Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bigger Fatter Politics Hits 1 MILLION Page Views

This is cause to celebrate. Currently this blog receives in excess of three quarters of 1 million page views per year. That number is growing and if this trend continues it will hit over 1 million views per year.

Millions of Americans and thousands of people around the world will visit this blog in the next two years to get fat centric view of politics.


  1. Hey everybody!

    I just published a new science article titled:

    Newly Discovered Species Of Extinct Lizard Named After President Obama In His Honor!

    Please check it out on my blog . . .


    What's going on here?

    Why don't the links to other blogs show up on this blog page anymore?

    Visitors now have no way of knowing if any new articles have been posted on the other blogs!

    It this due to Google de-indexing?

    If so, then, that really sucks?

    Anyway . . .

    Please check out my latest article on my blog.

    Thank you.

  2. Hey Teddy how you doing?

    I don't know must going on with the links. Google has the de-indexed They de-indexed bigger fatter blog in 2010 but the blog still gets around 60 or 70 page views per day.

    There was another article on Yahoo talking about 45 planets that were discovered by amateur astronomers such as you. It turns out all these planets are very similar to Earth. One planet is the size of Jupiter. If there are inhabitants of that planet they probably are not very tall due to the large amount of gravity. Smaller planets will have very tall people and very tall trees due to the lower forms of gravity.

    I also went to the biggest fattest blog and to my dismay it said the block it been removed and it also said that the name was still available. I think what's going on, it a lot of people with censorship agendas are flagging blogs and YouTube channels. Since Google is too lazy to verify any of these complaints they summarily removed and the index blocks. Bigger fatter blog was in part a political bloc as is your biggest fattest blog. Google claims that they will not hinder political speech so it may be wise for you Dr. Bear to mention the word political or politics in your blog description.

    It's interesting that you mention a new species because since the tsunami strange species of plants and animals have been spotted off the Washington and Oregon seacoast. Scientists are concerned about the impact that the species may have on species native to the northern Pacific coast.

    I'm glad to see that you are blogging again. I know that my readers enjoy your work and your artistry very much as do I. We all wish that you were a bit more prolific as a weight with bated breath to read your latest articles and view your stellar cartoons.


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