Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Park Ridge Health Whistle Blower Lawsuit

Al Capone had nothing on the American Medical industry. In fact the entire Italian Mafia did less killing and stealing in its entire history than the American medical industry aka the Medical Mafia does in a month.

Two of the latest news stories involve Bard & Cook blood filters and Park Ridge Health out of Hendersonville NC. In these two cases the White Coat Mafia leaves its customary trail of death and theft.

Bard and Cook

Bard and Cook knowingly marketed defective IVC blood filters to heart surgeons and as a result patients either were killed of maimed. The maimed patients required additional surgery and the surgeons who were mobbed up with Bard and Cook cashed in. CHA CHING! Today if an American patient is not a lamb to the slaughter he or she is a cash cow. The American medical Mafia kills at least 1 million Americans each year and steals $700,billion through waste and fraud according to Blue Cross of North Carolina.

Medical Mafia Headquarters Hendersonville
Park Ridge Health

On September 21 it was announced that Park Ridge Health or Hendersonville North Carolina a subsidiary of Adventist Health Sunbelt Health Corp,* (Adventist Health is owned by the 7th Day Adventist church)  got fined 118.7 BILLION dollars for hundreds of acts of criminal misconduct. Did any of the criminals get arrested? HELL NO! Corporate gangsters are generally above the law and Medical Mafia types are always above the law.

*Adventist Health Sunbelt Health Corp is based in Orlando Florida. Florida is the epicenter of American health care fraud. In fact one of the biggest health care fraudsters is Florida's criminal Governor Slick Rick Scott. Rick's company Colombia HCA was fined $1.7 BILLION for its criminal activity and like in all medical crime nobody went to prison or as even arrested.

No longer able to go along to get along 3 courageous individuals Gloria Pryor, Mike Payne and Melissa Church contacted a whistle blower law firm Phillips and Cohen and after a lengthy investigation by the US Department of Justice a 118.7 MILLION dollar fine was levied against Adventist and Park Ridge Health but like I said before, none of the criminals involved will be going to jail. To read more about this settlement CLICK HERE

Capos and Underbosses of the Park Ridge Hendersonville Mafia AKA White Coat Mafia

Three More Likely Capos and Two Unwitting Soldiers

The most tragic things about situations like Park Ridge Health and Bard is that it takes deaths injuries or whistle blowers to bring attention to the criminal activity of the Medical Mafia. Medical Crime cases like the one at Park Ridge Health is the rule and not the exception. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Healthcare fraud in the US is rampant. The smiling jackasses like the one you see in the above photo are often complicit either knowingly or unknowingly in the estimated criminal fraud perpetrated by the corporate gangsters that run US health and own our government. Whether you call it corporatism, plutocracy, oligarchy, feudalism or fascism the results are the same. Innocent people are being used, abused and killed.

For the citizens of the United States and specifically the the citizens of Western North Carolina and Hendersonville it is time to take action. Calling your elected officials is probably a waste of time but it is worth a try. They say that knowledge is power and I believe it. Inform everyone you know about the Medical Mafia. Let them know of the hidden dangers they face when enter the lair of a White Coat Mafia member.

Protect Yourselves Because Nobody Else Will

You can't depend on local, county or state law enforcement to protect you from the criminal elite. They could go into Park Ridge Health with warrants and drag a lot of the criminals out in hand cuffs but that that rarely happens in corporate crimes. Corporate crimes even homicides rarely get prosecuted of adequately investigated and this is because the people whose job it is to protect you from bad guys are ordered not to arrest anyone in the 1% corporate criminal elite or their soldiers unless they need to throw one under the bus.

Your best protection is to not get sick. That's a pretty tall order. If you do get sick or injured learn all you can about your condition so to make sure you are receiving only appropriate treatment and not getting ripped off. Remember, the doctors see you as an ATM first, a health care consumer second and a patient dead last. The medical industry hates cures or prevention and that is why the last major cure for a disease was the Salk vaccine over 60 years ago. You can bet they are kicking themselves in the ass over that one.

There is Strength in Numbers 

Show up in force at place like Park Ridge Health armed with information and video cameras. Picket these places the way anti abortion protesters picket abortion providers. Obey the law but be tough and harsh. Shame the people who work there and especially shame the doctors. Most of them have no shame but it will bruise their massive and insatiable egos. By the moral principles that guide you do whatever you deem necessary to stop this unprecedented theft and slaughter. Jesus used a whip to clear the temple of money changers. Ask yourselves what Jesus would do today. Just don't be stupid of violent.

Protest Through Social Media

Spread information via email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and discussion forum comment sections such as Disqus. You can tweet Park Ridge Health by clicking here https://twitter.com/parkridgehealth  Don't hold back you feelings and outrage.


  1. This is only the first of their crimes to come to light.

    1. Medical industry crime is easily most of the crime in the country and like all other corporate crime the bad guys never even get arrested.

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