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Through the Thigh Gap

 Let's face it, skinny chicks are HOT, smoking HOT but recently there is more hatred and dishonesty coming from jealous fat girls regarding the thigh gap. Thigh gaps are good for many reasons.

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1. Don't let the fat girls fool you. ANY female can have a thigh gap in spite of her pelvic girdle and every woman SHOULD aspire to attain and maintain a thigh gap.

2. While the pelvis has something to do with the size of the thigh gap a wider pelvis denotes intelligence. Women with wider pelvises can give birth to babies with larger brains and cranial vaults.

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Why you SHOULD have a thigh gap!

3. Regardless of the type of pelvis any man woman can have a thigh gap. In fact, not having a thigh gap can cause the thighs to splay causing hip dysplasia. Thunder thighs cause hip dysplasia.

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Inner Thigh Blubber Causes Hip Dysplasia and Yeast Infections!

Thunder thighs lead to hip replacement surgery!

4. Thunder thighs can cause yeast infections. Thunder thighs trap heat and moisture and heat and moisture is the friend of yeast. Fat girls have chronic yeast infections in part due to the types of foods they eat. Chronic yeast causes cancer!


5. Thigh gaps are hot and thunder thighs are not. Actually thunder thighs are hot, sticky and odorous. They gaps provide vaginal ventilation and a ventilated crotch means a healthy smelling vagina.

More thigh gaps... A gallery of gaps.

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Nothing goes better with a thigh gap than a camel toe.

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Once again, I expose the lie that pelvic structure determines thigh gaps is BS. Males have narrow pelvic girdles and slender men have thigh gaps.

As you can see slender males have thigh gaps and male thigh gaps lead to healthier testicles.

More sexy thigh gaps!

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How to Get a Thigh Gap.
The Six Types Of Gaps
These 6 types of gaps are not absolute because each woman’s body is unique and there are some variations but they are a very good reference point when it comes to categorizing the varieties of gaps.
1.The Wide Gap is a sweet sight indeed and is a little rarer than the other 5 types. It is of course wide, but it is also short and doesn’t extend far down the thighs. If you are a fan of the gap this one will drive you crazy when you see it.
2. The Heart Gap is similar to the Wide Gap except it is smaller in size and resembles a heart shape. Some Wide Gaps become Heart Gaps after she gains some weight in the thighs. This type of gap is often paired with a very nice ass.
3. The Mini Gap is smaller then the Heart Gap and is usually the shape of an upside down triangle. If you see a gap on a thick girl this is usually the type of gap it is.
4. The Sliver Gap is basically a Heart or Mini Gap that has a thin extension of space that goes down further between the thighs. Sometimes the thighs actually touch closing the thin space off and open it up again a little further down.
5. The Missile Gap is basically a Wide or Heart Gap with a wider extension of space between the thighs that comes together at the knees giving it the characteristic beautiful missile shape.
6. The Complete Gap extends from the poon tang all the way down to where the feet come together at the ankles without the legs touching. This type of gap is usually seen on thin women but can also be seen on other body types. This type of gap is kind of rare and is always a treat to see.

REAL Thigh Gap Before and After!

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  1. Thank you Fat Bastardo! It is about time someone posted the facts regarding the thigh gap. Studies have proven that women with thigh gaps are healthier, live longer and give birth to healthier babies and and more intelligent babies.

    1. Thank you Pretty Thin for your comment and information. This makes sense because women with the thigh gap are eating healthier and exercising more. It's common knowledge that fat girls have toxic wombs!

  2. BOING! Thigh Gaps RULE!

  3. Skinny chicks are the best and 99.9999999999999999999999% have impressive thigh gaps. The idea that slender women have eating disorders is total BS.

  4. Great article. Fat men tell the truth and fat girls lie!

    1. This is so true. Most fat men are unapologetic gluttons and fat girls lie and hate on skinny chicks. Fat girls have massive egos. Fat men are humble and lovable.

