Thursday, May 3, 2012

Domestic Energy Production Up Under Obama

While the Republicans busy creating more lies and molesting more children President Obama has increased Domestic oil production.  While Americans are back to work drilling for black gold and refining it Republicans are still drilling the assholes of children and refining ways to cover it up.

The natural gas reserves in the US are second only to the gas that comes out of Rush the drugster Limbaugh and the other pedophile Republicans. President Obama took a page from T Boone Pickens Plan and has upped the production and exploration of natural gas while Republicans have upped their dicks up each others ass.
The wind blows but Republicans blow harder and more often. The Obama Administration approved the nation's first-ever offshore wind project, and is supporting development of the world's largest wind farm in Oregon.
Rush Limbaugh clearing his palate with some smoke before he has sex with a child.

Republicans blow smoke and they blow little boys.
Obama has increased solar energy. Under President Obama, electricity generation from solar has more than doubled between 2008 and 2011.

Obama Is Expanding Nuclear Energy

President Obama and his Administration are supporting the construction of the first new nuclear power plant in decades, which will provide clean electricity for nearly 1.4 million Americans.
Over the past three years, the Obama Administration has invested in grants at more than 70 universities for research and development of nuclear technologies to improve reactor design and safety.

Increasing the Use of Biofuels

The Obama Administration has promoted the use of cleaner fuels in our vehicles, increased the level of ethanol that can be blended into gasoline, and implemented a new Renewable Fuel Standard that will save nearly 14 billion gallons of petroleum-based gasoline in 2022.
Use of Biofuels in Transportation President Obama has made an Administration-wide commitment to increasing biofuel research and development, including support for the construction of commercial-scale, next-generation bio-refineries.

The only way to stop a pedophile is by killing it! List of GOP Pedophiles

Let's rid the planet of these hypocrites!

Nearly Doubling Fuel Efficiency for Cars

The Obama Administration and automakers agreed on new fuel efficiency standards that will nearly double the fuel economy of cars and light trucks to 54.5 mpg by 2025.

Once fully in place, the Obama Administration's fuel efficiency program will reduce oil consumption by 2.2 million barrels a day, and will save families more than $8,000 at the pump over the life of a vehicle but in the mean time Republican perverts pump gallons of semen into children.


  1. Romney like so many other Morons is a pedophile. He proposed to his wife when she was 16.

  2. Good afternoon Fat Bastard!

    Yeah! RIGHT ON!!!

    Actually, I should say, LEFT ON!!!

    You know, if the Christians of over 2000 years ago were anything like the Christians in the Republican party today, it's no wonder the Romans fed them to the lions!

    Christianity brought us the Dark Ages, and the Inquisition.

    When Jesus said "Let the children come onto me." it was really his motive that he wanted to come on to the children!

    If I were living back in those years, I would not let Jesus come within a hundred miles from my kids!

    I would have had that baby fucker nailed up-side-down on the cross, all of his bones broken, his penis split length-ways with a rusty blade, vinegar applied, and his testicles crushed in a vice! Then I would have set him on fire!

    Yeah! There was a lot of pedophilia in the Whitehouse during the Reagan administration.

    Did you know, that Ronald Reagan's son, Michael Reagan, was sexually molested when he was a kid, and his ol' man Ronald did nothing about it?

    Yeah, Michael Reagan even mentioned it on his evening radio talk show.

    Now, I don't like Michael Reagen because of his conservative political views, but I do have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for him, because he is a survivor of child sexual molestation.

    Yeah, back in 2001 I even sent him an E-mail saying his politics sucks, but that I do have feelings for him as a person because of what had happened to him when he was a kid.

    No child deserves to be sexually molested.

    Teddy Bear

    1. Over on El's blog he proves conclusively that Jesus was a child molester. Jesus, in the Hidden Gospel of Mark molested a young boy.

      I will defend Jesus. Nothing in the Bible was ever written by Jesus so it could be all bullshit. I suspect that Jesus was a con man and that his apostles knew it. Judas probably decided to spill the beans on Jesus's con game.

      I suspect that the early Christian were probably really decent people but once Christianity become Romanized and the cannonized gospels were edited and selected and other gospels were rejected Christianity became very ugly and that is why ugly people are drawn to to it.

      Jesus probably was a gay butt raping child molester like so many ass raping Republican dogs.

      Teddy, I am glad to see you getting up on your haunches and going on the attack. I think attending that OWS rally really got your Irish up.

      B.A.R.K. Be a bear! Act like a bear! React like a bear! Kick some butt!!! GRRRRRRR

      Get fired up! Get wired up!

      I like golf. I like the fact that you can ride around in a cart and drink beer and eat. That being said... I would like to take these baby raping Republicans and tee up their balls and then have gold great John Daley or Craig Stadler (when they were fat) get a Big Bertha driver and tee off on them. SWOOOOOOSSSSHHHH!!! SPLAT!!!!!! and the CROWD erupts!


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