Saturday, January 23, 2016

Marco Rubio's Many Lies

Before there was zero tolerance in schools when it came to schoolyard fights, punk bitches like Marco Rubio got their punk bitch asses kicked. A beat down or two was usually enough to teach them some much needed humility and honor.  Marco Rubio is a punk ass bitch weasel who will not tell the truth and back in the day when schools didn't make a federal case out of a school fight punks like Marco Rubio got the shit beaten out of when the need arose. At my school Marco would have gotten his teeth knocked down his lying throat had punk him not worked. At my school a slacker like Marco Rubio would never even have graduated because back then anyone who was absent one third of the time would not have been allowed to graduate. 

52 Lies of Marco Rubio: 


  1. Rubio should have been kicked in the throat.

  2. Rubio should have been kicked in the throat.

  3. Rubio flat out lied to the American people in the last debate. He is a fraud and should be banned from running


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