Friday, March 14, 2014

Ciswomen vs Tranwomen

Definition: A ciswoman, shorthand for "cissexual woman" or "cisgender woman," is non-transsexual woman--a woman whose assigned gender is female, and whose assigned female gender is more or less consistent with her personal sense of self. This distinguishes her from transwomen, shorthand for "transsexual women"--women who were initially assigned a male gender, but have a female identity. If you identify as a woman but are not a transsexual woman, you're a ciswoman.

Let's be pragmatic and honest here and make list of the positives of both.

Super Hot Transwoman Kimber James

Transwomen and Their Positive Attributes:

1. They can't get knocked up.

2. No PMS

3. No PMDD

4. Never on the rag

5. Were treated as males during childhood so they were held to a higher standard of conduct and personal responsibility and accountability 

6. After face feminzation surgery they look like super models. 

7. Give better blow jobs

8 Taller

9. Hormonal stability = less mood swings and less dramatic mood swings.

10 Won't go through menopause.

11. Less inclined flip out and kill you and your kids.

12. Usually not all fat a yeast infected

Ciswomen and Their Positive Attributes

I can't think of any. Can you?

Gallery of Cis Womyn Be prepared to throw up in your mouth!

Now for some more hot trans action!

Ten Gorgeous Women Who Were Born Boys

Face it bitches. Transwomen are better than you. Maybe it's time to up your game?

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  1. Xy chicks really are better. The can't get knocked up and trap you.


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