Thursday, March 26, 2015

Doctors Suck: Patients and Pharmaceutical Reps Respond

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 30 years one immutable fact remains. American doctors are even bigger pieces of shit than ISIS. Here are some patients and pharmaceutical reps are saying:

Paul writes: Most of these bastards would shit on their mother for a dollar. Most got into medicine for the MONEY not for humanity. Are you surprised that they seek to be "paid" for the scripts they write?

Diane writes:'re just figuring this out...?

Bob writes: Actually, they shit on their patients and not their mothers. Many of my docs would put their mothers and family on my drug and only put their patients on generics.

The real devils are the HMOs and hospitals. Their formularies have nothing to do with saving lives and what's best for people. It is strictly all about the bottom dollar.

HMOs force doctors and patients to take off-label generics prior to getting on-label medications.

Hospitals will pull people off of their medication completely or replace it with an off-label drug or another drug in its class, regardless of efficacy or even safety. Hospitals will only stock one drug per class of medicine because they got it the cheapest.

Rhea a pharmaceutical sales rep writes: What about the specialists who hound you for free samples for themselves? An interventional cardiologist who makes millions of dollars per year, lives in a 10,000 square foot home, just brought out the Lamborghini out for the spring and has a condo in Dubai hounds you for Lipitor samples for himself has no freaken moral compass at all. The $4 copay card isn't good enough, they want FREE samples.

Diane writes: they don't miss a free lunch on the hospital either. I wonder if this is added into the cost of a hospital stay?

Karen a bulling clerk writes: One of my docs has a daughter who works three blocks away and every time there is a lunch in that office, an extra lunch is ordered for the daughter. She just sashays in, picks up her little Styrofoam box, thanks no one, and leaves. Actually, I'm surprised lunch is not ordered for her husband and his parents.

Tim writes:  I really hate ungrateful people. All she has to do is say thank you. But noooooo. These asshats think they are entitled! Paul is right. They ARE greedy bastards...who are raising greedy entitled bastards as kids. Physicians SUCK.

Rhea a pharmaceutical sales rep writes: I love bringing in lunch for all who need some really good food to make their day happier. I encourage spouses and sibs to attend. I really love it when they can bring in their pets. Everyone is so happy and I am the one who provided the happiness. I am so fulfilled in this career.

Tom a pharmaceutical sales rep writes: The Indian docs are the worst. Everytime I do a lunch, the wife and middle school aged kid show up and chow down. The neuro drives a new Mercedes.

Cal a pharma rep writes: Two weeks ago I brought in lunch to an office, Greek food, gyros, salad, etc., and one of the receptionists (two ton Tess) stuck her head in the break room and barked at me, "What is it?" When I replied it was Greek from the deli around the corner she said, "Oh.....yuck" And left. Sometimes the staff can be just as rude. They hire sociopaths.

Rhea a pharmaceutical sales rep writes: Yes, that is why I love watching those big fat fuckers eat the most unhealthy food I bring for them. Go ahead fatty, have another plate of unhealthy food, have a brownie and coke for desert and then go sit in your chair on the phone with pts all day and not burn off a single calorie. You are getting fatter by the second. Thanks for being rude, karma is a bitch sometimes. Eat on fatties.

Cal a pharma rep writes: My doc loves the double fried cheeseburgers before he does his pelvic exams.

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  1. Doctors are filthy greedy cocksuckers! I hate those bastards!


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