Monday, October 5, 2015

Global Warming A Cure For Florida

Poetic Justice - Demotivational PosterFlorida is a shit hole and it has been a shit hole for quite sometime. If you want to turn an area into a shit hole simply add some Republicans. States like Texas and Florida are a cancer on America. The cure for Texas is more Mexicans but Florida requires a different cure. The immigrants who enter Florida come from Cuba and unlike Mexican immigrants they are automatically citizens, they vote for Republican and many of them are hard core criminals like so many Republican. Drowning seems like a good solution for rats and as their bodies decompose the gators will eat them.

With sea levels continuously rising and Florida is only slightly above sea level it won't be long before the penis shaped state is under the water. Add a couple of category 4 and 5 hurricanes and Florida will become a reef.  Florida beach erosion has been going on for decades. It's high time that we speed up this process.

Florida's shoreline in 2005

A flooding of Florida is not a panacea for good decent non Republican humans. Before Florida gets submerged it needs to secede from the US. Donald Trump can be contracted too build a wall to keep the Floridians out the US.

Given the current rate of sea level rise in less than 100 years Florida will be completely submerged. FUCK YEAH! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! This process can be sped up by rolling back Obama's clean air initiatives and replacing solar, natural gas, and wind energy with more dirty coal and other fossil fuels.

As Sarah Palin's tundra gets all melty and gooey, more and more methane will be released into the atmosphere and methane has 23 times the warming potential of CO2. Alaska's frozen tundra is loaded with methane.

Become a Koch whore!
Invest in coal! Replace your gas furnace with a coal fired one and do the same with your wood, pellet or corn burning stove. Burn coal just for fun!

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