Monday, January 7, 2013

Feisty Fatty Foils Fuzz: Police Pester Paunchy Patriot

As part of our Portly Patriot series Bigger Fatter Politics is featuring patriotic porkers who stand up to the tyranny that is coming to America and the rest of the world. I was once of the belief that the police leave us fatties alone but my readers have adroitly pointed out that fatties are just as likely to suffer from police brutality and harassment. Click Here for the BILL OF RIGHTS

If you watch the above video in its entirety you will see that the police targeted this resourceful fat man. It's obvious that he has been a previous victim of police misconduct. He saw what the police were up to and he caught it all on video. Had he not have the protection of video recording the police he probably would've been Tazered and brutalized. Once the sow discovered that she was on video and she would be unable to make her bogus charge stick she backed down.

What attracted her to this car in the 1st place?

Let's look at the facts. Here's a fat guy in a car at a convenience store. That's what the cop saw when they pulled up. The fatties friend when in the convenience store and bought him coffee and some doughnuts. Cops can smell doughnuts a mile away. They smelled doughnuts in this car in this is why they're looking for any excuse they could to pull them over illegally and confiscate his doughnuts.

Wrong advice for dealing with the police.

Nothing calms a crazy cop better than a doughnut

I have suggested that all fatties and even siblings carry a bag of doughnuts with them at all times in order to calm out-of-control police down but them if they cause more trouble than it prevents so I would go back to my original advice and how all motorists to carry a Dunkin' Donuts free doughnut cart and when presenting your papers to the Gestapo hand them a free doughnut card along with your license registration and insurance card.

This video has received nearly 1 half  million views on YouTube so there is no doubt police have watched this. They're now going to think twice before they fuck with a fat guy.

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