Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fat Guys vs Fat Girls

Where should I begin?

Fat men are jolly.
Fat girls are bitchy.

Fat men don't judge lean men. In fact we like hanging around them so that we can get their rejects. Fat girls hate skinny chicks and see them as "the competition". Fat girls rarely hang out with skinny girls. Fat girls usually travel in pods like whales.

Fat men are unabashed gluttons. Fat girls are gluttony deniers.

Fat men accept their obesity and gluttony.

Fat girls are lie about their gluttony and they lie to themselves about how they really look.

Men have low standards. There are a lot of men who would pork a fat girl but damn few women who would fuck a fat guy.
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    This is some quality analysis, as usual!

    That last picture is of a gainer and her feedee. She has him make and buy her lots of food, and she drinks milkshakes with a funnel. There's a clip on YouTube under gainers. I don't know how fat she is by now, but she is at the point where it's getting a bit extreme. Thankfully for her, most of her weight is in her belly, which is the better place for a woman to have it even though it is less healthy- and since she is also in her early/mid twenties she can still get away with being that fat and still finding FAs willing to lust after her. Trust me, if a woman in her late 30s or early 40s has that body, very few FAs will be going for her since they can get a fresh-faced 24 year old BBW instead.

    Women in general are not that willing to date a very fat man, with the exception being Japanese women, and to a lesser extent other Asian women. But the Japanese women are the most fat-loving around, with fat fetishes being very common among the women, who culturally grow up looking to sumo wrestlers as being sex gods. That is why Japan is the best country for obese men.

    As as Side Update, I just heard on the news that Paula Deen, the Butter Queen (also known to Fat Admirers as Paula Deen, the Butterface Queen), has said in a deposition that she used to use the N-word a lot. She also admits that she wanted to have black employees at a restaurant dress up as slaves. She later explained that she grew up during segregation in the South, and therefore when she said it, that doesn't make her racist.

    I say that is HOOEY AND APPLESAUCE! She sounds very racist to me, and I am sure that both The Ghetto Kid and The Chef would agree with me. It is not okay to call anyone the N-word, and it is not okay to make your employees dress up as SLAVES.

    Her show is getting non-renewed, and I think that this is a just punishment. I think that she should become Ex-Fatticated, and removed from the rolls of us fat people, by withdrawing all of the social benefits of being a part of the New American Fat Acceptance Movement.

    We also need to mourn the loss of one of America's top fat actors, aka fatctors. James Gandolfini was only 260 lbs, but also struggled with drinking at times. I read that on the night he died, he had had 8 drinks, 2 seafood entrees, and an appetizer. What I can say is that: if I was gonna die that night, why not eat and drink a lot? One night of it won't kill you anyway.

    We also need to mourn Tim Russert, who was by far the best journalist in American TV history. He was really nice too. Not that fat, but still a big man. Big-hearted, really understood life and people. Both of them are huge losses to American society as well as to Fat People society.

    Also keep in mind that even thinlings can die of random heart attacks, like John Ritter. So, it can happen to any of us, so let's not blame only weight. Horatio Sanz lost a lot of weight, so he is no longer among us fatlings, unfortunately. He was funnier when he was fatter.

    At least, thankfully, we still have Louie Anderson, Kevin James, Penn Gillette, and many others, but every time we lost a fat actor, it is a big blow to American culture, as it is the fat people who truly advance our culture and advance our society.


  2. I felt bad about Gandalfini because he was such a great actor but I was happy to know that he died after eating and drinking in true glutton style and while it did my heart good it did not due his heart amy good.

    I consulted with the Chef on the Paula Deen thing and as you know that the Chef is a proud man of color and quite the gormandizer. The Chef thinks it is much ado about nothin. The Chef has been the victim of racial slurs but he's given the Butter Queen a pass on that.

    I loved big Russ and he shows that he and Candy Crowley are and other fat people are the best journalists.

    Any and all funny men are funniest when they are the fattest. Three of my all time favorite funny men were Rodney Dangerfield, John Belushi and Sam Kenison. I also loved Jackie Gleason, Lou Costello and WC Fields.

  3. Fat men are gross useless slobs.

    1. Fat girls are bitchy and mean ie Lisa Lampanelli but fat men are Jolly. The best liked Republican is Chris Christie and while Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is being crucified by the press but the citizens of Toronto love him.

      People love fat men and they hate fat women because fat men are jolly and fat women are bitches.

  4. All fat girls I met were bad people, always trying to make others look bad, always lying about others' lives... :S
    I prefer having beautiful (girl) friends because they're not jealous of me or other girls...

    "Men have low standards. There are a lot of men who would pork a fat girl but damn few women who would fuck a fat guy"
    I don't think that fucking a fat girl is always equal to having low standards... If he feels attracted or likes her, it's ok.
    And I'm a girl and I love fat boys, not how they look, but how they make me laugh, the way they talk to me...later the way they kiss and hug me :)

    1. not how they look, but mainly* ...
      Because I also love how they look :D

    2. Fat girls are jealous they actually have low standards and lowly morals. The reason they won't fuck fat guys is because fat guys, depending on their belly size are unable to pork them.

      Fat girl are always talking shit about slender chicks. It's quite pathetic really.

  5. Hi -

    1. You have a lot of generalizations about fat girls, but that's ok, it's your opinion.

    2. It's true about women not wanting to fuck fat guys except for a very small minority who either fetishize men's fat or they seriously look past a guy's outward appearance to what sort of dude he is - an asshole, or not. If he is sweet, kind, funny, generous, open-minded, likes to do fun stuff, gets along with children and animals and her family, she gets wet. If he's got a six-pack and looks in the mirror every time he passes one or he's rude to a waiter or he disses a homeless person or he's just a boring person with nothing of substance to say, shit will be over pretty quickly.

    And the world spins 'round...


  6. Women are pretty fucking shallow and fat women are the most shallow. There are plenty of men who will pork fat girls but damn few females want to bang fat men.


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