  5. Chick with thigh gaps are simply better.

  6. Fat girls are disgusting!

  7. ANY kind of bod shaming is just wrong. Women are all different, let them be!... Who are YOU to say what a woman "should" look like?...
    Now I don't defend obesity, clearly obesity has health risks and people who strive to look healthy and actually DO things for their health, will naturally tend to NOT be fat. But for you to say women "should" have a thigh gap is a huge stretch. Some women just won't have them, even at their thinnest. Stop treating them like fucking objects who owe it to you to have a thigh gap.

  8. Here's the thing. Fat women are not like fat men. Fat men are fun and jolly and are not vain when it comes to our bodies.because we can handle the fat. We accept the consequences of our gluttony and we don't whine about it nor do we attack slender men or fit and muscular men for their physiques.

    From a health point of view every woman should have a thigh gap and the notion that thigh gaps are unrealistic is a big fat like told by jealous fat girls. I know that fat people are less healthy than slender people are I don't see it as body shaming when someone mentions it because it is the truth. I am sick and tired of seeing slender women attacked by jealous fat girls and these are the same jealous fat girls who would pick a skinny guy or a fit guy over some lard ass like me Fat Bastardo.

    Anyone woman can have a thigh gap and not be anorexic and the thigh gap is a sign on health.

  9. Nobody freaking notices thigh gaps!...
    Granted, I am much more concerned about my waist being small, fair enough.
    But who the fuck is looking at whether or not I have a thigh gap?... This can push young girls to have eating disorders and that's awful.
    And I'm sorry but your double standard doesn't fly: as a female I don't consider obese men attractive either. But that doesn't give ME the right to bash at them. They don't owe *me* a nice body. And what's this shit about fat men being "fun and jolly"? So for men it's OK? That doesn't make it any less unhealthy.
    So you bash ONLY on fat WOMEN?

    No woman owes it to you to have a hole between her legs. Seriously they look like Playmobils. Do you realize ONLY in North America people find this weird shit attractive?...

    Look beyond your social construct, it's unattractive as fuck. I'd MUCH rather have abs.$(KGrHqZHJEcFEihKVW0oBRNM6QFy4g~~60_35.JPG

  10. "A wider pelvis denotes intelligence"?... You must be some kind of joke.
    Having a wider pelvis means whatever some insane people conjure it to be. I still remember when I was younger and instead of this myth we had another myth: that if you had a thigh gap, it meant you were not a virgin anymore (you kinda had "been opened up"?)... So it was the complete opposite and NOBODY wanted to be caught having a thigh gap. Both obsessions are equally ridiculous. You're literally just fetishizing an empty space. Literally.

  11. I agree that a wider pelvis may denote more intelligence because mothers with wider pelvises can give birth to babies with larger brains. That said the intelligence of the father plays a role in intelligence too.

    Actually at their healthiest nearly all women will have a thigh gap. If we use Asian BMI standards every women who is not overweight will have a thigh gap. Friction legs and thunder thighs are unhealthy. Thighs that rub cause the legs to be splayed which cause knee and hip joint subluxations. There is no way around that.

    There is no fetish here and as far as some of antiquity's sick taboos let them die with the dinosaur. Real men love women who are opened up. Any man worth his salt as a man wants a slut over prude. And in the days of antiquity women were all covered up so you could not tell who had a thigh gap.

    Not only do women with thigh gap look better... they are better. Their healthy weights denote self control, altruism, diligence, prudence and humility. Men like slender women for more than just physical reasons.

  12. Fat men get really attractive to women when they have money.

    There is no double standard. Fat men are not out there giving shit to slender men and whining about "thin privilege" and slender and fit guys generally don't give us fat asses shit either. We are above that. That is how men are.

    Fat men cannot pork fat girls as both are too fat but fat guys can bone skinny women because the skinny girls can get on top and you know the old saying.... The thicker the hide the better the ride. Also, I have never gotten shit about my weight and gluttony from a skinny chick. Fat girls reject fat guys all the time. Also, slender women are less likely to get knocked up or have an STD. Slender women are better in every way. Again, this is no double standard. Fat men are jolly and fat girls have bad dispositions. Everybody likes fat guys and nobody likes fat girls. Fit men are pleasant, slender men are pleasant, slender and fit women are pleasant but fat girls throw fattitude and are whiny due to their obesity related hormone imbalance i.e. estrogen dominance and their persecution complex.

