Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Medical Mafia and FDA Corruption

New Harvard study reveals Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and how FDA cannot be trusted with public safety

A new article with title of “Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs" is set to be published in the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics (JLME). The article written by Prof. Donald W. Light, Joel Lexchin, and Jonathan J. Darrow present evidence that about 90% of all new drugs approved by FDA over the last 30 years have little or no advantages compared to the existing drugs.
The article points out how FDA who supposedly must be in charge of public health and safety is nothing more than a puppet run by giant pharmaceutical companies. The fact is that the medical industry has become a leading cause of death and just in US, annually, 12,000 people die due to unnecessary surgeries, 7,000 people die due to medical errors, 20,000 people die due to other errors, 80,000 people die from infections acquired at the hospitals and 106,000 people die from adverse side effect of medications.  

According to Harvard report, in US alone, every week, about 53,000 people end up in hospitals and 2400 people die as a result of taking prescription drugs:

The Harvard report points out how one in five drugs approved by FDA seriously harm people and prescription drugs are becoming the 4th leading cause of death. There are also other related issues with drugs such as hospitalizations from over-dosing, errors, or recreational drug use and about 80 million people a year suffer from mild side effects of drugs like insomnia, dizziness, aches and digestive problems.
The forthcoming article in JLME also shows that the pharmaceutical industry makes large contribution to FDA for reviewing its drugs and also contributes large campaign donations to US Congress in order to pass legislation that would benefit the giant Pharmaceuticals. According to the authors “Congress has underfunded FDA enforcement capacities since 1906, and turning to industry-paid “user fees” since 1992 has biased funding to limit the FDA’s ability to protect the public from serious adverse reactions to drugs that have few offsetting advantages”.

Biotech, Pharmaceutical and chemical companies spend more money selling and promoting a product or a drug rather than scientific research and studies about the safety of their products:

With FDA’s incompetence and failure to take a stand and act based on public's interests and safety, consumers and patients are now turning into innocent victims in mercy of giant biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical companies. In fact, in order to get FDA’s approval and buy public trust, the giant pharmaceuticals fund a team of doctors and researchers to publish a literature in one of the scientific journals to hide the drug’s side effect and overstate its benefits.
On the other hand, FDA who gets paid by giant pharmaceuticals spare no efforts to perform any independent studies of its own and totally relies on the information that’s presented to them by giant pharmaceuticals or biotech companies.  Since such corrupted knowledge is approved and regulated by FDA, even sometimes good physicians recommend these toxic drugs or products to their patients.

Giant Pharmaceuticals, biotech (Monsanto and DuPont), and chemical companies (Dow, Bayer, and ExxonMobil) are growing even bigger under the protection of FDA:

According to Harvard article, “The New England Journal of Medicine has published, without comment, proposals by two senior figures from the FDA to loosen criteria drugs that allege to prevent Alzheimer’s disease by treating it at an early stage. First, they use the word “disease” to refer to a hypothetical “early-stage Alzheimer’s disease” that supposedly exists “before the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are apparent.” The proposed looser criteria would legitimate drugs as “safe and effective” that have little or no evidence of being effective and expose millions to risks of harmful side effects”.

How conflict of interest has become a defining problem in the modern science:

Not long ago, Monsanto’s former researcher, Richard Goodman was chosen in position of the associate editor of the journal for biotechnology after the famous Séralini study showed huge tumors in rats as a result of Monsanto’s GM maize and Roundup. The biotech companies have unleashed genetically modified organisms that have been linked to a wide range of diseases including cancer, birth defects, gluten diseases and allergies in our food supply.
Two major GMO labeling movements, both in Washington and California were defeated since the junk food, biotech and chemical companies poured millions of dollars to defeat a label GMO labeling:
These days, majority of big donations to our schools and universities come from giant Pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and oil companies. You would think that at least the academic research are non-biased and natural, considering that our government is deeply in bed with giant oil, drug, biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical companies.
The question is that are we that naive to think that billions of dollars of contributions from these giant companies (who are polluting our food, air and environment), won’t tilt or at least steer the findings of these so called ‘scientific studies?’  
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama VS Putin

The treasonous Republicans love Putin.

Most male Republicans have a full blown gay man crush on Putin.

Why do they love Putin so much and hate Obama? Why to they want to see Putin win and Obama lose? Here's why. Putin is their kind of people. Putin is a war monger and Republicans love war. Putin has wrecked his own country's economy and Republican love seeing people in poverty and they hate prosperity. Putin is closet homosexual and so are many Republicans.

Why do the Republicans hate Obama?

The US economic recovery under Obama's leadership has outpaced the economic recovery of every other Western country. Republicans hate prosperity and they hate Obama.

Obama ends wars. Republicans are chicken hawks who love war. Obama ends wars and they hate him for that. War is very profitable.

