Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cops Shot In Ferguson: False Flag?

Let's look at what we know to be true.

Jeffery Williams is alleged to have fired 3 shots from a .40 cal pistol at police from 125 yards away wounding one officer in the shoulder and the other in the face.

1. It is next to impossible to hit a human sized target with a pistol from 125 yards.

2. A .40 cal would do a lot of serious damage especially to the cop's face.

Here are the ballistics. By the time the .40 call bullet goes 125 yards if drops about 10". Its velocity is around 850 feet per second at 125 yards down range. Its energy is around 300 ft/pounds. By contrast a .22 long rifle at 125 yards fired from a rifle will be moving at around 550 feet per second and will deliver about 20 ft/pounds of energy. That is more than enough to penetrate a human skull. The 40, caliber round is a whopping 15 times more powerful at 125 yards than a .22 long rifle round.

Bottom line is that if the cop who was shot in the cheek bone was really shot in the cheek bone with a 180 grain .40 caliber bullet traveling at 850 feet per second he would be either dead or horribly disfigured. He would not have gone to the ER and released after an hour with a band aid and a lollipop. He would be seriously fucked up and you can bet your ass that the spin doctors at Ferguson PD and the whore media would be spreading his picture all over the news like the did with Darren Wilson's tiny red mark on his face from an alleged punch by slain teen Michael Brown.

3. Shooter left shell casings in the car for cops to find. Why?

4. Shooter may also have been the driver and the car was moving when the three shots were in rapid succession by a rank amateur. He did not have time to acquire and target between shots.

5. Shooter, Jeffrey Williams, is a 20 year old with no training. Even for an experienced and trained shooter hitting anyone on any part of their body at that distance with a hand gun even with a scope is damned near impossible. Pistols such as the .40 cal Glock are meant for close range defense,  around 25 feet. And Glocks are considered by many to be among the best handguns made for their reliability, ease of use and accuracy. They are the preferred weapon of law enforcement.

In the video below the expert shooter is firing a .40 cal and short range. Notice all the misses and this guy is a well practiced professional pistol shooter who can out shoot most cops and cops are damn good with their sidearms.

The guy in this video could not make the shot that the alleged shooter is alleged to have made.

This video shows the recoil of a 40 cal. Listen to what he shooter says at the end when describing the .40 caliber.

This sounds like a set up?

See how the media is complicit in Ferguson and other false flag events.

Look at the marks on this guy's head, face and neck. Do you think maybe this 20 year old man was roughed up by the cops? Also if this guy is a street thug as the press is saying why does he have an expensive gun and not some cheap throw away gun?  

Where are the photo of the wounded officers who spent about an hour in the ER and then released?

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I knew this cop shooting thing was BULLSHIT and since I originally published this investigative report and OP the alleged shooter Jeffery Williams recants. I suggested that the cops beat the shit out of him and now he confirms that the cops beat the shit out of him.

This guy, Jerryl Christmas is the alleged shooter's lawyer. Here he is on Twitter. Click Here


Activist · Attorney at Law · Government Relations · Public Relations · Public Speaking Contact: 314-997-7700

Jerryl Christmas bills himself as being in government relations. It is the government who is prosecuting the shooter. Public relations people are almost always scumbags and he is listed as an activist. Does this joker look like someone who you would trust?


  1. Good job sleuthing this out Fat Bastardo! Thankfully we have the alternative media and civilians journalists like you to ferret these things out.

  2. I wouldn't put anything past the corporate media and the Ferguson Gestapo.


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