Monday, December 8, 2014

Criminal Florida Doctor Spits Blood in Cops Face

Just the words criminal, Florida and doctor say a lot. Florida is the epicenter for the trillions of dollars of yearly medical fraud so it is not all that unusual to hear about some scumbag Florida MD breaking the law. Zachary Charles Bird MD was driving drunk and he side swiped a police car. The police gave chase and caught him.

This happened in May 2012 and this piece of shit MD is still practicing medicine in  the shit hole state of Florida. The word is he is working at a pain clinic aka pill mill.

Troopers found a vial of ketamine, used in anesthesia, on Bird, according to
They previously disclosed that they found $40,000 in Bird's pockets. Results of what, if anything, was in Bird's system, have not been disclosed.
Ketamine is a hallucinogen that can cause delirium, amnesia, impaired motor function and respiratory failure, according to
To read the article, go to
This shit head spit blood on three Florida State Troopers. That is serious shit. I wish he had done it to a member of the NYPD. They'd have beaten him into a coma but because he was a doctor he did not spend one day in jail. 

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