Saturday, January 9, 2016

Who Created ISIS? Putin's Theory


  1. Putin is wrong only about one thing: the blatant imperialism that the U.S. government has displayed for a century has nothing to do with error, but is a purposeful strategy for world domination. The U.S. has been owned by the sociopathic, parasitic royal families of Europe and Britain, along with their bankers, for a century. While the U.S. government has started the de-industrialization phase of America (i.e., letting it gradually crumble into a 3rd world nightmare), essentially shutting down the country and most likely making it into a prison/labor camp, this global mafia (that sometimes refers to itself as the New World Order)continues to wreak havoc around the world in the mad dash to attain global tyranny and their desired one world government (a dream of tyrants going back to the dawn of civilization). Actually, this race is more like a marathon than sprint, as gradual changes to society and the world are not as easily noticed or prone to opposition compared with sudden, monumental change.

    Putin does seem to be the good guy in recent times. However, I do not discount the possibility that Putin is an actor and just playing his part per the instructions of global power elite. In other words, maybe he is a part of this Western global mafia. Maybe he is playing good cop to our bad cop. Who knows, really? 99.99% of us are peons and useless eaters to the power elite. Maybe this is all leading up to WW3, which, in conjunction with other "natural" disasters, could cull the herd in a big way, just as the power elite want.

    1. BTW, I don't blame the Jews or the Jesuits or Martians for this global mafia. Most politicians, rulers, kings and queens, etc., are sociopaths, regardless of time period, geographic location or ethnicity. Sociopaths are found in all groups. No, not all rulers are sociopaths, but the higher up the food chain you go, the more likely it is that you will find sociopaths. This is because they do things to attain power that most people would never consider doing, because most people have some modicum of conscience. Sin, evil, sociopathy, etc., are NOT confined to a single group of people.

      Unfortunately, many who have a clue as to what is really going on in the world do, in fact, fall for neo-Nazi rhetoric. A smaller portion of so-called "conspiracy theorists," "patriots" and "9/11 truthers" put the Jesuits and Catholic church at the top of the pyramid. I couldn't say who is at the very top of this global mafia, as I don't go to their meetings.

      The fact is, people normally seek positions of power because they CRAVE power. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," as British statesman Lord Acton said over a century ago. Again, this is not true across the board, but history, as well as current events, show that our rulers are the worst that humanity has to offer.

      If we are ever to break the chains of tyranny, the human race must put away its political Stockholm syndrome and deal with, once and for all, the criminals posing as public servants (Iceland, to my knowledge, is the only country that has not kowtowed into taking on the full brunt of the banker's debt from the derivatives and is actually in the process of seeking legal justice against those involved.

    2. I think Putin runs Russia more than the American government runs the US and its foreign policy. The corporate global criminal elite run the US and therefore the world. The French had the right idea in 1789.

      What people need to know is the the politicians are merely errand boys for the criminal elite.


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