Sunday, July 5, 2015

Republicans More Evil That ISIS

Think about this reality. ISIS believes what they are doing is right. They are misguided as hell but they believe in what they are doing. They have a core and core beliefs You know as well as I do that the CONS here and everywhere lie their asses off and that their only motivation is their maniacal hatred for our bi racial president and a hatred for the facts, anyone who is not a CON, non Whites, the working poor, the educated, homosexuals, Mexicans. The fact that they are prolific liars is not just my opinion. It is an immutable, proven and undeniable fact. 

This thread will get trolled by the many CON liars here and it will get trolled because what I say is the truth. The fact is and studies prove it.... REPUBLICANS LIE 3 TIMES MORE THAN DEMOCRATS but what else would you expect from a group that molests children at the rate of 170 to 1 compared to Democrats.

I know that the CONS here know what I am saying it true but if you won't take my word for it simple Google or Bing the search term Republicans Lie More. Not only do they lie more their lies are far more egregious and damaging.

  • Study: Media Fact-Checker Says Republicans Lie More ... for Media and Public Affairs
    May 28, 2013 - Press Release May 28, 2013. Contact: Katy Davis. A leading media fact-checking organization rates Republicans as less trustworthy than ...

ISIS on the other hand is follows to the letter the Haddith and the Koran and the instructions of their god Allah and their Prophet. They are doing what their vile religion calls for which is to make the entire world Islamic. CONS on the other hand don't have a clearly defined goal. In a sense they are anarchists.

Let's apply some Catholic doctrine to this. Catholics break sin down into two categories, mortal sin and venial sin. A moral sin is doing something that you know is wrong but doing it anyway whereas a venial sin is something you do as a result of an impulse. Knowing that Bible God is totally unjust the Roman Catholic Church created this concept of hell and purgatory. Venial sins put you in purgatory and mortal sins put you in hell for all eternity. If what the Catholics believe is true... ISIS members will be spending a long time in purgatory and Republicans, unless they repent and do penance and amend their lives they will be spending eternity in hell.

For all you CONS here.. if you are not so depraved and so far gone into the dark side that you cannot return to the light I would suggest that you make a good act of contrition.

O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee,
and I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of heaven,
and the pains of hell, but most of all because they offend Thee, my God,
Who are all good and deserving of all my love.
I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace,
to confess my sins, to do penance, and amend my life. Amen

Based on my study of both groups, ISIS and the CONS I can see where some ISIS member are potentially redeemable and that they can find redemption at leas the ones raised in the Middle East. I can't see any way any member of today's Republican party can escape eternal damnation if indeed that is what happens. It would be a fitting end for them. I guess hell for a CON will be a trip to heaven where they are forced to massage their God's insatiable ego for all eternity. Let's hope their god turns out to be a Black liberal lesbian feminist woman with a bad attitude.

If there is a God like the Catholics describe you even ISIS has a better chance of not doing to hell than a Republican.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Old Glory The Flag Of True Americans

Flag Of Winners & Flag Of Losers - Demotivational Poster

The American flag represents liberty and justice. The stars and bars represents oppression and treason.

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the 

United States of America, and to the 

republic for which it stands; one Nation 

indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Belly Bulge

I'm not talking about fupas, pannys, meat skirts or beer bellies. I'm talking about acoustic guitars and a fucking that a friend of mine got from Musicians Friend  and Gretsch guitars which is actually Fender Musical Instrument Manufactures out of Indonesia.

Belly bulge is when the top of the guitar pulls up due too bad bracing, shitty glue, improper storage, lousy wood, wrong moisture content in the wood and the constant string tension.

My buddy was sent not one but two Gretsch Rancher guitars from Musicians Friend the first one was returned due to belly bulge and it now appears that the criminals at Musician Friend sent him back the same defective guitar. Other sources have told me that Musicians Friend has a reputation for doing this sort of sleazy shit.

I know what you are thinking. With all the shit going on in this American plutocracy aren't their more important things to report on than a company who fucks consumers? Normally I would say yes but it seems that Musician Friend is part of Guitar Center. Guitar Center is owned and controlled by the criminal at Mitt Romney's Bain Caplital. Bain Capital exists to fuck worker and to fuck everyone else out of money by doing every unethical and sleazy thing that they can get away with.

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PFA will be posting on this over at Mixcrat Sucks site and BTW, Mixcraft has improved dramatically and it is now the best DAW for the money by far. It is amazing what exposing the misdeeds of corporate plutocratic amoral assholes can do.

Normally this guy buys stuff from Sweetwater Music. Sweetwater had a stellar reputation and Musicians Friend is now a sleazy corporate whore of a company.

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Brand New Gretsch Rancher with severe belly bulge.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dylann Roof Inspired by Citizens Conservative Counsel

A lot of vile and treasonous whores want to deflect from the fact that Dylann Roof was inspired by the racist ranting of the Citizens Conservative Counsel. The Citizens Conservative Counsel has given $65,000 to Republican presidential candidates so far this year. 

Racism is alive and well in the GOP especially in the savage filthy South. 

Today's conservatism is not only racist but it is treasonous. 


