Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Sage Advice From Reverend Burn


  1. B-B-B-Boy. Ungh, Belly Boy. B-b-b-boy, ungh, that Belly Boy.
    He's got the style, got the moves. He's got that skillful stylish groove.
    All the ladies wanna be with him, the dudes all wanna be him, ungh.
    The Boy.
    B-b-Belly Boy.
    Ungh, the Boy.
    B-b-b-Boy. The Belly Boy- yo, I'm bout' to pop cuz I am ready to rock,
    I got a plate all loaded up and I got, an extra pork chop.
    Yeah, y-yeah. Y-y-y-yeah.

    Aight, I'm hungry.

  2. I agree. Rev Burn really Rev's it up.


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