Thursday, May 2, 2013

The NRA Gun Whores and Caroline Sparks

Two year old Caroline Sparks was accidently killed by her five year old brother by a .22 caliber Crickett rifle. 22. caliber weapons are deadly weapons. The filthy gun whores who make and market the Crickett .22 caliber rifle market the gun to toddlers. The gun whore pimp cowards have taken their website down since this story broke.

The Pennsylvania-based maker of Crickett rifles and Chipmunk rifles, Keystone Sporting Arms, 55 Sodom Road :: Milton, PA 17847,  markets its guns with the slogan "My First Rifle." They are available with different barrel and stock designs, including some made in hot pink to appeal to young girls. Read more on the gun whores here.

Here are some sample on how these shameless whores market their killing machines.

When will the public wake up to the fact that the predators who would actually market firearms to little kids deserve to burn in Hell?

If you would like to give those greedy bastards at Keystone Sporting Arms hell here's the contact information.

MILTON, PA 17847
phone:1-800-742-0455 fax: 1-570-742-1455

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