Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fat NAAFA "Womyn: Are Really NeoCONS and Nazis

Fat NAAFA Womyn Are Really NeoCONS and Nazis
Bariatric Nutritionist & Somatotypes Pioneer and Fat Rights Advocate "Dr" Gerald "Teddy" Bear


My good friend "Dr" Gerald "Teddy" Bear of the Biggest Fattest Blog never ceases to get me thinking. The erudite "Dr" Bear has been battling bullies and right wing fundegelical meat heads most of his life. When you look at members of the far left and more so the far right you see that they are not much different than scum like Adolf Hitler and his butt buddy Stalin. The womyn of the NAAFA style fat acceptance movement claim to be left of center but in reality they share all the traits with the morons in the TeaBagger movement. The political spectrum is depicted as a line but I think it is more like a circle.

The above graphic illustrates this point.

The liberal/progressive embraces higher education and learning. The first people to condemn scientific research on obesity with knee jerk fact free statements are the NAAFA Womyn. They have a hive mentality ie So say the shepherd. So say the flock.

While some of these fat womyn had some college it's usually a bullshit and worthless Mickey Mouse degree. Fat studies... LOL!

The NAAFA style womyn make fact free arguments. They make the absurd fat and fit argument as they waddle on cane or cruise around in their fatty scooters.
The NAAFA girls are always getting their yeasty panties in a bunch about something. They make fact free and retarded tea bag style arguments like this angry fat girl. Rachel Maddow would have a field day with these blubbery bimbos but she would steer clear of their yeasty muffs.

The NAAFA girls get their medical information on obesity from dubious sources like Linda Bacon, Kelly Bliss Smelly Piss, dog faced troll Kate Harding, and lawyer Paul Campos. Smart fatlings get their bariatric advice form experts like Dr Gerald Teddy Bear,

These tiresome twits are bigoted haters. They hate skinny women such as anti-obesity advocate MeMe Roth and they hate fat men because fat guys are unable to pork them. They hate MeMe Roth not only because she kicks their butts in debates but because she has movie star good looks, a smokin body and a superior brain.

NAAFA girls are a hateful bunch of man haters who refuse to acknowledge that the are the cause of everything they hate. Unless and until the accept the good and the bad of their gluttonous lifestyles nobody will take them seriously. Like the teabagger who they think speak for most Americans, the NAAFA fat acceptors speak only for a fringe group of ugly angry fat girls who really hate themselves most of all.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Michelle Obama's Booty: A Pictorial Essay

Barrack Obama is always smiling. Given the horrible economy, he inherited the horrible wars and the ugly attack from the slime on the right you'd think he would be a sad sack. What is it that puts a smile on the president's face?  What is it that puts a smile on every man's face? BOOTY!
The First Lady Got Back!
A young lovely competes for the President's eye.
Talk about mud flaps, the First Lady's got em!
Click here to see a giant boob
He's an ass man!


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Monday, March 26, 2012

Jonathan Antoine: More Proof Showing Fat Singers Are The BEST Singers

Known as the next Susan Boyle, Jonathan Antoine wowed the judges and the audience at Britian's Got Talent. Along with a hot little thinling Jonathan left the audience awestruck.
Jonathan Antoine and his main squeeze Charlotte Jaconelli

Once again this or proof positive that fat singers are the best singers. Click Here To See Here Of This Teenaged Pavoratti.

The list goes on and on but here are a few more great fat singers.
Country music's Wynnona "got a big brown beaver" Judd

Link to Wynona
Ann Wilson, the voice of rock & roll with scrawny blonde sister to her right

 Link to Heart's Website
The immortal Mama Cass
Meat "don't let your meat loaf" Meatloaf was the voice of the 80's.
Ruben the "stud sandwich" Studdard spanked Troy "my ass is achin" Aiken
Ladies popped a roddy for Lciano Pavarotti!/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/display_600/image.JPG
Queen of Soul food Aretha Franklin

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

I am not qualified to comment on this with much authority so I will make some indirect observations.

In the above video SuperPacJack really states the obvious. Never having been picked on because of my race which is White it is clearly obvious even to me -- Trayvon Martin was was killed because he was Black.  Only an asshole could think otherwise.

Some of the sows in the FA movement like to draw parallels between the plight of Blacks and Jews with the "plight" of the fat and gluttonous and frankly the parallels that these people draw is offensive. Being Black is not a choice. Being fat is. If you can't hack being fat then don't be fat! You have a choice. Trayvon had no choice and neither did the Jews who were marched into the ovens. We CAN draw parallels between the plight of the Black and the Jew because both groups went through a holocaust and both groups are hated by ignorant bigots. We fatling are merely in opposition to the moralists who think that gluttony is a sin. The NAAFA girls who would compare our plight with that of  Blacks, Jews or American Indians really need to seek out the help of Jenny Craig and Richard Simmons. They are not fit to be fat and call themselves members of the regal fat community.

There is a holocaust and it is happening to ALL of us. It is called a Medical Holocaust. Knowing about it could save your life! CLICK HERE to find out about the Medical Holocaust
Craig A Sonner scumbag and douche bag at law

UPDATE! The scumbag lawyer representing Zimmerman is Craig A Sonner. His phone number is (407) 260-6853 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bigger Fatter Politics Brings You MORE Fattitude.

