Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rep Alan Grayson Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Well, it’s official, because the New York Times said it: Rep. Alan Grayson is “the liberal Democrat that Republicans love to hate.”

“The Old Gray Lady,” as the New York Times sometimes is called, imparted that revelation last week, in an article about House Democrats who have been successful in coaxing Republican support for amendments on the Floor of the House. Maybe the entire article should have been about Alan; he has done it far more than anyone else. 

And – whoops, there it is! – Alan did it again last week. He passed two amendments in the House: one that seriously punishes federal contractors who commit crimes, and a second that ups the federal appropriation for free tax assistance for seniors by 50%. 

Oh, and Alan also held the Republicans’ feet to that clear blue flame by doing something that no one else had figured out how to do for the past four years: force a House vote on a federal minimum wage increase. Every single House Republican voted against the increase. Which reveals the House Republicans to the electorate as the callous corporate tools that they really are. Take THAT, GOP. 

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So how is it that Rep. Alan Grayson is able to win vote after vote for progressive causes in the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party House of Representatives? Is it his charm? No. Is it his good looks? Definitely not. 

Nope, what it comes down to is this: Alan Grayson is able to craft progressive amendments that are just enough appealing to just enough Republicans to win. Hence the headline in the New York Timesarticle: “Liberals and Libertarians Find Common Ground in House.” 

So why is Alan “the liberal Democrat that Republicans love to hate”? Because he wins, without compromising his progressive principles. Because he wins, without kissing up to them. 

Because he wins. God, how they hate that. 

What Rep. Alan Grayson is trying to do, what Team Grayson are trying to do, is to demonstrate something very simple: You can be a progressive, and you can win. 

In New York, Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s favorable approval rating is approaching two-to-one. (And believe me, New Yorkers are a very tough audience. Fuhgeddaboudit.) Why? Because Mayor DeBlasio promised New Yorkers paid sick leave and universal pre-kindergarten programs, and then . . . DeBlasio delivered paid sick leave and universal pre-kindergarten programs. 

Get it? You can be a progressive, and you can win. Not just in elections, but in real life. Which is what it’s all about. 

So when a Congressman With Guts hears from the New York Times that he is the liberal Democrat whom the Republicans love to hate, his reaction is the same as FDR’s was: “I welcome their hatred.” 

When we win, and the GOP loses, they hate that. So be it. Because our whole future is at stake, and we have to win. We have to win.
Team Grayson

“This ain’t no party.
This ain’t no disco.
This ain’t no fooling around.
No time for dancing, or lovey dovey.
I ain’t got time for that now.”

- Talking Heads, “Life During Wartime” (1979).

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Boehner Humiliated!

BREAKING: President Obama just slammed Speaker Boehner’s threat to sue the White House.
We couldn’t agree more. But we never expected so many of you to fight back against Boehner’s lawsuit!
That’s right -- now Drmocrats are in range of hitting 200,000 donations since Boehner announced that he’s suing President Obama.
They they can get there today -- while dick stroking House Republicans are holding Congressional hearings launching their lawsuit -- that would be another MAJOR endorsement of President Obama’s agenda. (AND another HUMILIATING setback for Boehner’s big lawsuit).

Listen up Boehner... now you really have something to cry about. Obama spanked you once again.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Toshiba Sucks

Trying to decide which corporate gangsters and morons suck the most can be like trying to decide which shit stinks the worst dog shit or pig shit for me it's a toss up but there are animal feces that smell worse than others and it's usually that carnivores like the big cats. Toshiba is the lion shit of corporate slime.

My HP Windows 7 HP met a tragic end. It fell out of my case and down a very long flight of stairs and it was a total loss. Not wanting to replace it with the nightmare that is Windows 8 I looked for a Windows 7 machine. It was interesting in that at Staples, Best Buy and Office Max the sales people told me that nearly everyone who came in to buy a laptop wanted a Windows 7 but unfortunately they didn't have any. They didn't want a Windows 7 machine because Windows 7 is a stellar platform and OS-- it isn't. They wanted Window 7 because Windows 8 is a total piece of shit.

