Saturday, May 25, 2013

Private Sector Job Creation Bush vs Obama

The reason that I started bigger fatter politics, bigger fatter blog and naphtha is because I'm a stickler for the truth. Most liberals and progressives hold the truth three sacred.

The filthy lying Republicans in Congress and in the media lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and when they're not lying they are distorting and misleading. One thing that these con bastards hate is the truth and another thing these treasonous con bastards hate are the facts that lead to the truth. So without further ado I'm going to present some indisputable, irrefutable and immutable facts and if you cons don't like it that I suggest that you cut your own lying throats somebody else is in have to do it.

True or False: Pres. Obama created more private sector jobs than President George W. Bush

Question for CONS: When did the most government job growth occur? A. During the Obama administration B. During the Clinton administration C. during the George HW Bush administration C. during the George W. Bush administration

A question for cons: when were the most private-sector jobs created? A. during the Bush administration. B. during the Obama administration

Who sucks more dick? A. Former Republican senator Larry Craig  B. Far right Christian evangelist Ted Haggard
Since Obama took office how many jobs as the economy gained? A. The economy actually lost jobs B. the economy gained 1 million jobs C. The economy gained 6.8 million private sector jobs D. The economy gained less than 1 million jobs

Question for cons: Who drinks more Mitch McConnell at a quart of semen a day or John Boener at 2 gallons of vodka per week?

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