Thursday, October 1, 2015

Umpqua College Masacre

Umpqua College Massacre - Demotivational Poster

The fist thought that popped into my mind was why when there are so many scumbags who really deserve a bullet why is it that all the victims of these shooters are innocent people?  The shooters are always disgruntled and feel as though they are victims. We are all victims these days but why do these asshole kill people who are not the ones victimizing them? Just asking.

In spite of this massacre and all the other massacres I am still a supporter of gun rights but we need proper regulation but that will never happen. It will never happen because in nearly all these massacres the common thread is psychiatric medications.

The people responsible for the majority of death and injury are members of the American medical industry. The greed of big pharma and their FDA puppets allows psych meds that are unfit for use in humans to be recklessly distributed by their greedy drug pusher known as MDs. The most dangerous thing in America is not a mad man with a gun, it is a doctor with a prescription pad.

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As to any would be mass shooters thinking about doing something like this don't do it but if you cannot stop yourselves at least kill people who you know deserve killing. Don't go killing innocent people who you don't even know who are out trying to better themselves and the world like the students and Umpqua Community College. Don't kill good people.

As to the NRA; they don't give a rat's ass about your right to bear arms. All they give a shit about are guns. They know damn well that people on psych meds are the ones doing these shootings but if they brought that fact to light that could create laws requiring MDs who prescribe these deadly drugs to either nor prescribe them to gun owners or people on these drugs would have to relinquish their firearms. The common denominator in all of this is GREED! Reverend Wright was right! GOD DAMN AMERICA!

Umpqua College Massacre - Demotivational Poster


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