Friday, July 8, 2016

The Dallas Sniper: Micha X Johnson

1. The Former Soldier Told Police He Was Not Affiliated With Any Groups & He ‘Did This Alone’.

2. His Facebook Page Includes a ‘Black Power’ Poster & the Pan-African Flag

3. The Chief Says If Anyone Else Was Involved in the Shootings, ‘We Will Find You & We Will Bring You to Justice’.

4. Johnson Was a Corporal in the Army Reserves & Served in Afghanistan.

5. Police Took Part in the Planning of the Peaceful Rally & March, the Chief Says.

People will say that Micha X Johnson was a sick individual and they would be right but there is more to it than that. Johnson was motivated by the last two police killing of two African American men. Had those shootings not happened, Johnson would not have assassinated those Dallas police officers. The narrative of Black Lives Matter often distorts the reality of police and their dealings with African Americans. Police misconduct is a real problem and how police interact with  African Americans is an issue but with that said, how African Americans often interact with police is also an issue. Blacks are afraid of the police and the police are afraid of Blacks. Both of these realities are said and need to change.

Blind hatred towards police is just plain stupid but an understanding of what the average police officer deals with on a regular basis will help. Black Lives Matter wants sensitivity from police but do you think maybe the police deserve a little sensitivity from Black Lives Matter? I do.


  1. Most of the people that were killed by law enforcement were unarmed! Boo much more sensitive can they get? Even when they are licensed to carry they are still shot and killed like animals.

    1. What section of your ass did you pull that out of. Most are armed. Most deserve it. There is police misconduct and not even cops will deny that.

      Most cops are not animals. There are cops who should not be cops but there are more hood rats who should be in prison than there are bad cops. I am not excusing bad cops. I am sick of the false narratives and invective of hypocrites such as Black Lives Matter.

      The problems with law enforcement is a management problem more than a cop problem.


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