Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Too Fat To Work

Let's give a big oink to our cousins across the pond in the UK.

PORKIE PIES? Over 2,000 benefits spongers claim they are 'too FAT' to work

MORE than 2,000 chubby layabouts are living off benefits because they are “too fat to work”.
Inspiringly, the huge number of obese claimants has almost doubled in Britain since 1997.
Experts have blasted the fatties as “lazy” while critics claim over-eaters need medical help to shed the pounds.
Tam Fry, spokesman for the National Obesity Forum, said: “Too many people are saying ‘I can’t work because I’m fat’.
“A lot of people might qualify if they have a medical condition they can do nothing about and they can quite legitimately get disability allowances.
“However, far too many people get benefits simply because they are too lazy to get a job.
“A lot of people get fat because they are depressed.
“That’s not a reason to give them a disability allowance.
“It’s a reason for health professionals to help them tackle their weight.”
“Far too many people get benefits simply because they are too lazy to get a job."
Tam Fry, National Obesity Forum
The shock new figures come after it emerged last week that a fat mum and daughter did not want to work because they rake in a cool £33,600 a year in handouts between them.

Twenty-five stone Janice Manzur, 44, and daughter Amber, 25, from Kirkcaldy, Fife, said they couldn’t help being fat and deserved the money they got.
And earlier this month another couple, Stephen Beer and Michelle Coombe, also claimed they were too massive to find a job.
The pair, who weigh a whopping 54 stone between them, claim £2,000 a month in benefits and got married in a £3,000 ceremony.

Fat Bastardo Opines: It does my damaged heart good and put a spring in the diabetic waddling steps pf Americans to know that Britain's fatlings are as clever as America's legions of  lard when it comes to living off the public dole.

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