Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Liberal Tea Party Candidate Tea Pain

Teatardation it seems has no particular political stripe these days. There is now a liberal version/wing of the Tea Party. Learn more about them here: Click here for the TeaPain

Tea Pain, that's his real name, is running for president on the liberal Tea Party ticket. It you want straight talking American government, Tea Pain is your man.

We at Bigger Fatter Politics rarely endorse a candidate this early but after a discussion with members of our editorial staff, Rotunda Hindenberg, Jenna Talia and Aisle Blocker we have decided to endorse Tea Pain for POTUS.  We have read Tea Pain's position papers and we at Bigger Fatter Politics believe that Tea Pain is just what America need.

The Seven Tenets of the Liberal Tea Party

We ain't against bigger gub'ment or smaller gub'ment. We're against stupid gubment.

Just because others may not see things our way doesn't mean we don't love America.

A woman's body is hers... period!

American is beautiful. Love is beautiful. Marriage is for everyone.

Guns are for huntin and protectin. #NoGunNonsense.

All faiths including those with no faith are welcome.

We speak the truth but with grace and love.

Tea Pain's Quotes and Tweets:

Conservatives say the problem is Christianity ain't taught in schools. The real problem is Christianity ain't taught in church.

Soon Dr. Carson will be back to his old job of sewing sponges into patients' brains.

Tea Pain wishes he had a dollar for every time he got a full Westpoint scholarship he never applied for.

. Tea Pain luvs ya, Dr. Ben, even though you can't operate on the one brain that needs yore help the most!

  1. Joinin' the Tea Party is like goin' back to the 50s. The 1850s.
  2. Joinin' the Tea Party is like goin' back to the 50s without a Flux Capacitor.
  3. helps explain the deep hidden meanin' behind Ben Carson's mysterious sayins!


  1. It looks like we're on the same page with respect to the rights of individuals and duties of government. The problem is how to change our current dysfunctional government to one that serves the people.

    A summary of my plan, approved by several attorneys, is posted on the Moyers & Co. website with the article, The Long Path to Reversing Citizens United., @thefairelection

    1. I think the elections are fair as far as how the votes are counted. The people elected and in th agancies work for the corporate criminal elite.

  2. The solution is simple. Get rid of the oligarchy.


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