Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tommy Sotomayor and "Black" Women

Tommy Sotomayor is a fairly popular Youtuber. Tommy's main topic is Black women and how awful they are. While there is some truth to what Tommy says there are also some other things going on in his rants. Tommy is a very bright guy who in many ways can see the forest for the trees better than most people but often Tommy sees the trees and ends up barking up the wrong one. His sweeping and trollish generalizations regarding what he calls Black women are often unbalanced, loaded with logical fallacies along with intellectual dishonesty, paranoia,  obsession and intellectual laziness. Nonetheless, there is often more than a few shreds of truth in what he says but shreds of truth are not the whole truth.

I think that people are sick of Tommy's generalizations and invective about and regarding "Black" women.  Generalizing about "Black" women really is racist and if you want to be a racist then be a racist but at least admit to it and realize that it is what you are doing. Tommy's use of the term "Black women" is inaccurate at best. If he were to say, African American women, he would be talking about a culture and not a race. Then he would have a point. If he were to say American women, he would have a somewhat more valid argument, but to lump all "Black women" into his category smacks of racism. While I realize the race card get played when someone gets offended or gets the truth told on them but in Tommy's case where he says things like the darker complected women are more violent than lighter complected ones yet he has no scientific basis for making these statements.

Tommy could clear things up by being critical of a culture rather than a race and a gender. African American men are pretty fucked up as well but Tommy blames their bad behavior totally on what he calls "Black women" which he refers to as the Black Terminator 2000. Tommy has very little criticism for the "Black males" who put their dicks in these "awful" women and get them knocked up. Tommy opines on how Black women are more demure and ladylike when they are with White men and somehow credits White men with being better able to "control" "Black women". He attributes that to the mythical White daddy bullshit. What probably is happening is because so many African American males are undesirable these women of African American descent are merely seeking desirable mates.  i.e. Manly men who know how to treat a woman. Tommy has no problem with African American men pursuing White women because in his mind White women can do no wrong and Black women are devils incarnate.

Tommy is projecting his insecurities onto what he calls "Black women". His blind hatred for Black women has caused his to create this convoluted narrative where he ends up offending African American women and others causing them to become defensive.

Current African American culture has IMO more negatives than positives and while IMO slavery and segregation played a big hand in creating this culture, African American are ultimately the only ones who can change this. African Americans are a damaged people and the people responsible for that damage were White Christian Southerners, the original 1%. Tommy praises the attributes of Whites but what he is really doing is praising the good things about "White" culture and ignoring the bad things. Tommy is particularly enamored with "White women" and he often makes juvenile comparisons between "White", "Black". and mixed race women who he often refers to as half-breeds. Women in Western culture are often vain, shallow and petty creatures regardless of their "race". Since society to some degree has made caucasian features a standard of beauty African American women are particularly insecure about their looks and that may explain why they "try to look White." African American women like other women have hair issues and sadly for theses women African hair is different than Asian and European hair. Tommy is very critical of  African American women who wear weave and wigs. He refers to these women as hair-hatted hooligans. I have to somewhat agree with Tommy regarding the weave wearers. Women who employ these affectations tend to be insecure and phony and otherwise undesirable to most men. Most men prefer a "natural" woman. But instead of harshly criticizes and ridiculing these already insecure women with his pejoratives, a real man would let them know they look better as their natural selves. Real men prefer confident and genuine women and women prefer the same in a man. How confident and genuine are you Tommy? Sometimes your head is shaved. Sometimes you have facial hair. Until you can deal with your own affectations you may want to keep your opinions to yourself.

Tommy's true colors show. After this car accident, Tommy goes off on this women because she's African American. He mentions how he hates Black women. Why? How would he have behaved had the person who hit his car been a pretty blonde woman or a good ole boy with a confederate swastika on his truck? I suspect he would have been much more polite and respectful but in this case his blind hatred for "Black" women erupted.

Here is what Tommy said to this woman:

“That’s the problem with Black women right there, they talk,” Tommy says as the woman begins questioning why he’s recording video of his car, damaged in the accident. “This is why nobody likes these Black whores. Look at her. Black whores. Black whores. Get out my face, though, b*tch. I’ll whip yo muthaf*ckin a**,” he threatens.
“I don’t like Black b*tches, anyway. Bye, broke b*tch. My car cost more than your house, b*tch. My car cost more than your house, b*tch. You don’t know who you talking to. Watch when you find yourself online.

Here Tommy makes an act of contrition which seems somewhat genuine but given the body of his work, this is just a start. Tommy in this mia culpa, asks for our understanding of his issues yet he does not afford the Black women who he calls whores, beasties, hair hatted hooligans, the worst stewards of children, ugly, manly, stupid, violent etc... Criticism is one thing, ridicule is another. Stop with your trainwreck videos Tommy that troll people and offer to build some bridges. If you are going to be critical, criticize the culture and then offer some solutions.

There is an old saying, "If you had brains you'd be dangerous." Tommy is a very bright guy and a brilliant troll and as fun as that may before him, his criticism and ridicule that offer no solution to the badly damaged  and dysfunctional segments of what we commonly call the "Black community". Tommy is critical of Black Lives Matter than their dishonesty but Tommy is not much different. Like the Black Lives Matter message there is truth to what he says but overall it is intellectually lazy and dishonest.  Tommy's rhetoric is dangerous and so is the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter.

Word to the wise Tommy; GROW UP and WISE UP! It's easy to sit back and criticize and turn up the heat. It's easy to make excuses. Again, Tommy, put on your big boy pants and get over it.

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