I did find a Windows 7 machine and it was a Toshiba so I bought it. Now I think maybe I would have struggled with Windows 8 but then again a lot of the software I use runs like shit on 8 and some won't run on a Mac and besides PC's from a hardware point of view are better than Macs.

There was a time when the customer was always right and businesses worked to server the customer. That is no longer the case. We are non longer seen as customers but rather as consumers because corporations are not businesses because corporate gangsters are not businessmen. Corporations trash businesses.

Let's trash Toshiba. I don't want to see Toshiba go out of business because the only people who will get fucked are the employees but by the same token I don't want to see Toshiba operating the way they currently are at this time. Here's my plan. As you know my blogs average over 25K page views per day.  Dr Bear's web influence is enormous. El's influence is equally powerful as in Proud FA's.

How Proud FA fixed Mixcraft. Proud started a a site called Mixcraft Sucks and for those of you who don't know Mixcraft is a Digital Audio Work station and like many is sucks/sucked. Because Proud FA exposed them for the shitware that they are and cost the parent company Acoustica $$$ and bruised some egos they vastly improved their product and today it is better than the most expensive DAWs.

I would ask that my readers trash Toshiba on Facebook, Amazon, Geek Forums, blogs, ect..

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Tea Party Leader Found DEAD!

(Reuters) - A prominent lawyer and leader of the Mississippi Tea Party, who was arrested in connection with photos posted online of U.S. Senator Thad Cochran's bedridden wife, died on Friday of an apparent suicide, the man's attorney said.


Mark Mayfield, 58, was a founding member of the state's Tea Party and had served as its vice chairman, the organization said.
"This is a terrible tragedy that shouldn't have happened," Mayfield's lawyer and brother-in-law, John Reeves, told Reuters.
Mayfield was one of three men accused in May of conspiring with a blogger to illicitly take photos of Cochran's wife, who has dementia, in her nursing home for use in a political video against the six-term incumbent.
Mayfield was charged with conspiracy to photograph someone without permission, an allegation met with shock and some skepticism in the legal community where he was highly regarded.
Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant was among those who expressed sadness on Friday, calling Mayfield a long-time friend.
"A good number of us just simply refused to believe that he had anything to do, at least on any criminal level, with what happened with the nursing home scandal," said attorney Matt Eichelberger, who blogs about progressive politics in the state.
Mayfield's death comes after state Senator Chris McDaniel, who had the backing of conservative Tea Party groups, lost a bitterly contested primary runoff against Cochran on Tuesday for the Republican Senate nomination.
McDaniel, who has denied any connection to the photo conspiracy, has accused Cochran's camp of slandering him by insinuating his involvement.
Mayfield, a lifelong resident of Mississippi who practiced real estate law, bowed out of politics after his arrest, said Merrida Coxwell, another attorney who represented him.
Coxwell said he last spoke with Mayfield on Wednesday, when they discussed the criminal case but not the results of Tuesday's election. He said he had urged Mayfield to be patient.
"I don't know what was on his mind," Coxwell said. "I guess just being charged, for a man of Mark's kind sensibilities, was too much."

Fat Bastardo's Op Ed:
The Tea Party is not happy with the GOP and they have not been pleased with the Republicans for a long time. Draw your own conclusions.
What Mark Mayfield was accused of doing sounds pretty sleazy but it's a petty crime at best. Draw your own conclusions.
Some Tea Party candidates are a threat to the GOP. Draw your own conclusions.
Did Mayfield maybe know too much?
I will ask you to connect the dots.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Snowden, Jimmy Carter and Ron Paul

One of Germany’s biggest newspapers – Spiegel – reports:
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter … in the wake of the NSA spying scandal criticized the American political system. “America has no functioning democracy,” Carter said Tuesday at a meeting of the “Atlantic Bridge” in Atlanta.
Many other high-level U.S. officials have also warned that the U.S. is no longer a democracy.
Carter also said that the moral authority of of the U.S. has sharply declined due to excessive restriction of civil rights.
And – like many other top American officials – Carter also said that Edward Snowden’s revelations do not harm our national security, but are “useful”.

Get the facts. Draw your own conclusions.