Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Belly Boy's Possible New Look

Over the the past few weeks Belly Boy's faithful man servant, James the Butler has been keeping us abreast on Belly Boy's medical vacation in Thailand. Belly Boy is one of the millions of medical tourists who goes to Asian countries for the latest cutting edge medical treatment.

Artists from the OMG SoySauce company's advertising department have interpolated and extrapolated images on Belly Boy and through advanced computer imaging came up with this image of what Belly Boy will look like if his medical treatment is a "success".

Belly Boy is having testicular re-invigoration therapy to beef up his testicular atrophy or shrinking nut sack. He is also undergoing some secret weigh loss procedure and treatment for a broken femur. It seems that Belly Boy slipped on some lady boy cream in his hospital room. I can only guess but I suspect that the lady boys are being brought in as an adjunct treatment for his homosexuality/bisexuality syndrome.

This is one of the Thai lady boys that has been helping Belly Boy with his therapy. With the electro shock therapy and a fall on the lady boy cream Belly Boy's favorite soup will no longer be Cream of  Sum Yung Gi.

Belly Boy will return soon and resume his work as Bigger Fatter Politic's internet reporter. We see Belly Boy as the Anderson Cooper of cyber journalists. He came from blue blood, wealth and privilege but he is a man of the people. Like Anderson Cooper rumors have been swirling about Belly Boy's sexuality. Anderson Copper has come out. Belly Boy has come in.

Anderson Cooper turned gay by Kathy Griffin shock therapy. Belly Boy turned straight by electric shock and Thai lady boys.

Folks, let give Belly Boy a hardy Boom Shakka Lakka...

Boom Shakka Lakka Ain't no perjury
Boom Shakka Lakka testicular surgery
Boom Shakka Lakka lady boy moaners
Boom Shakk Lakka  Belly Boy boners

Belly Boy shouts YO kickin it old school heads to his bariatric limo with a posse of eight lady boy hos in tow to meet up with his homeboy Brodus Clay, gets on the cell and calls his mama.... Yo Mama!



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