Friday, March 28, 2014

Chris Christie Cleared: Well Not Really

Here's how it worked. Christie committed a serious crime and he hired and payed lawyers with taxpayer money to "investigate" his roll in Bridgegate and then clear him of any wrong doing. If you believe this was fair you are an asshole.

Let's say for sake of argument that Christie's handpicked New Jersey thug lawyers were on the up&up, even they admit that the Christie administration is a cesspool or corruption and mismanagement. 

WARNING! Facts and Sources Ahead!!
Christie was cleared of wrongdoing by the lawyers he hired. Pick your link!
A two-month investigation by a team of lawyers hired by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has determined he wasn't at fault for the lane closure scandal last year.
From the report: "The mammoth document paints a portrait of a governor’s office with structural flaws severe enough that the attorneys believe it must be cleaned up by an ethics czar and constituent advocate."
Christie will prove to be even more incompetent that GW Bush if elected president.


  1. Not only is Christie a loud mouthed asshole he is also a FUCK UP!

    1. Like most Republicans he's a fuck up and a crook.


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