  13. How exactly are "slender women less likely to get knocked up or have an STD"?... Any science behind that?

    And no, of course no one has the right to bash on others regardless if the "bash-er" is thin or fat. It's just strange that you throw around such a massive generalization so freely. I know fat women who are also jolly and happy about who they are. Why would those ridiculous stereotypes be true?... Someone sleeping with a man because he has money should be a sad thing rather than an advantage.

  14. Well as I said, nobody is glorifying obesity.
    I would NOT want to be overweight, there's no denying that.
    And YES it takes discipline to eat well, to exercise regularly and have a healthy life.
    But to make it seem like anyone without a fetishized empty space between her legs is inadequate and awful and lacking "altruism and diligence" is a ridiculous generalization. If a man is not willing to know me better because the fact that my thighs touch at the crotch denotes I am lacking altruism, diligence, prudence and humility, that's a man I don't need in my life.

    If you think that "no thigh gap = overweight", then maybe you've seen VERY FEW females in your life (I mean real ones with real human skin and healthy eating habits. Not those images of way-too-skinny girls that are SO skinny they would be considered plainly unattractive in my culture).

    By the way, WHAT exactly do you even call "thigh gap"? Only when there is a gap at the level of the crotch, is that the "proper thigh gap"?... When I stand with my legs together, there IS a small gap but below my crotch; between my crotch and my knees. But at the level of my crotch, my thighs touch. Are those "thunder thighs"?... I mean, my thighs touch but they are not massive. Seriously, I consider myself so very normal. BMI 23.20. But there are overweight people in BOTH sides of my family, so I am aware that I need to take good care of myself because my "clan" is not naturally skinny. And as long as I'm healthy and active, eat well and exercise, who the fuck cares if I have Playmobil legs or not. It's just that the science behind your affirmations sounds really shabby.

    It's hilarious how you think touching thighs are "unacceptable" and "cause bad vaginal hygiene". Wow.
    Women ALL look different, even at their healthiest and thinnest. They WON'T all have skinny-ass legs. Some are naturally skinny, some are not. Try loving them as individual human beings. Stop patronizing them, they don't "owe you" a thigh gap whereas "for a man it's acceptable" to be fat because they're jolly and can be fucked well by letting girls ride them. (By the way, no idea here. I've personally never had sex with an overweight man, so I'll concede that I don't know how that works).
    My self-esteem is not sufficiently low that I would suddenly consider myself inadequate just because you think there is not enough space between my beautiful legs. =)

  15. Hip dysplasia might cause thigh gap ?

  16. Actually, rubbing fat thighs causes hip and knee dyspepsia. Thigh gaps prevent it.

  17. I can't bend my knees together so that a sign of hip dysplasua or bow legs ?

  18. You probably should check with a doctor but generally people with hip dysplasia have pain.

  19. Never actually experienced pain in my hips, but when I walk I'm bow legged walking ( I'm 22 years old) , and my hip socket and femur feels like it's moving on my both legs, is that normal ?

  20. The best thing to do is get medical attention from an MD or a chiropractor. They will take an X-ray and let you know if everything is OK. A chiropractor is a better choice and they charge much less for the X-rays.

  21. Wow, you Sir are an uneducated, misinformed fool.
    Never have I heard such BS in all my life.
    Any person with half a brain knows that thigh gaps are not a indicator of healthiness nor is being skinny less likely to mean you will get 'knocked up' or have an STD.
    Honestly who filled your head with this rubbish?

  22. The facts speak for themselves laura. Fat girls have a far higher rate of STD and unwanted pregnancies. I bet that you are a big fat smell slut.

  23. The best tasting pussies are thigh gapped.

  24. mmm wow its really great collection, nice to view

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