Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kenyan Born Obama Gay Anti-Christ Socialist Muslim Gun Grabber

Even the people who talk shit about President Obama know that all the shit talk is bullshit.


  1. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

    Sorry I haven't been posting anything sooner. I've been very busy. I had fallen way behind in my E-mails, and had to get caught up signing petitions on line. Yeah, John Boehner (I pronounce it Boner) has resigned as speaker of the house and will probably be replaced by someone even worse!

    This past September 30th was my 64th birthday, and I got to see the total lunar eclipse on the 27th of December. It was a super moon eclipse, meaning that the moon was at it's closest distance from the earth so that it appeared a little bit larger than usual, the last total lunar eclipse of the so-called apocalyptic tetrad. So, we're still here. All these Christard Fundies can shut the fuck up now! But they won't!

    Yeah! All the Tea Party retards had been saying that the Obama administration was going to insert government implants into us. But Donald trump would like to have immigrants tattooed with a bar-code so that they can be tracked like UPS or Fed Ex packages. So, which party is the party of the Anti-Christ with the 666? Eh?

    And as for the FEMA Camps . . . . . well, if Ted Cruz's father, Raphael Cruz, had his way, all non-Christians, and non-believers would be placed into internment camps, probably worse than any FEMA camp would ever be!

    Anyway . . . . . I'm looking forward to the first Democratic debate this coming October 13th. It should prove to be more interesting and more informative that the first two Republican debates. And we'll get to hear the truth for a change. I'm leaning more and more toward Bernie Sanders. I like him! I like to call him, my Uncle Bernie! I love him!

    Republicans are dropping like flies out of the race. None of them can draw a crowd of more then 50 people to their political rallies. But, they're sure drawing flies because they stink so bad!

    Ah! But Bernie Sanders has been drawing crowds of more than 20,000 people to his political rallies. His popularity has been going up and up and up, taking off like a rocket ship! WWWOOOOOOOOOOOSHSHSHSHSH!!!

    I think I should call him The Rocket Man!!!

    And, I think that in 2016, we Democrats will be taking off like a rocket ship, while the Republican clown car will go off a cliff to crash and burn!!!

    One can only hope.

    But, I think we're going to win.

    The Republican party, is ripping itself to pieces, each candidate bashing all the others and knocking them down. I've never seen anything like this before. I don't ever expect to see all the candidates ever be 100% percent in agreement with each other in either party. There will always be some points where the candidates will disagree. That's natural. I expect that. But, what is happening in the Republican party has become a real verbal slug-fest among all the candidates.

    There is suppose to be nine more Republican debates between now and October of 2016, but I don't think that's going to happen. I think that after two or three more debates, fist-fights will break out and they'll be clobbering each other with chairs, and maybe some guns will be pulled out. I think we're going to see for the first time in American history when the police will be called in during a political debate and arrests made. Yeah! That's how the Republican party is going to make history!!!

    Maybe the Democratic party will just win by default!

    ~ Big Fat Heretic

    1. Not sure who I'm supporting yet but I think Biden would be good. They've beat Hillary up too much. I like Bernie too. As bad as Trump is, he's better than the rest of the pack bastards. I think the difference between Trump and the rest of them in that Trump doesn't believe most of the insane shit he's saying. He's playing the Christards.

      I hope there are a lot of debates so that the Dem will have even more footage of the clowns saying stupid shit. It seems like the only semi sane ones are Pataki, Lindsey Graham and Kasich. The Republican base hates sanity nearly as much as they hate truth. This pack of wackos make shit house rats look sane.

      Glad to see you back Doc!

    2. Hello again Fat Bastardo!

      Yeah! I have a theory about Donald Trump!

      Like you, I don't think Trump believes any of the crazy shit he's saying! I think he's only pretending to be a racist, and a sexist bigot! He's just trolling! He's a POE!!!

      I also think, that after he's ahead of all the other Republican candidates, that he will switch and run as an Independent, and take a lot of voters away with him from the Republican party. In which case, he knows he's going to lose running as an Independent, but the Republican party will also lose because of the voters Trump will be taking away from them. I don't think he really wants to be President.

      The reason I say this, is because, during the second debate, Donald Trump refused to swear that he would not decide to switch over and run as an Independent. So, it appears that's in the works.

      And then . . . . . after the Democrats win, whoever it is, either Hillery Clinton or Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, then Donald Trump will approach the winner, and shake his or her hand, and give the winner a big hug and a congratulations!!!

      I understand that he is actually a friend of the Clintons.

      Yeah! I think he's just a RINO, Republican In Name Only, and I think he has actually set out to wreck the Republican party. I think he actually wants the Democratic party to win!

      He's just talking bat-shit crazy, and will continue to outdo all the other Republican candidates when it comes to bat-shit craziness!

      So, he's going to really fuck up the Republican party! He's playing them like a violin! He's pranking us! He's a POE!!!

      And then, after it's all over and done, he will retire to his luxury mansion, or cruse in his luxury yacht, and it will be some time before we will ever hear from him again.

      I don't know, I could be wrong. But I have this gut feeling.

      We're being pranked! He's a troll and a POE!!!

      ~ Big Fat Heretic

    3. A lot of paleo conservatives are thinking the same thing. When he talks sane he's actually more informed that the other GOP candidates.

      We could be wrong like you say but my gut is telling me the exact same thing. Truth is stranger than fiction.

      Trump is also showing the true colors of the Republican voter. People who vote Republican are even more depraved than the Republican politician and the rest are DUMB!!!


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