These two broads could be the one two punch that is needed to win America back from the 1%.

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Claire McCaskill
Liz and Claire are the one to punch America needs!

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  1. Those two kick ass and take names.


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