Monday, December 1, 2014

Bigger Fatter Politics is Kicking Dr Oz's Ass

Like most MDs Dr Oz if a fucking scumbag. Like most MDs Dr Oz is a money guy and he could give a shit less about his profession. His lying got him scolded by Congress yet the New York State medical board still has yet to revoke his license but then again the NYS medical board is run by other filthy scumbag money grubbing bribe taking dick sucking MDs.

I, Fat Bastardo published an article bashing Dr Oz and it went viral.

Since June 24, 1,100,152 of my readers have read this article that exposes the criminality and larceny of Dr Oz.

With all of Ozzie's miracle weight loss tips Americans are fatter than ever. 

Blogs when done right can be powerful. I am not saying that this article will get that scumbag off the air but it certainly will hurt his ratings some but more than that it will warn American about the filthy dirty and corrupt medical industry and the slime who comprise it. 

If you have a social conscience BLOG and BLOG HARD! Become a citizen/civilian journalist because the corporate media is fucking bullshit and the restoration of our democracy depends on you getting involved.


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