Sunday, May 6, 2012

Romney's Flip Flops: A growing list

Mitt Romney on Stem Cell Research

'I will work and fight for stem cell research.'

'In the end, I became persuaded that the stem-cell debate was grounded in a false premise.'

For more information, read "Mitt Romney lies about abortion" and "A Stem-Cell Solution".

Mitt Romney on Muslim Cabinet Members

'Based on the numbers of American Muslims... I cannot see that a cabinet position would be justified.'

'A person should not be elected because of his faith nor should he be rejected because of his faith.'

Read "Romney: Muslims Not Needed in Cabinet" and "Romney and Religion" for more information.
Mitt Romney of the Gun Control / the NRA

'I don't line up with the NRA.'

'I'm a member of the [NRA].'

For more information read "Oscar-Worthy Performance".

Mitt Romney on Hunting

'I've been a hunter pretty much all my life.'

'Any description of my being a hunter is an overstatement of capability.'

For more information read, "Romney's Hunting Experience Limited to Two Trips, Despite Claims" and "Mitt Romney’s strategies for success".

Mitt Romney on Campaign Finance Reform

'I would like to have campaign spending limits.'

'The American people should be free to advocate for their candidates and their positions without burdensome limitations.'

For more information read "Yet Another Romney Flip-Flop: Campaign Finance Reform" and "Fred Thompson Was Critical to McCain-Feingold".

Mitt Romney on Catching Ben Laden

'It's not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person.'

'He's going to pay, and he will die.'

For more information, read "Does Romney Get It?" and "Mitt Romney on War & Peace"

Mitt Romney on Dog Kennel on Top of Car

'This is a completely airtight kennel mounted on the top of our car.'

'They're not happy that my dog loves fresh air.'

For more information, read "Mitt Romney on 'FOX News Sunday'" and "Romney builds image as front-runner"

Mitt Romney on Being a Conservative

'Relative to the leading candidates, some people see me as being more conservative.'

'I'm not the most conservative candidate.'

For more information, read "Romney says media are focused on him".

Mitt Romney on the Minimum Wage

'I think the minimum wage ought to keep pace with inflation.'

'There's no question raising the minimum wage excessively causes a loss of jobs.'

For more information, read "Mitt Romney and the Minimum Wage" and "Conservapedia: Mitt Romney".

Mitt Romney on Seeing Martin Luther King March

'I saw my father march with Martin Luther King.'

'I did not see it with my own eyes.'

For more information, read "Mitt Romney’s Dad Didn’t Really March With Martin Luther King Jr." and "To See Or Not To See".

Mitt Romney on Social Security

'I'm not in favor of privatizing Social Security or making cuts.'

'Social Security's the easiest and that's because you can give people a personal account.'

For more information, read "You Say Privatize, I Leave Out the ize" and "Mitt Romney interview".

Mitt Romney on Health Care

'I like mandates. The mandates work.'

'I think it's unconstitutional on the 10th Amendment front.'

For more information read "Did Romney Endorse the Federal Mandate" and "Romney: Hey, At Least My Health Care Take Over Was Done At The State Level".

'If Massachusetts succeeds in implementing it, then that will be a model for the nation.'

'What works in one state may not be the answer for another.'

For more information read "Romney Care Will Be a Model for the Nation" and "
If I Were President: Obamacare, One Year In"
Mitt Romney on Ronald Reagan

'I'm not trying to return to Reagan-Bush.'

'Ronald Reagan is... my hero.'

For more information read "I'm Not Trying to Return to Reagan-Bush!" and "Deroy Murdock: Romney is like Reagan: an actor".
Mitt Romney on Payroll Tax Cut

'I believe the tax on capital gains should be zero.'

'It's a tax cut for fat cats.'

For more information, read "Four More Years of the Bush Economy" and "Mitt Romney - Waffle-Man".
Mitt Romney on Climate Change

'My view is that we don't know what's causing climate change on this planet.'

'I believe the world is getting warmer, and I believe that humans have contributed to that.'

For more information read "Romney Reverses Course: Now Says We Don't Know What is Causing Climate Change".

'These carbon emission limits will provide real and immediate progress.'

'Republicans should never abandon pro-growth conservative principles in an effort to embrace the ideas of Al Gore.'

For more information, read "Governor Mitt Romney on the Current Environmental Debate" and "Surprise: Democratic Presidential Candidates Have Far to Go to Meet Voters' Desires on the Environment"

In reality Romney is not a flip flopper. He's simply a run of the mill lying corporate gangster.


Ruthlessness should be fought with Truthfulness.

So far, Romney not shown he is capable of truthfulness.
LIES in CPAC speech –…
ROMNEY SEVEN DOCUMENTED LIES ON AIR – CNN Jacksonville, FL in front of 5.36 million of viewers.
1. He denied accusing Newt of exaggerating/lying about his part in Reagan’s administration only three days before on Monday night in Tampa.
2. He lied about accusing Newt of saying Spanish was a ‘ghetto language’ in an ad that bore his voice.
3. He claimed all his business was run by a blind trust, a tactic that Mitt himself called ‘the oldest ruse in the book’ in a previous campaign.
4. He said he voted for republicans in the past when there was a republican to vote for, but if you look back at the Gingrich ad exposing his lies, it turns out when George H.w. Bush and Buchanan were running, he voted for a liberal democrat.
5. He denied the cost of Romneycare to taxpayers in Massachusetts. “Half of those people got insurance on their own. Others got help in buying the insurance.”
False. In fact, 98% of the additional people insured after Romneycare was passed have it paid for or subsidized by the federal government or Massachusetts government. Of the 412,000 additional people who had health insurance in 2010 who did not have it in June 2006 (pre-reform), only 7K of the 412K (1.7%) had unsubsidized health insurance. The rest were covered through Medicaid, Commonwealth Care, or a program of subsidized care for the unemployed.
6. He denied the impact of Romney care on citizens of Massachusetts. Romneycare has increased the price of healthcare premiums for every citizen of Massachusetts. Premiums have increased by 55 percent since Mitt Romney became Governor, a rate 13 points higher than the national average and the third highest growth rate among the states.
7. He said he lowered taxes in Massachusetts 19 times. Yet he raised fees and corporate taxes twice. No wonder Massachusetts was rated near the bottom (47-49th) in job and business growth.
PROJECTION – Psychological defense, typical of liberal left – symptom of psychological dishonesty and denial – accusing others of one’s own behavior/character flaws
Romney PROJECTION – calling Gingrich and Santorum liberal democrats: http://politicalticker.blogs.c…
DISHONESTY – http://theconservativetreehous……
Romney Lied about Jobs – http://www.washingtonmonthly.c…
From ’100,000 new jobs’ to Obama’s jobs record to his first name, Mitt Romney has a truth problem…
Mitt Romney lies about South Carolina defeat: ‘We were vastly outspent’…
Romney Lies in FL debate
Romney Lies About Abortion…
Mitt Romney Lies About His Investments In Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac
CBO shows Romney lies about “savings” from repealing Health Care Reform, actually adds to the deficit…
Romney Lies About His Pro-Gay Record
Three More Romney Lies (and counting)…
Two Huge Romney Lies at CNN Debate Debunked by Gregg Jackson…


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