Thursday, December 11, 2014

Private Sector Job Creation Bush vs Obama

Teabagger and NeoCONs suck a lot of cock. They suck each other's cocks and they suck a great deal of corporate cock, In fact they suck much cock that they have lost the ability to tell fact from fiction but worse than that they are so busy sucking cock that they are blinded with cum.

Here's a little test for the cock sucking neo CONS and other sperm brokers.

Based on the above chart who created the most jobs? Bush or Obama

True or False: The was a net loss of 462,000 jobs with Bush was president.

True or False: Obama created more private sector jobs than Bush.

You filthy fucking racist Obama haters, next time you go to the range to compensate for your inadequate dicks, bring one of these.

When it comes to jobs, about all you cons create are blow jobs. Now run along and suck a dick and die of AIDS and suffer.


  1. . . . . . continued from above . . .

    Hello again Fat Bastardo!

    Yeah! I had to do some RE-EDITING so that I could post my second image here since I can't post more than one image at a time in each forum post.

    Anyway . . . . .

    Yesterday, when checking my E-mail . . . . .

    Somebody sent me another photo of myself sitting in my JAZZY power chair in front of the county courthouse during the protest demonstration when we were protesting what happened in Ferguson, Missouri here in down town El Paso.

    So now, I have two different photos of me. In the back ground you can see more of the courthouse building, and the 12 story city detention facility, the jail.

    Yeah, sitting in my power chair, holding a protest sign, and smoking my pipe.

    WOW! I sure have some fat legs! I prefer wearing short pants, and showing off my fat legs. I actually love being fat!

    Yeah! I'm a real endomorph!

    There's even a song titled ENDOMORPH by Rasputina.


    by Rasputina

    Morning has broken and what do I see
    but those same bloody fingerprints following me
    it don't pay to be careful don't pay to be nice
    So it's backwards and forwards and back again twice
    I don't think I'll try it again.

    Guilty was all that I felt until now
    Go ahead say I'm wrong
    but I'm curious how
    all you people get up
    and then don't arrive late
    Do you pray every day
    and then patiently wait?
    I don't think I'll try again

    I'm known as The Endomorph
    I'm slow, I go back and forth
    I'm known as The Endomorph

    Punishment comes for no reason I've seen
    then it stays for a while keeping quiet between
    what you said would take place
    if my big mouth was shut
    and I pray every day, *
    and it's all okay
    but I don't think I'll try again.

    I'm known as The Endomorph
    I'm slow, I go back and forth
    I'm known as The Endomorph
    I'm known as The Endomorph

    * Note: I don't pray at all anymore! I just keep hoping that someday things will be a little bit more OK.

    Well . . . anyway . . . . . I think it's really cool that a rock group like Rasputina has dedicated a cute song to us chubby endomorphs.

    And here's a link to a YouTube video with the song, Endomorph.

    Endomorph by Rasputina

    Yeah, both Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the two black guys who were killed by police officers, one in Ferguson and the other in New York, they were a couple of endomorphs, both weighing over 300 pounds.

    I think a lot of cops are afraid of . . . or at least intimidated by us larger guys.

    Well . . . anyway . . . . .

    As I had mentioned previously . . . . .

    I hope to get my latest article of my observations of the total lunar eclipse back on October 8th with my usual political rantings and ravings.

    Yeah! I mention Ferguson, Missouri and I speculate as to whether of not anyone there got to see the lunar eclipse because of their strict city curfew laws.

    I'll probably be done working on my latest article this evening or sometime tomorrow.

    It's left me feeling feeling really depressed.

    I'll let you know when I have finished with it.

    Catch ya later, Gator!

    Big Fat Heretic

  2. Dr Bear,

    Thank you for your thoughtful remarks, observations and insights.

    What do you think of this? I don't like the fact that the lame stream media is making this totally about race. Yes cops treat Blacks like shit but everyone knows that. This goes beyond race. Every so called race is no victim of police misconduct. Black males get it the worst.

    We need to make this about one race and one race only and that is the HUMAN race. All lives matter and liberty and justice for all means liberty and justice for ALL!

    I find it interesting that most of the protesters in NYC over the Eric Garner slaying are White. I also think that the racial divide is exaggerated by the media in order to distract people from the real issues like the trampling of the US Constitution and the police state.


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