Obama is not gay and Republicans hate that. Sure they would hate him if he were gay and they so badly want him to be gay and that is why start rumors saying that he's gay. They even go so far as to say Michelle Obama is really a man.

Obama has made Putin his bitch. Republicans love being somebody's bitch and that is why they are the bitches of the banks and corporations.

The Koran vs Bible

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 KJV

Is there anything like this in the Koran? No but there are good things in the Koran but like the Bible they are contradicted. Here's a verse from the Koran that will give the Jihadists some constipation.

Live peacefully with disbelievers43:88-89

"There is no compulsion in religion." (But see the next verse which says that disbelievers will burn forever in Hell.) 2:256

Here are the contradictions.

Kill disbelievers wherever you find them. If they attack you, then kill them. Such is the reward of disbelievers. (But if they desist in their unbelief, then don't kill them.) 2:191-2

Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them. 4:89

So much for Islam being the religion of peace.

Friday, January 23, 2015

What Ever Happened to Kate Harding

You don't see or hear Kate waddling around the fatosphere with her toxic man hating and gluttony denial. What happened to Kate Harding/Hate Karding? Did she lose weight and get plastic surgery and get some dick? Did she get on hormone replacement therapy to be more manly and did the increase of testosterone and the reduction in estrogen suddenly make her rational, accountable and less histrionic?

Maybe Kate developed something called honesty, something that is lacking in most feminists? Maybe she figured out that her lunatic rantings on Shapely Prose helped to destroy fat acceptance? Maybe she hopped into her "douche canoe" (douche canoe is one of Kate's favorite terms for anyone who kicks her ass in an argument) and paddled to reality.

Maybe Kate finally and simply figured out just how full of shit she truly is?

How full of shit is Kate?

Kate is wrote a book called The Rise of the Rape Culture but the fact is along with all other street crimes rape has been going down. Perhaps Ms Harding should have done some research before she wrote such a wrong book.

Since there is a sharp decline in rape perhaps Kate Harding should have titled her book The Decline of the Rape Culture but when has the truth ever stopped a hack like Kate from making a buck by pandering to other man haters?

Maybe Kate would have had better luck whining about domestic violence... maybe not? Turns out that men are nearly as likely to be victims of domestic violence but women are rarely prosecuted or convicted.

Kate since it seems you have STFU, please stay STFU.

Deflate Gate Ball Gate Explained

Did the New England Patriots cheat? Probably not. While the asshole prick licking media is doing what they always do Bigger Fatter Politics is looking at the facts.

What scientists are saying and what to assholes in the worish suck my dick media are not saying in order to boost ratings and ignore the real issues of the day such as the fact that the biggest thief and killer in the US is the medical industry....

“Cold temperature will make a difference, it will lower the pressure,” said Michael J. Naughton, chairman of Boston College’s physics department, after plugging temperature data into a formula for pressure loss. “Weather certainly will deflate a football by a pound or two — but it all depends on the details.”
The NFL has reportedly found that 11 of the Patriots’ 12 game balls were deflated by as much as 2 pounds per square inch below the league minimum of 12.5 psi.
A Massachusetts Institute of Technology postdoctoral associate, who asked not to be identified, agreed with Naughton’s calculations and even sent the Herald a formula that predicted a change of 1.78 psi by halftime if the balls were filled at room temperature. The temperature on the Gillette Stadium field at kickoff was about 45 degrees.
“If the ball was sitting outside in the cold for an hour,” he said, “it is likely that the temperature of the air inside the ball would end up being the same temperature as the air outside of the ball — and if that is the case, you would see between a 1.5 and a 1.6 difference in PSI.”

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Open Letter to Dr Oz

Dear Ozzie,

It's no secret that most members of your industry are scumbags much like you. While you take kickbacks from the supplement companies Dr Drew takes bribes from the drug companies. Congress which has a lower approval rating than cockroaches has a disproportionate number of doctors so if in your narcissism you have convinced yourself that you are your profession/industry is not a cabal of scumbags I present that fact.

My article titled Dr Oz Busted For Weight Loss Fraud (click here) has received nearly 32 million page views since June 14 2014. I wrote that article to warn people about scumbags like you. The article is now averaging 10,000 + page views per day. I would be willing to remove that article if I could see some good faith on your part.

Here is what I would like to see:

Bring on guests that tell the truth about the massive fraud perpetrated by the American medical industry.

Bring on guests that who will tell the truth about the 1 MILLION + deaths caused by doctors, hospitals and drug companies.

Present the true data on deaths from adverse drug reactions.

Present the truth about health care acquired infections.

Unless and until you redeem yourself this article will be left on the internet for all to read. More and more people will link to it and your already sullied reputation will be further degraded.

Another Way Doctors are Killing US

More people are finding out that American MDs and their loathsome industry is the leading cause of preventable death and injury. In their unbridled lust for money the over medicating and over treating of patients is killing them.

I was unable to embed this video. To see how doctors are killing us click here.

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