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Stryker Medical Crimes

Stryker Spine Faces More Lawsuits

Stryker Corp. (NYSE:SYK) is fielding legal challenges on two fronts, one from a former distributor and DePuy Spine and another from a Utah man claiming a Stryker pain pump destroyed his shoulder.

DePuy and BioInitiatives Inc., a former Stryker Spine distributor, asked a California judge for an injunction barring Stryker from enforcing a non-competition clause in the now-expired deal with Roseville, Calif.-based BioInitiatives. Under California law, the Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) subsidiary and the sales agent argued, would violate California’s ban on non-compete agreements.

“Defendant Stryker Spine has recently engaged in activities to enforce comparable non-competition provisions towards other distributors. Although confident that the non-competition provisions are void in California, defendant Stryker Spine’s conduct has caused plaintiffs to seek an order from this court confirming their position and avoiding the expected long and drawn out legal fight,” according to a document filed with the U.S. District Court for Eastern California.

Read more about Stryker's criminal activity here

The likelihood of a turf war where people are killed like in the days of the Mafia is nonexistent. Today, because of no justice for the common man what could happen is some sort of revolution. Americans may seek do it yourself justice. I hope that this loathsome industry cleans up its act before some disgruntled loved one a patient/victim goes postal. The times they are a changing and Americans are getting fed up.
Former Stryker CEO and Corporate Gangster Stephen P MacMillan

New questions emerged about the abrupt resignation of Stryker Corp.'s chief executive, Stephen P. MacMillan, and the company's discussion with analysts that he had a romantic relationship with an ex-employee. (In other words he was fucking a whore who belonged to a board member)

The 48-year-old executive resigned Feb. 8 after apparently losing the confidence of some key board members at the medical-device maker, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Read the sordid details of Stryker CEO Stephen P MacMillan's Ouster

Regulatory controversies and Stryker's Sordid Past

Since early 2007 the company has received three Warning Letters from the Federal Drug Administration citing issues in compliance.[11] The first of these, a seven-page correspondence, named various issues at an Ireland-based manufacturing facility such as untimely fix of failures and procedural noncompliance in the testing of failed or otherwise problem-prone devices.[12] The second, sent November 2007, cites issues at the firm’s Mahwah, N.J. facility including poor fixation of hip implant components, in some instances requiring mitigation by revision surgeries; exceeded microbial level violations in the cleaning and final packaging areas of the sterile implants; and failure to institute measures in prevention of recurrence of these and other problems.[13] The final warning letter, sent April 2008, cites issues at the firm’s Hopkinton, MA biotechnology facility. Again, issues relate to quality and noncompliance including falsification of documents relevant to the selling of products to hospitals which are to be sold under a limited, government-mandated basis. Stryker maintains that employees involved in the falsification of documents have since been terminated.[14]

In the Fall of 2007, Stryker, along with the related companies: Biomet, Zimmer Holdings, DePuy Orthopaedics and Smith & Nephew, were involved in civil ligation with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General. This litigation called for a net payout of $311 million as the governmental department maintains the aforementioned companies engaged in unlawful kickbacks to physicians who urged hospitals to purchase their respective products. Stryker, however, having cooperated early in the investigation, was not fined.[15]

More Criminal Activity At Stryker... 

As of February 2008, a dispute exists between Stryker Corp. and the U.S. Department of Justice concerning a subpoena linking the company to aforementioned misconduct in sale of products. Since governmental filing of the injunction, Stryker notes that it has produced in excess of 300,000 pages of documentation in compliance with the mandate. U.S. Government counters, however, that the documentation was not proper in scope and format. Law officials expect the investigation to continue for several months.[16]

As per usual nobody goes to jail because the corporations are people who really  are above the law. Folks, this is the sort of criminal activity that would land the common "citizen" in jail for a very long time. Corporations and corporatists are above the law. 

Stryker knows that they are above the law and their criminal activity has increased.

Stryker Corp. to pay at least $1.4 billion to settle hip ...

Michigan Live
Nov 3, 2014 - KALAMAZOO, MI – Stryker Corp. has agreed to pay at least $1.4 billion to settle thousands of lawsuits by U.S. patients who had surgeries to ...

The Criminal Activity Sponsored By Stryker Goes Beyond Stryker.

Stryker illegally tested an unapproved experimental disk implant and many neurosurgeons took bribe from Stryker of solicit patients/guinea pigs to tryout their deadly device. 

Stryker CerviCore Lawsuit Filed By Clinical Trail Participants ...

May 13, 2014 - Individuals involved in a clinical trial for the Stryker CerviCore spinal implant are pursuing a lawsuit against the manufacturer, alleging the ...

14 File Stryker Howmedica CerviCore Implant Lawsuit

Apr 16, 2014 - Fourteen Plaintiffs File Suit against Stryker / Howmedica over CerviCore... LLC filed a lawsuit on behalf of a group of fourteen plaintiffs against ...

Stryker CerviCore - Zoll, Kranz & Borgess LLC

ZKB attorneys investigate Stryker CerviCore and FlexiCore lawsuitStryker allegedly abandoned the CerviCore and FlexiCore human spinal study.

Fines are bullshit. Medical companies get fined BILLIONS for their criminal activity and the people within these companies responsible for the criminal activity face no punishments ever. The costs of the fines get passed on to the consumers.

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