Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Socialism Defined

Socialism is defined as an economic theory, system or movement where the production and distribution of goods is done, owned and shared by the citizens of a society.

We have socialism when it comes to the corporations and banks and that would not be so bad if the banks and corporations were forced to play by the rules. They don't because of the Golden Rule and the Golden Rule states: The guys with the gold make the rules but they need not follow those rules.  

Socialism can work and work well. 

Socialism is not a political system. It is an economic system just as capitalism is not a political system but rather an economic system. Neither system will serve the people unless there is representative government that reflects the will of the people. We don't have that. That said, under a socialist economy there will be a more equitable distribution of wealth. That would lead to more power to the people.

The US political system has been called a plutocracy and it was a plutocracy but today the rich don't simply rule; now they steal and the steal with immunity. America is now a kleptocracy. We still have capitalism but it is vulture capitalism. 

Under socialism there would be a more equitable distribution of wealth. CEO's boards of directors and all other corporate officers will get paid what they are worth unlike Carly Firoina who nearly destroyed Hewlitt Packard. Workers would have the power to fire CEOs and be on boards of directors. 


Americans are working harder than ever but their wages don't reflect that. Rand Paul is telling American to work even harder. What a fucking asshole. Anyone who tells you that hard work pays off is full of shit. That may have been true at one time but it is not true now. 

As you can see CEOs in America make obscene salaries and that's is not counting their other compensation. If you think this is fair, you are someone I would goad into a fight and I'd put your evil ass in a coma.  

To any right wing asshole reading this; before you call someone a socialist learn what socialism is. Otherwise STFU.

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Those ignorant loud mouthed whores who have been staling and disrupting Sander's message are most likely unwitting plants controlled by the RNC. Republican dirty tricks are nothing new. Sanders handled it well by being gracious and their puerile plan backfired. 

In the above video a Sanders supporter exposes the idiocy of the ludicrous and ill fated Black Lives Matter movement. Please take the time to hear what this man has to say about those rude, crude and crazy women.

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