Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome To Bigger Fatter Politics

Bigger Fatter Politics is an offshoot of Bigger Fatter Blog. While Bigger Fatter Blog is the leading internet resource for all things fat Bigger Fatter Politics will quickly become the leader in all thing fat & political.

We will be presenting articles on some of the heavyweights in the fat arena such as Belly Boy, Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear, Kelly Bliss, Joy Nash, Mike Huckabee, MeMe Roth, the Drugster Rush Limbaugh, Marylin Wann, Kate Harding, Rev BLA, Paul Campos, The Chef, Marrianne Kirby, Bill Fabrey, Linda Bacon, Jamie Oliver, The Godfather of Feederism Conrad Blickenstorfer, Fat Hater Michael Karolchyk and others.

I will start with the shellacing anti-gluttony activist MeMe Roth gives Kelly Bliss. It's ignorant and dishonest women like Kelly Bliss that make it easy for gluttony phobic activist like MeMe Roth to win the debates. I would like to debate them both but so far both of them have declined my invitation.

I would whip MeMe by saying that scientifically most of what she says is true. Then I will have that sexy little blond spitfire disarmed. Then I will say, I, Fat Bastard, like 75% of Americans am a hedonistic greedy gluttony so why do you have a problem with that? And then in sexy voice I'd say, MeMe almost like a Frenchman would say Fifi. I think MeMe would swoon over me Fat Bastard. Skinny chicks love fat guys.


I would just tell Kelly Bliss to take some fucking Midol, call Jenny Craig and to shut the fuck up because she's making ALL fatlings look stupid. Then I'd tell her how much hotter MeMe looks than her and that MeMe is a far better mother. Fat girls really are bad mothers and they hate hearing it but most guys aren't looking for that. The want an easy lay and fat chicks will go down like a submarine.

I cringe when I see that moron Kelly Bliss debate MeMe Roth. MeMe clobbers her every single time. This blog will be dedicated to reforming the politics of fat acceptance and restoring it to the vision that founder Bill Fabrey intended.

Kelly Bliss conducting an exercise class. There is only one other fatling there so it looks like most fatlings aren't buying her HAES and fat and fit line of happy horseshit. Any self-respecting fatling won't be caught dead in a gym. True self-accepting fatlings are home on the sofa watching Paula Deen and eating bacon cheese cake and butter.

I do agree with Kelly Bliss on one thing; eating fruits and vegetables is a from of fat hatred because we all know if you eat them you will not be able to maintain your blubber but overall Kelly Bliss is full of shit and MeMe mopped the floor with her and I think MeMe was holding back. Skinny chicks are so shy and demure. Sure fat girls can be charging histrionic hippos because that is their nature but they need to have the facts to back it up.

This is merely a sample of what Bigger Fatter Politics will be covering.

Future topics with be:

Fat Tax Legislation

How to get Free Money simply for being fat

The impact of obesity on health care

Fat friendly doctors

Fat porn

Fat Sex

The politics of food

We will also cover public interest stories because to much hard news can be boring. We will discuss the following:

Fat Porn

Yeast infection and fat folds
 Diets and the diet industry

Care and feeding of your pannus.


Recipes and cooking shows

Well folks, stay tuned to Bigger Fatter Politics and bookmark us in your browser.



  1. Skinny chicks don't love fat guys. Sorry Fat Bastard. MeMe Roth is way out of your league and besides she's married.

  2. Skinny chicks LUST after the MUST of a true man. A truly fat man!! Butterbean is the most sexually attractive man to most women.

  3. It really doesn't matter what a gut looks like as long as you have money. Wealth makes most women's pussies wet.


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