Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fat Anon

You have all heard of Narconon and Alanon, support groups for the whiny so called victims of junkies and drunks. Now a new organization has sprouted up and it is called Fattanon and in some states Pigganon. Fattanon, like Alanon and Narconon is a support groups for thinling to attend and sit around and bitch bitch about their fatlings. Unlike Alanon meeting where they serve coffee and doughnuts, Fattanon serves veggie plates and spring water. That's intended to keep out the fatties. One fatty can go through a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts like a chainsaw through butter.
Anonymous Bastardo!

I, Fat Bastardo will be starting a support group for Fatlings called Thinnaon. We will get together and actually do something. We will eat and work on strategies to get thinlings fat. Instead is sitting in some musty church basement we will hold our meetings at doughnut shops all you can eat buffets.We will plot and plan but mostly we will eat. 

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