Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jennifer Livingston Another Whining Fat Girl

Jennifer About to Have a Massive Foodgasm!

People are still opining on this!

The growth of this "fat acceptance" culture in America leaves me legitimately confused. Not only are we expected to treat obese people with respect and never urge them to lose weight, but somehow we should welcome fat people into our standards of what's socially acceptable and beautiful. What kind of idiot believes people should reform standard sof beauty to accept obese or fat people? Humans inherently view slimness as ideal--it's a sign of health, hygiene, and to some extent intelligence. Obesity is an abnormal lifestyle that exists due to excess; it's not natural and never should be treated as such.
That whole debacle over that fat news reporter getting infuriated over some guy telling her to lose weight in the most kind, gentle terms really brought this all full circle. Link here. This guy never called the reporter "fat", "obese", or "overweight" directly; he never attacked her for her weight; he never made his comments public (they were in a private f*cking e-mail, and she CHOSE to make his comment public in an attempt to garner sympathy). All he did was encourage and try to motivate her to lose weight to promote a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle EVERYONE should aspire to adopt. What we saw was this woman berate him like some sort of bully, misrepresent what he said in the crudest of fashions, and then cry crocodile tears as the public and media rallied behind her. It was pathetic.
I just wish fat people would realize their lifestyle isn't healthy, isn't sustainable, isn't ideal, and isn't admirable; there is no reason to respect an obese lifestyle when it's immoral and dangerous.
Fat Bastardo weighs in:
This is what set the angry fat girl off and caused her journalistic stampede like a herd of angry NAAFA sows on their way to an all you can eat buffet.

I am in agreement with most of the above. Jennifer Livingston is not only a whiny fat girl but she is also intellectually dishonest which is why the fat accetptance movemet has stalled and otherwise failed miserably in Bill Fabrey's dream of AIDING FAT PEOPLE! Had Jennifer Livingston been honest she not only would not apologized for her sized but celebrated her gluttony and proclaimed that GLUTTONY IS GOOD! Instead Jennifer Livingston cried lied and denied and attacked this thinling man like she was an enraged hippo defending her calf. Once again, Ms Livingston like other fat girls set fat and gluttony promotion back another 10 years. This is just one more example of how fat feminism is fucking things up for fatlings everywhere.
Obesity is more than aesthetics. It's an indicator of a dangerous and disgusting lifestyle. It tells a person that you let immediate gratification dictate your life choices.
Fat Bastardo weighs in:
Here is where I take umbrage. While gluttony is a lifestyle choice and has it's dangers it is not a "disgusting" lifestyle. Gluttony is a great lifestyle. While the fat girls who ruined fat acceptance with chant, "Fat by Nature Proud by Choice those of us in the TRUE FA movement proclaim, PROUD by Nature and FAT by Choice. We can be any size we want and WE CHOOSE FAT. If fat girls like Jennifer can't handle the fat then they need to stop being fat!
Cute. Losing weight is easy. There's nothing self-righteous or egotistical about wanting people to either get in shape or realize they have a problem and stop lobbying for society to accept their laziness.
Fat Bastardo weighs in:
We fatlings are the overwhelming majority. We are society. We make the rules and we set the norms. Thinlings don't dictate to us, WE dictate to them not the other way around! Losing weight is easy but gaining it is fun. We are large and in charge!
I am thrilled that fatlings are the majority and dictating the ideal lifestyle, regardless of it being a lifestyle that is unsustainable, toxic, and guaranteed to lead you to reduced life expectancy. This is a brilliant proposition for advancing society. I am stunned by how incredibly ingenious it is to say "fuck it" and sit by the wayside while obesity skyrockets in the U.S. OINK!
Related: Kenneth Krause the accused fat shamer of Jennifer Livingston stands his ground.

Police State? You Tell Me.

Most people of every political stripe will agree, cops are out of control.  Those who are sworn to serve and protect are not serving and protecting the people the way they once did. Have American police become militant and trigger happy bully boys and agents of the corporate criminal elite and many have suggested? Jimmy Carter on the left has said that America is no longer a functioning Democracy and he has gone on to say that believes the NSA is watching his every move. Ron Paul on the right has called what we have now corporatism and a form of fascism. Watch as this Marine explains.

Watch these videos and decide for yourself while you still can and then ask yourself, if you are afraid of the government or is the government afraid of you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Phil Robertson's Gay Lover Tells All

If you know Christian Republicans this should come as no surprise. It seems these days if a Republican is not a thief, a womanizer, misogynist or a pedophile then he's a closet homosexual who hates gays. Duck calls are not the only thing Phil Robertson loves to wrap his lips around. It seems that Phil also like to wrap his mouth around the erect penis of Paul Horner. Phil Robertson and Paul Horner have been blowing each other's duck calls and goosing each other's rumps for over 12 years now but so far the only to step out of the blind is Paul Horner.