Many of our readers want political stories with more fattitude. Just like Bill O'Riely has the no spin zone Bigger Fatter Politics and it sister sites NAAFA and Bigger Fatter Blog are pleased to announce our new correspondent Womynia Eatmoore. Womynia will be hosting the NoThinZone.

Womynia's hard hitting and provocative brand of journalism is breath fresh air in the increasing stale, ossifying and besotted fatosphere.  In the tradition of Bigger Fatter Blog and Dr Gerald Bear's Biggest Fattest Blog, Ms Eatmoore will be bringing an insightful/inciteful no holds barred reporting and journalistic style that is just what the glutton ordered but now with a generous triple portion of fries and an all you can eat desert bar. Ms Eatmoore will be bringing you news and that you can really sink your teeth into.
Sophomoric Sycophant Kate Harding could not express a single thought without her dirty middle finger and the made up word douche canoe.
MeMe Still Undefeated Debates and Defeats Fat Girls

Kate Harding, has lost her sting. She needs to MOOOOOve over, make room for Womynia and sit back and watch what this fat feminist alpha sow can do! Since you Kate could not lick MeMe Roth we decided to bring in a real pro with a sharper and more educated tongue who eats women like MeMe Roth for a pre breakfast snack.
Womynia Eatmore!

Welcome to the Bigger Fatter Family Womynia!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jealous Self Hating Fat People

Norm here is bitching about some SSBBWs who are in fatty scooters at the supermarket. Obviously Norm is self hating. Norm is also jealous because he lacks the courage and ambition to get fat like the SSBBWs he is so viciously maligning.

Shame on you Norm! Man up you jealous whiny coward and get fatter so that you can also have a scooter. Maybe then you will STFU!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Re Blogging Some Cutting Edge Thoughts Of "Dr" Gerald Teddy Bear

The following is a comment by Obesity Studies expert, social commentator, fat activist, cartoonist, fat nutritionist and all aROUND great guy Dr Gerald Teddy Bear.
"Dr" Bear is like the Merrill Lynch of fat experts. When Teddy talks fatlings put down their Twinkies and listen or certainly eat more slowly.
Fatlings everywhere I, Fat Bastard, present Teddy Bear!

Good evening Fat Bastard!

OK, here's some more obese terminology.

You know that we pear-shaped obese males, how many of us have that great big groin area below the waist, and how, in extreme cases, that it hangs down over a shrunken penis and down over the thighs making it physically impossible to have an erection.
By the way . . . I like how that feels!

And, in the case of obese apple-shaped males, the upper-belly above the waist hangs down over the waistband of the pants, causing the pants to slide half-way down on a smaller butt, and in more extreme cases, the upper belly protrudes out far forward, and sort of rises up under the chest exerting pressure on the heart.

Well, here's my proposed terminology . . .

For the pear-shaped male with a huge low-hanging groin area below the waist, it should be called . . .

And for the apple-shaped obese male with the huge round ball-shaped belly rising up under his chest, and hanging down over the front of his pants, it should be called . . .

So, here are a couple of examples of how those terms can be used when meeting someone with those bodily features.
Example 1:

While walking the streets, you approach and extremely obese pear-shaped guy with broad hips, big thighs, and that huge lower-groin area hanging down over his short fat thighs, and you say to him "Hey Dude! That sure is one great big LOW-HANGING-UN-MANNING-FEMINIZING-PENIS-CRUSHER you have there"! If somebody were to say that to me, I would respond with "Why, thank you! I like it myself! I like the way if feels"!

Example 2:
While walking along the beach, you approach and extremely obese apple-shaped guy with a huge round ball-shaped belly that rises up under his chest, and hangs down over the front of his shorts causing his shorts to slide half-way down on his butt, exposing his butt-crack, and you say to him, "Hey Dude! That is one really great big humongous HIGH-RISING-LOW-HANGING-PANTS-DROPPING-HEART-STOPPER you're carrying around in front of you"! To which you might reply "Why thank you! I like it very much! It took many years of gluttony and drinking lots of beer to build this up"!

I'm sure, that hose of us who embrace gluttony, and love obesity, that we would take such terms had high complements!
You call this a burger? Where's the fucking BEEF?!

Let me know what you think. I would welcome anyone's opinion on that.

In the meantime . . . . .

I'll be thinking up some more appropriate and more erotic terms for the features of obese bodies.
This could be an emasculated fat boy whose penis and scrotum were crushed by a blubber gut resulting in castration by panniculus. Also known as pannicular castration which is the goal of many fat boys.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Obese? Fat? Portly? Fluffy? Fat Terminology and Political Correctness.
I am obese and I love every crease.
I am obese my blubber's like grease.
I am obese my belly I'd lease.
I am obese, so's my cousin Maurice.
I am obese and so is my niece.
I am obese and with that I'm at peace.
I am obese and so's my friend Reece
I am obese let the PC stuff cease!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Internet's Greatest Fat Political Cartoonist Unviels Lastest Work

I, Fat Bastard, am proud to announce the latest and greatest work from "Dr" Gerald "Teddy" Bear. Teddy is creating some stunning animations that critic are raving about. Teddy is also known for his political fat rights activism where in San Antonio he is known as the Rosa Parks of mass transit for his portly protests regarding proper seating at bus stops.
Here is a sample of Teddy's new work.
And another.

To see more of "Dr" Bear's latest creations click this link. LINK