Dylann Roof: product and victim vile racist treasonous cowardly Republican CONservatives.

Southern Heritage: - Demotivational Poster

Monday, June 15, 2015

Corporate Crime vs Street Crime

The biggest American gangsters are also known as the corporate criminal elite. These plutocrats are the shadow government. The following article explains the human and financial costs inflicted upon the American people and the people of the world.

Lots of people believe that street crime is a very serious problem in this country. Others however, believe that corporate crime is far worse. Without a doubt, corporate crime is far more damaging to our society than all the street crimes put together. As a matter of fact, when one compares the dollar amount lost and bodily injuries inflicted as result of both crimes, corporate crime is way ahead of street crime. The FBI estimates that the total dollar amount lost to street crimes annually is about $4 billion. Now, this figure is chump change compared to the corporate crime losses from Enron, WorldCom and Tyco. Corporate health care fraud alone costs the taxpayers of this country about $300 billion, annually. Remember the savings and loan fraud of the nineties, called the biggest white collar crime in history, when a whooping $500 billon of taxpayers' money went down the drain.
Well, some say corporate crime is not violent compared to street crime. They say victims of corporate crimes are usually not seriously injured or killed. This is absolutely false. Corporate crime can also be violent. According to the FBI, about 16,000 people are killed in street crimes in this country, annually. Now, compare this to the 56,000 who die every year as a result of corporate criminal negligence. These are people who die from occupational diseases, environmental pollution, contaminated foods, and hazardous products and so on. Case in point, the recent deaths of 25 workers in a West Virginia coal mine, where the company knew these workers were operating in unsafe conditions.
Unbelievably, prior to this preventable tragedy, this same company had received 458 citations from federal inspectors. But the company believes that it's cheaper to run the mine in an unsafe way and risks people's lives than it is for them to comply with the laws. And to make matters worse, a couple of years ago the Department of Justice introduced what they referred to as the deferred prosecution agreement. With this agreement they can bring charges against a company and then tell the company, if you behave yourself for the next couple of years and stay out trouble, we will drop all the charges. Makes you wonder if they are on the corporate criminal's side or against them.
In conclusion, corporate crime is by far the most damaging crime in this country. While street murders are prosecuted every day, here in the United States, deaths from corporate criminal negligence are neither prosecuted as homicides nor as a violation of state or federal laws. Corporate crime is a cancer that is slowly killing this country and we must all work to toward getting rid of it.
Michael Imana is a freelance writer. His articles focuses mainly on personal, home and business security issues. He has published several ebooks on self-defense and home security products. He helped started Prosafety Systems, an internet-based company that specializes in providing the very latest in personal, home and business security products. He is dedicated to helping people protect themselves, their homes and their businesses.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Disqus May Harm Your Computer and Steal Personal and Financial Information

Privacy issues have been noted as inherent in the use of Disqus, which serve their content through third-party JavaScript widgets.[10][11][12]
As with other embedded web widgets, such as like buttons, the Disqus widget acts as a Web bug which tracks a user's activities, even when they are not logged in, across different sites that use the Disqus commenting system. Information tracked by Disqus, which may be disclosed to third parties, includes pseudonymous analytics data, such as a user's IP address, their web browser version and installed add-ons, and their referring pages and exit links.[13] Although these data are referred to by Disqus as "Non-Personally Identifiable Information", such data, when aggregated, has been shown to be usable for de-anonymizing users.[11]
Users wishing to avoid these issues may opt to install a privacy-enhancing web browser extension, such as GhosteryNoScript, or DoNotTrackMe, which identify widgets such as Disqus as Web bugs,[14][15] and allows them to be blocked; this renders Disqus-powered commenting sections unviewable.
Disqus has also been criticized for publishing its registered users' entire commenting histories, along with a list of connected blogs and services, on the publicly viewable user profile pages
Disqus also was criticized for not giving users control over who follows them. Prior to 2014, any user could follow any other user, but a user being followed could not control or block who was following them, which led to harassment among some users.[17]
If Disqus shuts down, hundreds of millions of comments would be wiped away from a wide range of sites, since by the very nature of the service, comment content is not being managed locally by sites implementing the service. However, it is possible for site administrators to export all of their comments as an XML document which can then be ported into other commenting systems.[18]
In September 2014, it announced an update to its privacy policy: "Disqus will be using anonymous interest data for content personalization and ad targeting."[19] BULLSHIT!
In October 2014, It was revealed that Disqus was utilizing Blackhat SEO Techniques to publicize their site off the backs of the websites which have Disqus installed. I other words Disqus steals bandwidth![20]

2013 security breach

In 2013 a Swedish group called Researchgruppen obtained and exposed a large number of anonymous Disqus identities through the application programming interface (API).[21]The group cooperated with the Bonnier tabloid Expressen, who subsequently visited some of the commentators in their homes, confronting them with allegedly racistmisogynicand derogatory sentiments. Researchgruppen, which includes people from the far left, said their database contained millions of comments from Disqus users around the world who are at risk of de-anonymization.[22][23][24] In March 2014, Expressen and Researchgruppen won the investigative reporting award Guldspaden.[25]