OUT, a popular gay and lesbian magazine, announced it will be publishing an exclusive interview with Phil Robertson‘s gay lover of 12-years.

The magazine released a preview of the upcoming article to various media sources today.

“Phil’s always trying to hide me from the media. I like to blow on Duck whistles too,” 35-year-old Paul Horner told OUT. “He’s just so ashamed of me. Jeez, we’ve been together exclusively for 12 years now. You would think that’s enough time, but not for Phil I guess.”

- See more at:

Phil or should I say Philatio hates gays and so does his God Jehovah God hates gays (See Leviticus 20:13)(If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.) and God is gay himself. God must be a Republican, after all GOP means God's Only Party.  

Worse than the closet rump ranger Phil Robertson are his fans and supporters. They are cowardly evil liars and many of them are probably gay like Phil who if they aren't sucking a man's dick are sucking the dick of of their evil god. May they all get rectal cancer.

Update! Phil Robertson is also a pedophile and he advocates pedophilia. Watch the video!

Duck Dynasty Star's Perverted Advice:  Marry 15-Year-Old Girls

Monday, April 21, 2014

Golden Uterus Syndrome

It goes without saying; fat girls are sluts and most men like sluts but not all sluts are created equal. Many fat girl slut are sly manipulators and add to that the fact desperation turns fat girls into sluts they can become doubly dangerous. Fat girls are far more likely to get knocked up and they are also far more likely to had an STD. Before you go spelunking into the treacherous yeast cave of a fat girl PUT A HELMET ON THAT SOLDIER!
Put a helmet on that soldier stick boy!

Fat girls love being mommas for many reasons. First off they absolutely love the attention. They get treated as though spreading their legs and catching the worm is like finding the cure for cancer. Fat girls love the adoration. They love the many trips to the OBGYN for their obesity related high risk pregnancies. They like all the free stuff like WIC, baby showers, welfare, free rent, and child support and all they had to do was lay on their backs and spread their legs. Many fat girls are too fat to pork doggie style and cowgirl position can cause serious injury and possible death.


If you get a fat girl knocked up she's going to own your ass. She will drag your sorry ass into family court and get hit you up for child support and you will be paying for years and the kid may not even be yours. Fat girls are sluts.

I hear you all now saying, "But Fat Bastardo, not all bitches with golden uterus are fat and not all sluts are fat." This is true and not all fat girls are sluts but most of them are. They are all most certainly food sluts. Skinny girls can be sluts but are they the type of slut that will get knocked up in order to trap a guy? Probably not. Skinny women want to find a nice guy who will respect them and not just act as a sperm donor. This is why I, Fat Bastardo, encourage skinny to consider a fat man for a mate. Jack Sprat can have the fat girl and Fat Jack can have the hot skinny woman. Fat men are more faithful and if the skinny wife bangs other guys a fat man won't really care but skinny chicks are far less likely to even think about straying. Skinny chick have low self-esteem while fat girls low standards. Fat girls figure that skinny guys can really throw the dick and while this may be true skinny women know that the thicker the hide the better the ride.

In this image the skinny wife has just finished her stint on the treadmill and is now going to the kitchen to get her tubby hubby some real candy crush.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter From Bigger Fatter Politics


This is Thin Privilege This is Fat Privilege

Thin privilege means having a thigh gap
Thin privilege means having thighs that don't chafe 

Thin privilege is being able to fit in a restaurant booth
Thin privilege is less trips to the doctor
Not having to use a butt wand...

This is Fat Privilege

Fat privilege means you get your money's worth at an all you can eat buffet!
Means free diabetes supplies!
Fat privilege means a free fatty scooter
Fat privilege means free CPAP supplies

A lot of silly fat girls are whining about something they call "thin privilege".  If anyone has a weight privilege it is us fatties. We fatties are smart and we know what side of out bread is buttered. We have it better than the thinlings and that is why 75% of Americans are fat!

Yes, we obese, overweight and fat people are privileged in that we made a series of choices that made us the way we are. Rotund, large, flabby and carrying abundant adipose energy on one frame. Now, this isn’t to create a false dichotomy and that skinny is any better… how about simply being a healthy weight and body composition for a change? No way! Gluttony is good!
We have fat privilege: the privilege of being overweight on your diet of tasty foods and candy cane Oreos thanks to charitiable farm subsidies and shrewd corporate business deals. You think we are fat because we decided to? It’s more like we are just celebrating the fact that these companies took advantage of your untamed base impulses. Obesity and gluttony are choices.. GOOD choices! Gluttony is good!
This is just one more example of angry fat girls making fat people look stupid. The fatosphere is about 20,000 angry fat girls. We real fatties are 300 MILLION! 

Bill Gates Is Fat Friendly

There you have it folks... Bill Gate is fat friendly! That is why Bill Gates has a net worth that's 2nd in the world.