Friday, July 8, 2016

Where Has All the Music Gone?

If you lived in the 70's and 80's you probably are familiar with these two words... DISCO SUCKS. Compared to the shit that is being released today disco rules. I for one am getting a bit sick of classic rock so I listen to blues, R&B, classical, metal, jazz, (Miles and Coltrane mostly) old country except for Hank 3 and instrumental surf, reggae, Latin, and folk. But I am not hearing anything new that doesn't suck ass.

There still are talented musicians out there but nobody is hearing them and they are starving to death. With music sales down 70% and dropping each year, musicians are literally starving. Music has gone hyper-corporate and totally fucking retarded. Shit bums like Kanye West, Nikki Minaj and Taylor Swift is being fed to the public and people will eat shit if it is packaged correctly. The tastes of the fickle public aside, sales of recorded music are plummeting and not just because so much of it sucks ass.

There is good music but you have to look for it. I found one of the best new artists and I found him on Sound Cloud and after wading hip deep through all sorts of rap, hip hop and electronica shit I found musician, composer and guitarist RL Kuhn. Where has this guy been hiding? RL has been living in Ecuador and running Big Audio Ghost Records.

RL Kuhn: Musician - Composer - Guitarist - Audio Engineer
RL creates royalty free musical scores for films, television shows, documentaries, and commercials.

I am working to get an interview with Mr Kuhn. Stay tuned.


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